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Where Will Moose Walk Next?

Quinn Ojinakka, better known to fans of Ring of Honor Wrestling as Moose, has provided something unique for the Ring of Honor audience. Unlike the leaner, faster paced wrestlers on the roster, Moose was a big, imposing presence whose matches were more methodical and whose strength was nearly unparalleled. Moose’s contract was thought to be up with Ring of Honor sometime during the summer. Many speculated that because of his build, he’d be nearly instantly scooped up by World Wrestling Entertainment. Unfortunately, this is not as done a deal as was previously believed.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE P.R. is concerned about Moose’s previous domestic violence allegations from a seven year old incident involving Ojinakka and his wife at the time. The incident hasn’t so much blacklisted Ojinakka as it has placed Talent Relations in a precarious spot. This year alone, the company has had to deal with the negative press that came along with Adam Rose’s and Jerry Lawler’s alleged domestic violence situations. WWE perhaps wants to wait until those situations aren’t in the media cycle as heavily to negotiate with Ojinakka. So where does that leave him in the meantime?

As popular an athlete as Moose is, Ring of Honor is highly likely to offer him a good deal to extend his tenure with the company. However, the other two major (non-WWE) North American promotions, Lucha Underground and TNA, have both made offers to him. It’s anyone’s guess where this gifted star will wind up.

What promotion do you think Moose is most likely to sign with?

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