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Official WWE Draft Date Announced

It was announced several weeks ago that World Wrestling Entertainment was moving SmackDown to Tuesday nights and going live, as well as reinstating the brand split, having separate rosters on Raw and SmackDown. But now, we have a date set in stone when all of this will go down.

Tuesday July 19th at 8pm/7pm Central, the 2016 WWE Draft will take place. This is a bold move as the prior drafts typically occurred on Monday Night Raw. Perhaps this is a move to reinforce the renewed importance of SmackDown and ensure the program is no longer considered the “B-show”.

WWE Executive Producer Kevin Dunn made a statement about this earlier today:
“This is an exciting new era for WWE in which we will yet again reinvent ourselves by creating a second night of compelling live television”.

Fun times as once again, like fans of every other sport, professional wrestling fans get to enjoy the excitement of a draft party. We at The Scrum Sports will be glued to the television on July 19th.

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