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The Pug’s Kennel Week 13: Quarterbacks

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, the last regular season game of most fantasy football seasons is upon us. Hopefully you have tuned it here all season long and find yourself getting ready to start a playoff run. Whether or not you are fighting for the last playoff spot or looking to play spoiler, The Pug has you covered when making the decision on what quarterbacks to start this week.

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Scoring for quarterbacks is based on one point per reception, one point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving, six points for rushing and receiving touchdowns. 1 Point for every 20 yards passing, 4 points for passing touchdowns, and -2 points per interception. Sacks and 2pt conversions were not included in the QB stats.

QuarterbackRushing YdsRushing TDPassing YdsPassing TDINTTotal Points
Russell Wilson4112682031.5
Matt Stafford2703163030.5
Tyrod Taylor7412291028.85
Tom Brady903053028.15
Ben Roethlisberger2103163127.9
Eli Manning1603173127.45
Aaron Rodgers4202972027.05
Kirk Cousins1403473226.75
Blake Bortles3812572226.65
Alex Smith3402992026.35
Cam Newton4712711126.25
Ryan Fitzpatrick1912872226.25
Carson Palmer1502853125.75
Drew Brees003043125.2
Colin Kaepernick7211871124.55
Jameis Winston2502792024.45
Derek Carr803112024.35
Matt Ryan503102024
Andrew Luck1702842121.9
Dak Prescott2402682121.8
Ryan Tannehill402672021.75
Philip Rivers1602772121.45
Sam Bradford002642021.2
Carson Wentz702612119.75
Brock Osweiler1402272118.75
Joe Flacco202741017.9
Jared Goff001942017.7
Trevor Siemian602471016.95
Matt Barclay202511016.75
Andy Dalton1302491115.75

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