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MLB Award Season: Silver Slugger

By Hannah Watkins
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Here is the complete breakdown of all of the Silver Slugger Award winners this season. Congratulations to all of the winners!

American League

Mike Trout: Outfielder/Los Angeles Angels – This is Trout’s 4th silver slugger of his career. Trout had a slugging percentage of .590 with 41 homeruns

Nelson Cruz: Outfielder/ Seattle Mariners – Cruz hit 44 homeruns this season with 93 RBIs.

J.D. Martinez: Outfielder/Detroit Tigers – Martinez had 102 RBIs and a slugging percentage of .535.

Miguel Cabrera: 1st Baseman/Detroit Tigers – Cabrera was 1st in batting average for the American League with .338. This is Cabrera’s 5thsilver slugger award.

Jose Altuve: 2nd Baseman/Houston Astros – Jose Altuve had 200 hits this season along with 66 RBIs.

Xander Bogaerts: Shortstop/Boston Red Sox – Bogaerts had 84 runs this season including 81 RBIs.

Josh Donaldson: 3rd Baseman/Toronto Blue Jays – Donaldson had 123 RBIs with 41 homeruns.

Brian McCann: Catcher/New York Yankees – McCann lead all catchers in the American League with 26 homeruns. This is McCann’s 5thsilver slugger award.

Kendrys Morales: Designated Hitter/Kansas City Royals – Morales had 165 hits with 106 RBIs.

National League

Bryce Harper: Outfielder/Washington Nationals – Harper had a .330 batting average with 42 homeruns.

Andrew McCutchen: Outfielder/ Pittsburg Pirates – McCutchen batted a .292 average with an OBP of .401.

Carlos Gonzalez: Outfielder/Colorado Rockies – CarGo had 150 hits with 40 homeruns.

Paul Goldschmidt: 1st Baseman/Arizona Diamondbacks – Goldschmidt had 110 RBIs with 33 homeruns.

Dee Gordon: 2nd Baseman/Miami Marlins – Gordon had a career high 205 hits and 56 stolen bases.

Brandon Crawford: shortstop/ San Francisco Giants – Crawford had 84 RBIs and a batting average of .256.

Nolan Arenado: 3rd Baseman/Colorado Rockies – Arenado had a career high 42 homeruns and a career high number of RBIs (130)

Buster Posey: Catcher/ San Francisco Giants- Posey – had a batting average of .318 with 95 RBIs. This is his 3rd silver slugger award.

Madison Bumgarner: Pitcher/San Francisco Giants –  Bumgarner had the most homeruns by a pitcher this year (9).

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