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WWE: Monday Night Raw 7/4/2016 Recap

Monday Night RAW was LIVE from The Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH on 7/4/2016!

Show started off with a 4th of July barbecue from earlier today. It’s the WWE. The situation devolved quickly and tables were turn, food was thrown and tomfoolery ensued. The Vaudevillians sung and started the whole thing off and look, we got The Shining Stars back on Raw! Things quickly got out of hand because of the Miz and you know where it went from there! Titus O’Neil hit Bubba Dudley with a Kielbasa and Cesaro sat there getting drenched while still in his suit and having an arm wrestling match with Apollo Crews. All class. Heath Slater was soundly chokeslammed through a table by the Demon Kane and The Big Show to end it all.

Lillian Garcia sings the National Anthem in honor of the 240th birthday of the United States. What a lovely voice. That was cool.

We head right into a United States Title match with a true American, the champion, RUSEV, along with Lana, competing against Titus O’Neil in a rematch. Championship action to get things rolling? I’m cool with that.

US Title Match:
Rusev (c) (w/ Lana) vs. Titus O’Neil

Titus is dressed as Uncle Sam as he heads to the ring for singles action against the champ as they pan to commercial before the bell sounds. Back and clubbing blows by Rusev lead to a counter and a slam by Titus. There is a “Bring Back Kurt Angle” sign in the crowd. It’s true, it’s damn true. Titus with Flair chops and brute strength as he continues the assault before being dumped by Rusev. Rusev throws Titus into the steps and rolls back into the ring as Titus tries to beat the count. He’s back in at eight. Titus with several shots, but the offense stalls following a Rusev dropkick. Rest hold applied by Rusev. Titus fighting for the comeback and a grand slugfest ensues. Beautiful shoulder tackle by Titus as he tries for a powerbomb. Counters and eventually a Clash of the Titus but only a two count! Rusev kicks out of the finish. Titus tries to get back at Rusev, but two savate kicks and Titus is down. Accolade applied and we’ve got the submission. Rusev retains after an enjoyable opening contest. Rusev reapplies the Accolade after the match, but only to put the fed on notice! Rusev takes the mic after the match and mocks the crowd. He is a treat to listen too and watch. Follow this dude on twitter. His comments on our beloved Kevin Durant were priceless today.

Winner: Rusev (Retaining The US Title)

Highlights of the John Cena/AJ Styles finish from Money In The Bank.

Tag Team Match:
The Social Outcasts vs. Enzo Amore/Big Cass

After the commercial, The Outcasts are headed to the ring dressed as minutemen. Good to see Heath cleaned up after that powerbomb through the catering table earlier. Bo Dallas says a word or two, but he is quickly interrupted by BOOP BOOP BOOP BOOP! Smacktalker Skywalker and Big Cass take the mic and walk it out like Usher for the Ohio fans. Enzo says he’s gonna give the crowd a little star spangled banter. They are stars, they take meteor showers, how ya doin? They reference the Presidents and quite frankly, they run through the litany¬†of Presidents. Wow, Enzo literally goes through every President through Obama. That was really impressive. He even hit Tyler and most of the forgotten POTUS list. Cass is impressed. These guys are over like rover. JBL gives props to Millard Fillmore and a Raw reference. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel doing the favors for the Outcasts and Bo takes a quality whoopin’ early before the Outcasts take charge. Heath Slater trying to play a flute on the outside. He’s no Xavier Woods with Francesca. Enzo gets the tag to Big Cass and he cleans house. Empire elbow and the crowd going crazy. Bo Dallas eats a boot that would feed our armed forces abroad. Bada Boom Shaka Laka and a victory!

Winners: Enzo Amore/Big Cass

Backstage and we see the WWE Women’s Champion, Charlotte, and Dana Brooke headed to the ring.

Promo for the Cruiserweight Classic. Pulling for Kota Ibushi, but Zack Sabre Jr, Tajiri, THE Brian Kendrick, Gran Metallik, Cedric Alexander, Akira Tozawa, HoHo Lun, Johnny Gargano and many others involved. That is gonna rock!

Back with Charlotte and Dana in the ring. Charlotte runs down Sasha Banks and how the fans clamor for her. Charlotte says Sasha is jealous of her.

“Chants don’t pay the bills, championships do.” -Charlotte

Great line. Sasha Banks is out to a monstrous pop. Sasha says she’s gonna break Charlotte off some truth. She says she’s accomplished everything in a year, except beating her. She talks about Ric Flair costing her the ‘Mania triple threat. Sasha warns Dana to back up. Charlotte says Sasha isn’t even in the conversation.

“No sweetheart, I am the conversation.” -Sasha Banks

They have a great back and forth and Charlotte says next week, she’ll have been champion for a year and that makes her the legit boss. Sasha says you wish it was that easy. A boss fights for what she believes in. Sasha says her style is the realest and not a ripoff of her Daddy’s eighties game. A boss will throw down at any point and anytime. Dana tries a cheap shot and gets grounded. Charlotte hits a boot to the face to a chorus of boos. Charlotte flashes the belt and she eventually eats a backstabber and gets locked in the Banks statement. Dana helps the champ escape further harm and the crowd gets their money’s worth! What a great segment that was!

Dean Ambrose shown backstage headed to the ring for a champion vs. champion non-title match against the Miz!

Champion vs. Champion Non-Title Match:
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. The Miz (w/ Maryse) (c)

-The Miz and Maryse are out and we get a “When my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut” line from the Miz. He dedicates the forthcoming contest to his beautiful wife. They share a kiss as Ambrose makes his entrance to a massive pop. Miz in charge early with a shoulderblock, but a quick comeback by Ambrose with a slam. Clothesline attempt by the Miz, but Ambrose ducks and sends Miz over the top with a clothesline. Ambrose over the pop and onto the Miz with an aerial assault as he drives Miz neck first into the barricade. Maryse with a distraction is enough for the Miz to hoist Ambrose up and crotch him on the barricade before heading back into the ring. After a commercial break, we continue the action with Ambrose back up firing off the comeback with rights and chops. Miz cuts Ambrose off by spearing the knee and he works it over, keeping in charge. Ambrose back with a pinfall counter, but Miz back in control with a figure four leglock, working the bad knee. Ambrose fighting for the ropes and he gets there. Miz back to the knee with stomps, but Ambrose ducks the Miz over the top and onto the floor. Miz back in as Ambrose recovers, and Ambrose with right hands and a flying forearm shot. Ambrose gets Miz in position for a superplex, but Miz pushes him off. Ambrose tries for Dirty Deeds, but Miz counters. Figure four attempted again, but Miz is countered and back to the floor. Ambrose with a suicide dive as the count begins. Ambrose gets Miz back in the ring. Ambrose almost falls victim to a skull crushing finale, but he counters with a rollup. Miz is out, but he succumbs to the Dirty Deeds and we get a three count and a non-title victory!

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Ambrose celebrates as Seth Rollins’ music hits and the Architect is out on the ramp. He heads down the ramp and gets an ‘atta boy pat from the champ as Rollins is prepared for singles action against Dolph Ziggler after the break. Quick mind games as Rollins enters the ring, but Dean runs back down, but only to celebrate a non-title victory. He then decides to join the Spanish announce team for the action after the break!

Singles Match:
Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is out as they announce that on this Thursday’s Smackdown, we’ll find out who is the opponent for Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Ambrose moves over to join JBL and the crew as Ziggler is quickly in charge with sound offense and Rollins retreats to the outside after a nearfall. Seth back in, but he nearly succumbs to a La Magistral cradle for yet another nearfall. Dolph with the upperhand early as Rollins leaves the ring again, this time to jaw with Ambrose. A test of strength back in the ring is broken up with a quick boot and clubbing blows by Seth. Scoop and a slam by Seth who is pleased with his efforts. Seth shoots Dolph into the ropes and Dolph back in charge after a leapfrog and a dropkick. Seth draped across the ropes, but Dolph knocked to the floor after an inzaguri. After another commercial, we’re back with a beautiful move which sees Ziggler leaping to the top rope and forcefully bringing Rollins down with a faceplant. Ziggler stays sharp after countering an attempted buckle bomb by Rollins. Elbow and a two count by Ziggler. Superkick attempt by Ziggler, counter and Rollins with one of his own and a two count. Rollins poised like a snake on the apron, leapfrog and we get a nearfall by Ziggler and then a superkick that hits its mark and yet another nearfall. This is a heck of a match. Leaping DDT by Ziggler and Rollins escapes a zigzag attempt. Pedigree and a three count by Rollins to get a very hard fought victory.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Rollins with a mic, standing on the Spanish announce table. He says that’s how it’s done. He trashes “the guy” and Seth says he will not have Roman Reigns tarnish his legacy. Ambrose is still ringside listening intently. Seth says Roman is a joke and he needs to be taken out of the Battleground match. The crowd goes nuts. Seth says Roman says he shouldn’t be in the forthcoming draft and Roman is supposed to be a role model. Seth says Reigns is like us, cheats and liars. Ambrose is on the other table, shaking his head. Seth talks trash on Ambrose and stakes his claim for Battleground. Ambrose tosses his title at Rollins before leaping onto him with a flurry of rights and lefts. The brawl ensues and we see a crushing Dirty Deeds delivered on Seth Rollins by Dean Ambrose into the table, which doesn’t break. Ambrose grabs the belt and holds it high as the crowd goes insane.

More highlights of the Club having their way with John Cena before the jump cut takes us to a promo from the Wyatt Family. We see “The Sanctuary Of The Damned” as Strowman calls it. The Wyatts extend the New Day an invitation to where they come from. Bray Wyatt calls the power of positivity a joke, a myth that only children can believe. Wyatt says come right in, the water’s fine. Commercial.

Back with a brief promo for Baron Corbin. There are highlights of his devastation so far and then…EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero is back and she’s up on the stage to make her play for a GM spot in regards to the forthcoming Live Smackdown! She says that Smackdown needs an experience COO. She says it can’t be led by a corporate stooge like John Lauranitis, a freak like Kane or a people pleaser like Teddy Long. She is officially submitting her name for the role! The voice is grating and she’s as great as always. She says he need to submit to the hashtag #VickierunsSmackdownlive. She continues talking as she is escorted off the stage by some plain clothes. JBL stands up and asks for applause.

Big Show is backstage with the American team for the elimination match as “Battle Hymn Of The Republic” plays in the background. He gives a motivating speech for his team. Doesn’t matter if you’re brothers from Dudleyville, a demon from hell or a kid with a dream from Long Island, there is a new enemy standing before them now. He gets the troops to align with the cause. It ends with a “USA” chant.

After a commercial, Vickie Guerrero is being dragged out as Dolph Ziggler happens onto the scene. Vickie plays for his affections, but he says he’s never seen her before in his life. She is dragged off as we pan to the ring for a tag team match between The Golden Truth and The Vaudevillians with Breeze-ango on commentary.

Tag Team Match:
The Golden Truth vs. The Vaudevillians

The Golden Truth make their entrance and Raw LITERALLY has a karaoke sing along screen at the bottom. That is awesome. The bell sounds and R-Truth hits a jumping kick on Simon Gotch. Goldust and English are in and Goldust scores with the drop down throat punch. Right hands by Goldust and a powerslam leads to a pinfall. It’s broken up by Gotch. Gotch left laying on the outside as back in the ring, Goldust and Truth hits a combination powerbomb/side effect on English for the pinfall. Wow. What did the Vaudevillians do to keep getting buried like this? Stoked for the Golden Truth but that was quicker than a hiccup. The faces celebrate as they head to another commercial.

Winners: The Golden Truth

Back with another “Make Darren Young Great Again” segment talking about finishers. Young plugs his amazing Gut Check finish and Backlund implores him to use the crossface Chicken Wing. Young seems to accept the offer.

DOO DOO DOO DOO! And his name is…JOHN CENA! The 15 time former world champion comes out and receives a mixed reaction from the Columbus crowd. Cena had a great video earlier in the day talking about July 4th, something to see for sure. Cena enters the ring for a confrontation with the Club. This should be good. Cena said the crowd isn’t as fired up as they normally are. He asks if this is the WWE Universe that gets wild and crazy tonight? They get it together, but Cena says they might still be a little disappointed as a “Let’s Go Cena/Cena sucks” chant breaks out. Cena says this is what he’s talking about. He says he felt that energy the first time he stepped into the ring with AJ Styles. He talks about Styles bringing out his very first. He puts over Styles fans and those who knew what kind of a mark he’d make. He says AJ has failed to stand on his own two foot. Cena says AJ leaned on the shoulders of the Club. Cena says he’s gotta watch the Club at all times. They show a clip of the Club costing him a title opportunity and then a clip of where they hit the Magic Killer on the ramp. Cena says most Americans look forward to the fourth, he is looking over his shoulder. He uses the “You Want Some, Come Get Some” line and he calls out the entire Club. Styles music hits and he gets a mixed reaction as he comes out onto the ramp with his “good brothers”. Michael Cole plugs the AJ return to Japan, which was cool. AJ is disappointed and he says Cena is supposed to be patriotic and he’s whining about a personal setback. AJ says you wanna talk about disappointing? Tokyo was supposed to mark a celebrated return of the Club, but Cena’s face was everywhere. AJ says Cena found out though that the Club ran Tokyo. He says they’ll run the WWE, but not until they get rid of John Cena. He says the powers that be can’t get over the fact that AJ beat Cena. AJ says he’s got the boys because he’s worried that at anytime, Cena can break out that shovel to bury him. AJ says he believes the good brothers enjoy beating Cena up just as much as he did. AJ said he found out last week that nobody came out to help Cena. He said the reason that such was the case was because he’s on an island unto himself. AJ says most superstars can relate to the Club. That was a good line. What a feud this is turning into. AJ says the Club are the ones with the big enough balls to get it done. Crowd liked that line. AJ says that every week that Cena shows up, the Club is gonna jump him. AJ says before you know it, it’s Labor Day. He asks Karl Anderson his plans, KA says he’s gonna beat up Cena. He asks Luke his plans for Halloween. Luke says he’s gonna dress up like Bushwhacker Luke, lick AJ’s face and then beat up John Cena! AJ wants to be Ed Leslie. They say today it’s the fourth and they’re gonna beat up Cena! Gold! They hit the ring. The vultures circle and the mugging begins. Cena is taking a whoopin’ as AJ proclaims it “beat on John Cena day”. ENZO AND BIG CASS! Holy cow! The faces hit the ring and they mix it up. The Club mix it up with Cena, Enzo and Big Cass and the faces clear the ring. Cena’s music plays and this feud just got even better. What a promo from both Cena and AJ and what a finish by having Enzo and Cass hit the ring. Happy 4th folks, you got your money’s worth with that one!

They plug the 16 man elimination match, but we find out that after the break, we’ll finally get the Becky Lynch/Summer Rae match we didn’t get last week.

Singles Match:
Becky Lynch vs. Summer Rae

Back for the action, but apparently the Shining Stars are back in Puerto Rico promoting the island after being at the July 4th dinner earlir. Did they take time travel tips from Varys the Spider on Game of Thrones? They highlight the Becky/Natalya feud and head to the ring for action as entrances are made. The lass kicker quick to strike with a step up inzaguri. Summer back with strikes and a rope choke as Natalya watches the action backstage. Summer whips Becky into the ropes and she nails a spin kick. Variation of the cobra clutch by Summer as Becky fights for the comeback. Summer slams Becky down as Summer BADLY botches a suplex attempt that looks to be a version of Finn Balor’s 1916. Either Becky jumped early or Summer botched the timing. That was bowling shoe ugly. Becky is okay as she fires off the comeback eventually hitting the Becksploder suplex. Summer misses a spin kick as Becky submits her with the Disarmer.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Backstage with Chris Jericho and the International team and he gives a speech and wishes them a happy belated Canada Day! ADR speaks up and Chris Jericho hits him with some Spanish of his own! Sheamus hits them with some Gaelic and KO gives them a smattering of French! KO says he wants to beat up some “stupid idiot” Americans. Jericho tries to say it’s his line, but Jericho doesn’t care. He says they better watch IT. Sami Zayn says what is it? Jericho says you know, it. The faces aka Zayn, Cesaro and The Lucha Dragons say it’s time to represent the positive things.

Back and we get a Sonic promo with Enzo, Cass and a PB and J sandwich. That was simply amazing.

AWWW COLUMBUS, DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR! The New Day make their way out to the ring to a huge “New Day Rocks” chant. Xavier plays Francesca 2. Kofi says that most people think that the Wyatts don’t have style and that they don’t stray from the family tree. They keep it “Archie Bunker”. They keep it all in the family. He says that their sisters appreciate the misters. Kofi says they like the Wyatts and the Wyatts like them. Why else would they invite them to the compound? Big E. says they’ll bring the Wyatts a gift. Booty O’s plug but the jump cut shows Erick Rowan says ignorance is bliss. Strowman says a scream is music to his ears. Bray says it’s always been good vs. evil, positivity vs. fear. Bray says they can keep marching for the machine with their jokes. Bray says the New Day laughed at their invitation, but how far are they willing to go? Will they fight a battle that has gone on since the beginning of time? Bray says they started it, but now he must finish it. FIND ME. Jump cut back to the ring and Woods looks scared. Kofi says that someone should tell Tarzan Wyatt to get his ape friends ready because they accept and they’ll be shooting positivity from the windows to the walls. Woods says the Wyatts are dangerous. He says that if the New Day don’t see the danger, the threat, then he doesn’t think that the New Day will be able to survive. Crowd doesn’t like that. Woods leaves the ring. Kofi and Big E. look on, heeding his words as they pan to a graphic for the main event which is up next!

We see that at Battleground we’ve got a six man tag! John Cena/Enzo Amore/Big Cass will take on the Club! I’m cool with that!

16 Man Elimination Match:
Dudleyz/Jack Swagger/Big Show/Kane/Zack Ryder/Apollo Crews/Mark Henry vs. Alberto Del Rio/Kevin Owens/Cesaro/Sheamus/Sami Zayn/Chris Jericho/Lucha Dragons

-Entrances are made. I will spare you the details. There were many and the reactions varied or in certain cases, were non-existent. What was cool is that each introduction featured that star’s country flag and national anthem. Jericho, Zayn and KO came out to “Oh Canada”, that happened and it was awesome. KO and Ryder start things off. Cannonball by Owens. D-von Dudley and Sin Cara are in. Moonsault onto Devon. Devon gets the tag to Bubba and a 3-D eliminates Sin Cara. Kalisto is in. A Brogue kick from Sheamus hits Bubba and before a commercial, Kalisto covers him and gets the elimination as Devon wonders what happened. Back and Kalisto is missing, so it’s to assume he’s been ousted as well? Big swing by Cesaro on Devon. Devon taps to the Sharpshooter and he’s out. Swagger is in and he and Cesaro hit a “We the People” for old times sake. Gutwrench slam by Cesaro as Swagger gets the Patriot lock on, but Cesaro turns Swagger into a sharpshooter as well. Jericho is tagged in and he eats a Swagger clothesline. Jericho gets a roll-through off the ropes and he tries for a submission as a “stupid idiot” chant is fired up. Swagger catches Jericho with a belly to belly suplex as Swagger tries for a Swagger bomb. Knees up and a codebreaker, and Swagger is eliminated. Kalisto is still in! A brawl erupts before Kane can get a shokeslam on both Jericho and Kalisto as they head to the final commercial break. Back with ADR and Apollo Crews getting after it. Backstabber by ADR and a near elimination. ADR showboats and eats a dropkick by Crews after a failed top rope attempt. Mark Henry tagged in. He works over Kalisto, who is tagged in, and is celebrated via a “Sexual Chocolate” chant. World’s Strongest Slam and Kalisto is eliminated. KO in and a POPUP POWERBOMB ON MARK HENRY! WOW! Three count and Henry is gone. Zack Ryder in as KO argues with Sami Zayn. Zayn knocked off the apron and he comes in and mixes it up with his own partner. Kane prepares for a chokeslam, but KO uses a steel chair on Sami Zayn and he’s disqualified. Kane is eliminated too after using the same steel chair on Kevin Owens. Before he takes his exit, Kane nails a chokeslam on Sami Zayn. Apollo Crews takes advantage and pins Zayn, only to be quickly eliminated by Sheamus. Zack Ryder in and Jericho works him over before singing “Oh Canada”. ADR tagged in, and he tears into Ryder. Ryder and Big Show the only two remaining for Team USA. Cesaro, Jericho, ADR and Sheamus left for the International team. Cesaro tags himself in and Jericho takes offense. He shoves Cesaro as Cesaro turns on his team and invites them to tour the uppercut train. He finally nails one on Zack Ryder, but Ryder counters with a rollup and Cesaro is eliminated. Sheamus in and Ryder hits a neckbreaker. He looks for the tag to Big Show. Show is and he’s on fire. Clotheslines and rights a plenty. Jericho eats a knockout punch and he’s eliminated. ADR tries for the side kick, but Show chokeslams him and ADR is out. Wow, they are actually gonna do this. Sheamus is literally the last one standing. Show is having his way with Sheamus. Ryder is in and he’s unloading on Sheamus. Sheamus tries to attack Big Show, but Show pushes him into a Rough Ryder and the faces win. Drink it in folks, that’s not happening again anytime soon, but that was fun!

Winners: Big Show and Zack Ryder (Team USA Wins)

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