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The Pugs Kennel: Week 15 Fantasy Playoff Run

Whether this is the first week of the playoffs for you or the second, one thing is constant, win and you’re competing for a fantasy football championship next week (unless for some reason your in a league that plays their championship game in week 17). Hopefully you have been tuning to The Pugs Kennel all season long and you are ready to make your final playoff run. The next few pages will help you to make your decisions a little easier on who to start and who to sit.

There were some major injuries this past week that have shaken things up a bit. Melvin Gordon, Matt Forte, Ryan Tannehill and Donte Moncrief all went down in week 14. There is also uncertainty out there. Will Alshon Jeffery be effective in his return from suspension? Will A.J. Green pick up where he left off before getting injured? What about Julio Jones, Theo Riddick and Michael Thomas who all missed week 14?

Need some waiver wire gems to be able to survive this week? The Pug has you covered there too. Take a look at the next few pages to dominate your fantasy league.

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