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WWE: Monday Night Raw 6/20/2016 Recap

Raw was LIVE tonight on 5/20/16 from The Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ!

The post-MITB show starts out with a shocking reveal during the pre-show as Graves, Booker and Phillips are talking and the graphic changes. Tonight we know for a fact that the WYATT FAMILY returns tonight!

The new WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose starts off the show with thoughts on the affairs of yesterday’s magnificent PPV and the events that led to him winning the title. Not long after he begins talking, the former champion, Roman Reigns, is out and he’s getting nailed with a “You Can’t Wrestle” chant, which is absurd, because he’s always involved in high proifle matches. A smattering of fans combat that and then Roman tells those chanting that to take a sip of beer and shut their mouth. That was gold. Roman speaks about his rematch and he barely even gets started before Seth Rollins, who also held the belt for a cup of coffee last night, comes out and says that’s not how things work. He says that he beat Roman clean and Roman gets to the back of the line. He comments on Ambrose stealing his glory, and Roman says, it doesn’t feel good, does it? Touche Seth, Touche. Rollins says the title is coming back with him. They continue bickering before “HERE COMES THE MONEY!” and Shane McMahon is out. A huge “Shane O’Mac” chant breaks out and he pulls a Foley cheap pop and gets a louder reception. He congratulates Dean for winning MITB and cashing in to become the champion. Shane says it’s a simple solution to denote the number one contender. How about singles action between Reigns and Ambrose? Rollins asks to consult Stephanie and Shane says since she isn’t there tonight, he’s running the whole shebang and he books it for tonight. A fine main event booked to determine the number one contendor for Ambrose!

Back from a commercial and we’ll have singles action as Sami Zayn’s music begins to play and he gets a great reaction as he enters the ring waiting for his opponent. The rivalry continues! Kevin Owens makes his way out and we’re gonna see a PPV quality encounter tonight on Raw!

Singles Match:
Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

Back and forth action, highlighted by an early moonsault from Zayn on Owens on the outside. The crowd getting into things as we pan to commercial. Back and Sami is in control with some action spilling to the outside. Owens rolled back in as both men are on the top rope. Clubbing blows and a headbutt from Sami, followed up by a high risk attempt. Owens with a brilliant superkick and Zayn is planted for a two count. That was a stone’s throw from three, but not quite there. Owens attempts the package powerbomb, before Zayn hits a full nelson suplex variant. Owens looking for the pop-up powerbomb, but a counter and a rollup and Sami Zayn gets the win!

Winner: Sami Zayn

KO upset and he immediately attacks Zayn before he can celebrate. Owens trying for a powerbomb on the ramp, but Zayn counters and the two men are brawling and mixing it up on the ramp. Owens grabbing for Sami and visa versa, but a herd of zebra stripes break it up as they pan to a graphic highlighting the main event which will put Roman Reigns against Seth Rollins with the winner heading to Battleground for a championship opportunity. This just SCREAMS triple threat match, but we’ll see in a few short hours. We head to commercial.

Back and the feud continues as Owens and Zayn are brawling in the backstage area. Several members of the security team are caught in the crossfire as if Ramsey Bolton used them as fodder!

“That book isn’t even halfway done!” -JBL

He’s right. This is a story that a great many of us enjoy reading and will continue to read for as long as they let us. They head to quotes from twitter and social media about the forthcoming draft. WHAAAAAT?! PEOPLE POWER! Johnny Ace, the innovator of the Ace Crusher/The RKO/The Diamond Cutter is out and he introduces himself as Mr. John Laurinitus! He says he was the number one general manager for both shows and he plugs the network. He is wearing a Red suit with a blue tie. Quirky and worthy of a pipebomb promo from Charles Montgomery Punk. Johnny says he’s talking to the Universe as Shane O’Mac is out to question his motives. He calls John a “corporate yes man”, and he says that he will have someone representing the New Era in charge of Smackdown. Shane says it’ll be himself.


John runs from a Smackdown podium to a Raw podium, still playing to the fans as he leaves the stage area as BOOP, BOOP, BOOP, BOOP, YOU’RE SAWFT! Enzo Amore and Big Cass make their way out onto the entryway ramp to a massive pop. Certified G and a bonafide stud, and you can’t teach that. We are informed that Big Cass is seven feet tall and it can’t be taught. “How You Doin” chant takes charge of the Phoenix crowd. They run down Big Johnny and call what he said, pure manure. Enzo says if he a dime for every time Johnny said something relevant he’d have zero dimes. It’s on a new jersey they plug. Cass calls him SAWFT but not before making a reference to Johnny’s tag team with Shane Douglas, the Dynamic Dudes. I chuckled. Enzo and Cass will be in tag team action after the commercial break.

Tag Team Match:
Enzo Amore And Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillians

Gotch and English are making their way towards the ring as they show the now infamous Payback botch that injured Enzo a few weeks back. Enzo and English start things off with a “OH ENZO AMORE” chant going strong. English in charge early with rapid stomps. Gotch tagged in and we get double pugilist shots as English is tagged back in. Forearm shot to the head after a big maneuver and a two count. Gotch in again with a chickenwing submission. Gotch charges in, but Enzo counters with an STO into the turnbuckle. Enzo gets the tag to Big Cass and he powers through English and he nails the Empire elbow and then a huge boot. Fallaway slam and a tag to Enzo. They hit the rocket launcher now known as the “BADA BOOM SHAKALAKA” and we’ve got a three count and a victory.

Winners: Enzo Amore and Big Cass

They cut backstage and we see the leader of “The Club”, AJ Styles, headed to the ring after a controversial victory over John Cena following a very satisfying contest between the two last night. That was a sensational matchup, and one that everyone should enjoy on the WWE Network at their leisure. It was certainly a dream match that a year ago, anyone of us would have balked at the possibility of seeing. Cena was defending the US Title and Styles was knee deep in a feud with “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada. Yet here we are, and after the commercial, we’re sure to get its continuance.

They’re back and we see the image of Kevin Love double-fisting a cold beer ala Steve Austin after the Cavs won the championship last night. The music of CFO hits and AJ Styles makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring. They plug the Podcast with Steve Austin after the show and you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be enjoying that…and it’s definitely the bottom line! AJ is actually getting a pretty good reaction and an “AJ Styles” chant, despite the heel tactics and Club interference in the match. AJ says he wishes he could be happy, and he should be happy, he’s envisioned this match ending for years. It became a reality, but it was tainted by his brothers. He gloats that he beat Cena and doesn’t seem too upset about the interference. But here’s the thing he says, it didn’t go down the way it should. AJ says if the Club is going to continue, he’s going to need a public apology from his brothers. Gallows and Anderson look less then pleased with AJ’s demand and they head down to the ring. Styles says he had Cena right where he wanted him. AJ said because of the interference, he’s given Cena an excuse. By coming out, his good name has been dragged through the mud. He’s waiting for his apology. Karl apologizes and AJ forgives him. He tells Gallows to turn that frown upside down and he’s just as quickly forgiven. Styles says he’d like them to apologize to Cena himself. This is great.

“What a standup man AJ Styles is.” -JBL

I love these sort of heel tactics. DOO DOO DOO DOO! “John Cena Sucks” and the 15 time world champion is out for the Phoenix crowd. He’s rockin’ the PBR/HLR shirt and he has the stick and says he doesn’t need an apology, they had a contract and he broke it. Gallows says it’s not AJ’s fault. Gallows apologizes to Cena and then Anderson does the same. He says that AJ signed the contract, they did not. He’s sorry too. Cena says AJ is fighting to stay alive in the WWE and he got the win by any means necessary. Cena says this is where he should be headed to a title opportunity, but he’s standing behind an apology and he’s not as good as he says he is. Styles says Cena is using them as an excuse because he isn’t as good as he says he is. Cena says he respects the win, and that winning is the key to success in the WWE, it’s what a champion is made of. Right up there with winning is being a man of your word. He quotes Scarface and says AJ doesn’t have his balls or his word. AJ says “The Club” did him a favor as a “Cena” chant breaks out. AJ says he doesn’t care what the crowd thinks, The Club gave Cena an excuse last night. AJ says Cena can pick any member of the Club to fight tonight, except for him. AJ says he’s got the Austin podcast to do tonight as it is. Gold! Cena asks “Does it even matter?”. Cena talks about the obvious interference that would occur. AJ says it’s why nobody likes Cena, because he’s wrong. AJ books Cena vs. the former G1 tournament finalist, “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson! That is going to be a great match if given some time! Singles action after the break!

Singles Match:
John Cena vs. Karl Anderson

We’re back and underway Cena clubbing away on Anderson while keeping eyes on the entryway, looking for the other members of the Club. Fisherman suplex on Karl with a dueling “Let’s Go Cena/Cena sucks” chant. Scoop and a slam and he’s still looking towards the ramp. Clothesline by Cena. Cena with a side suplex variant before he nails a five knuckle shuffle. Cena nails the AA and before the count can even occur, Gallows and AJ hit the ring like a bolt of lightning and the match is thrown out. The beatdown ensues as Styles calls for and receives a Magic Killer from Gallows and Anderson as The Club stands tall. The Club throws Cena into a Styles Clash and the 15 time champ is left in a heap. AJ’s music hits and the Club stands strong as the commentators bicker back and forth over the match last night.

Winner: John Cena (Via Disqualification)

Highlights of the Money In The Bank match last night and then the cash-in from Ambrose during the main event. That is immediately followed by highlights of the events earlier that led to the main event booking.

JoJo is backstage with Seth Rollins. Rollins says last night was about proving things and last night he beat Roman clean and he proved that he is the best. He proved that Roman never deserved to be champion. He says that Ambrose stole the title and that he’s a thief and a cockroach. Rollins is back at square one and that’s fine. He says he’ll beat Roman again tonight and he’ll take the title back and prove who the best member of the Shield really is.

Becky Lynch is backstage after the commercial and she talks about being stabbed in the back by Natalya. She references Paige, Charlotte and Nattie. Becky says that if she’s the last person with any integrity, she’s the best of them all. Before this interview, we could hear the music of Zack Ryder playing. Becky gets fired up, but she’s hit from behind by Nattie. Nattie says she’s gonna start taking care of herself and she walks off. The Lone Wolf’s music hits and that explains Zack’s music playing. We’re gonna have a singles contest.

Singles Match:
Baron Corbin vs. Zack Ryder

They put over Corbin putting the nail in the coffin as it relates to his feud with Ziggler after the victory last night. The dominance continues tonight as Ryder experiences a series of power moves and clubbing blows. A knee to the back keeps the former IC Champ at bay. Zack with a comeback and he nails a broski boot and then a beautiful dropkick off the apron that nails Corbin on the outside. Elbro-drop by Ryder back inside the ring and a two count. Corbin shows some great speed after getting tossed from the ring, but he’s back in with a clothesline. The End of Days follows and we’ve got a three count.

Winner: Baron Corbin

After the match, we get a video package on the WWE trip to China. John Cena speaking Mandarin was shown and the signing of Bin Wang. They plug a women’s title match that will occur later between Charlotte and Paige before they head to commercial.

Back and we’ve got a Wyatt Family segment. The crowd loves it. Renee Young is backstage with Paige for words after the footage of last week’s victory. Paige is trying to talk, but she is interrupted by Charlotte and Dana Brooke. Charlotte says that after Team PCB split, Charlotte rose to the top and Paige hit the bottom. Paige says the ring is her house and that when she wins the belt, Charlotte won’t be able to blame anybody but herself. That match will take place next.

Women’s Title Match:
Charlotte (c) vs. Paige

-Back with the introductions and Paige heads out to a decent reaction. Charlotte w/Dana Brooke flanking her, follows. They both look awesome. Charlotte has the signature Flair robe and Dana matches with a red ensemble of her own. Charlotte enters the ring, the introductions are made, the bell sounds and we’re underway. Charlotte with a very quick rollup and a two count. Side headlock by Paige and a kick to the midsection and dropkick by Paige. Striking knees by Paige on the champ in the corner. Paige tries to pull Charlotte to the center of the ring, but Dana Brooke drags Charlotte to the outside as they head to a commercial break. Back and Charlotte in control with a headscissors submission and Paige escapes and comes up with several near falls and then a running knee that allows her to come away with only two yet again. Kick to the midsection and a fallaway slam as Paige is firmly in control. Paige gets Charlotte on the top rope, but she gets planted by the champ. Picture perfect moonsault, but only a two count. Crucifix by Paige and a two count. Charlotte looks for the figure eight, but an escape. Paige gets the Rampaige, but before she can get the three count, Dana Brooke interferes and she pulls the foot under the bottom rope. Dana gets tossed, but Charlotte hits the Natural Selection and gets the three count, successfully defending the title. Charlotte and Dana assault Paige as the heels celebrate in the ring and HAD A DREAM, I HAD MADE IT! SASHA BANKS makes her way out onto the ramp! Finally! Dana charges Sasha and eats a right hand. Sasha with the backstage on the champ before Dana interferes, but Paige helps out and the two faces stand tall. That was awesome and I can’t wait to enjoy a singles contest between those two for the title!

Winner: Charlotte (Retaining the title)

JoJo is backstage with “The Guy” Roman Reigns. Reigns said he’s got nothing to prove, he’s just gonna go out and beat seth Rollins. Jump cut to footage of the Wyatts. Phoenix…we’re here! We pan to commercial, but we’re to enjoy the Wyatts after the commercial.

As promised, the jump cut followed by the ominous entrance. Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman and Erick Rowan make their way out onto the ramp and down to the ring. Luke Harper is still recovering from injury as the talented big man is certainly wished a speedy recovery as we await his return to dominance. The fireflies are out and the crowd is hype for the return. “Welcome Back” chant and a LOUD one at that.

“Did Y’all Miss Me?” Bray Wyatt

Bray says they have been locked away, they have been punished. They haven’t forgotten what they stand for. He issues a promise and a warning, the Wyatts are as strong as they’ve ever been. AWWWWW BROTHER BRAY! The New Day are out onto the ramp and this just seems like a wild situation ready to unfold. Xavier says they talkin’ way too long and they need to cut it. Kofi asks them to take a knee. Big E. says they confess that Erick Rowan has a huge booty. Kofi says the New Day is always up for a good time unlike the negativity the Wyatts spew. The crowd does the “WWE World Tag Team Champions” line. Bray starts laughing maniacally. He says he hopes the New Day understands what they’ve done. He can see their future. “New Day Falls”. Run. They cut to commercial.

Another “Make Darren Young Great Again” promo with Bob Backlund. Backlund says books are like dumbbells for the brain. It’s a zany skit as they usually are and it ends with Young doing 100 high knees.

Lana is in the ring and she introduces the US Champion, Rusev, who successfully defended his title last night against Titus O’Neil. Rusev is fantastic on social media by the way. The Bulgarian Brute makes his way out onto the ramp and he is announced as the guest of Jonathan Coachman on ESPN tomorrow, along with Lana. They show highlights of the Rusev victory, ending with the Accolade. For some odd reason, they pan backstage to Renee Young with Titus O’Neil. Titus says Rusev disrespected both he and his children last night. Titus makes his way out to the ring for a non-title match.

Non-Title Match:
Rusev (c) vs. Titus O’Neil

Titus is in with a strong right hand. It turns into a brawl early as Titus is pummeling Rusev. Titus nails a big boot and Rusev rolls out of harms way. Rusev is driven into the barricade. Titus is fired up, but Rusev posts him, only to have the tables turned. Rusev is being manhandled by Titus. Rusev with a boot, but Titus literally pushes Rusev over the barricade! That was awesome! Rusev gets the heck out of dodge and he leaves through the crowd. I assume the match is thrown out?

Winner: No Contest

They pan to commercial and just before they do, we get a promo for the upcoming feud that will take place between Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor. Sign me up!

Back and there’s another facebook promo with The Miz w/ Maryse at his side. The IC champ is still on set for the Marine 5. Shane McMahon is shown heading into his office. He walks in to get an earful from Chris Jericho who says he deserves a title opportunity against Ambrose. Shane says Jericho has squandered his opportunities. Jericho says he’s rather work for ten Stephanie McMahon’s than one Shane. Jericho stands with an angry look on his face as we head back to the ring for the main event. The world champion’s music hits as he’ll be at ringside for commentary. JBL is informed of such and he’s less then pleased. Commercial.

Number One Contender’s Match:
Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

-They focus in on the ridiculously cool side-plates they made for Dean on the world title as Seth Rollins heads out onto the ramp and towards the ring. Reigns music plays and he follows as they ready for the main event contest. A mixed reaction for the now former world champion, mainly championed with boos. The bell rings and Roman hits a running shoulder tackle to start things off. Shoulder in the abdomen and a headbutt by Roman. Seth sent into the ropes and he leaves under the bottom rope. He fires a couple of shots at Reigns before getting slung into the barricade. Roman slams Seth into the announce table and he peels it apart. Roman heads back into the ring after Rollins escapes trouble at ringside. Rollins takes charge and he grounds Roman and then he nails a kick to the back and then a neckbreaker. Right hands a’plenty issued by Rollins as the crowd is firmly behind the Architect. Ambrose is awesome on commentary. Not quite KO, but he is quirky and unstable as per his character. Very on edge, as the action continues in the ring. Reigns is sent into the barricade on the outside by Rollins who follows it up with a straight right hand. Two throat shots back inside the ring by Roman, but he is quickly grounded following a clothesline by Seth. Rollins misses a knee off the apron onto Reigns who nails a stiff kick that takes down Rollins as they head to commercial. Back from the break and the main event continues with Seth in charge with a sleeper hold. Seth tries for a roundhouse kick, but Reigns ducks and works him over with right hands. Roman pulls Rollins off the apron, but he eats an inzaguri. We get a right hand exchange. Reigns with headbutts and then a big take-down. Corner clotheslines by Reigns. Rollins sends Reigns to the outside with a knee to the back and then he nails a suicide dive. Seth brings Reigns back in and he eventually eats a sitout powerbomb by Reigns for a two count. A multitude of counters eventually lead to a superman punch and a two count for Reigns. The crowd is into it. We’re getting a great match between two men who deliver often. Reigns is talking trash and he backs into the corner, readying for the spear. Seth counters with a kick, but Reigns shoves him into the corner. Reigns is stunned after a kick and Rollins covers for a two count. Frogsplash attempt by Rollins and Reigns moves. Roman hits a drive-by on Rollins as the rest of the announce table is cleared off. Rollins escapes trouble, and he scurries underneath Reigns. Reigns comebacks and spears Rollins over the Spanish announce table as the referee is counting both men out. Wow, it looks like both men are about to make it back in, but it’s a double countout. We’ve got no number one contender.

Winner: No Contest (Double Countout)

-HERE COMES THE MONEY! Shane O’Mac back out with the fresh kicks. He says things won’t end that way. Ambrose is in the ring, live mic in hand. He says he’ll fight both men. Shane books the Shield triple threat match for Battleground and we’re gonna have a quality main event! Dean talks a little trash to both men and Roman grabs him only to eat a Dirty Deeds! Dean leaves as Rollins looks to pick apart the bones, but Dean is back and Seth eats a Dirty Deeds as well! That’s all she wrote for RAW!

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