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WWE: Monday Night Raw 6/16/2016 Recap

Raw was LIVE tonight from the Chesapeake Arena (The ‘Peake!) in Oklahoma City, OK on 6/6/2016!

Coulda gone, but couldn’t work it out in time, but shout outs to my good friends Raymond Porter and Calvin Washington for holding it down for us all! Look for Raymond on the entryway ramp, he’ll be doing his thing! Anyways, onto the show!

Show starts out with a smattering of ladders in the ring as Lillian Garcia begins to introduce all the participants for the Money in The Bank ladder match. She makes it all the way to Kevin Owens, who proceeds to lambaste her by saying that everyone knows who they are, he says they are all big stars except for Sami Zayn. Jericho says he’s bigger then the rest, Owens mocks his patented line, and he says that it won’t matter after he wins the contract. Dean Ambrose begins to talk, but Owens cuts him off too and he says that he’ll get the briefcase, cash it in and become the WWE champion. KO says he’ll take on all comers except those in the ring and he name-drops the Nation of Domination, Waylon Mercy and others. He gives the network a plug. Zayn takes the opportunity to say that if he capitalizes and wins, he’ll offer shots to anyone. He says he won’t make it a joke and challenge guys out of the business for twenty years. Ambrose says he gets it, the heated rivals are different. Ambrose says he’ll challenge a polar bear. He says Jericho looks like even more of a dork then usual. Alberto Del Rio calls them names and says that he’s been a champion, and compared to ADR, Ambrose is a paperboy. Great line! The fans chant “Si”. Cesaro asks the fans not to encourage him, he mocks him calling people dogs in Spanish. Jericho tells him to shut his mouth or he’ll toss him to all the goofs in the Cesaro section. Cesaro says since it’s your match Jericho, how sad is it that he’s never won one. Jericho says he won one and KO and Zayn call him out and lying. Jericho says he won it at “Apple”. They question it and he says he won it in “Stupid Idiotville”.

“Oh, so it was in your hometown?” -Kevin Owens.

Start off every Raw like this, please. Jericho says everyone knows he’s from Winnipeg. “Stupid Idiot” chant. They say the fans call it like they see it. Tremendous. Jericho calls OKC fans “cretins”. Jericho asks OKC to drink it in, he poses and eats a hard right from Ambrose and the donnybrook ensues. Cesaro is the last man standing and holy hell, TEDDY LONG comes out oto the stage. I screwed up, shoulda ate those ticketmaster fees. We ’bout to get a TAG TEAM MATCH, PLAYA? We’ll see. Teddy Long heard that Smackdown is coming back and he continues on, saying that he’s gonna book a match and he lists off a litany of non-sensical matches. Gold. Stephanie McMahon comes out and says it’s good to see him. Teddy calls her “Baby Girl” and Steph says she ain’t his baby girl. He says that he wants to run Smackdown, and Steph says while she respects his tenure, no decisions have been made as far as who’s running the show. He says he doesn’t have time for Steph, and he asks for Shane. Steph says Shane O’Mac isn’t there tonight, he’s on vacation. She tells Teddy to get to steppin’. She says don’t hit his music. Cruel. YOU KNOW IT’S THE MACK MILITANT! She books singles matches for the show. Sami Zayn vs. Alberto Del Rio, Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens and Cesaro vs. Chris Jericho. Stacked card. Cesaro vs. Jericho starts right…now! She hits Teddy’s music for him finally. Classy.

Singles Action:
Cesaro vs. Chris Jericho

-After the commercial, the action is underway and early exchanges lead to a Cesaro backbreaker. Jericho win the comeback and he attempts a springboard dropkick, but he eats a European uppercut for his troubles. Outside the ring and Cesaro charges, nailing Jericho with another uppercut. Cesaro off the top rope, but a dropkick counter by Jericho. Two count to follow. “Stupid Idiot” chant as they go to another commercial. Wow, the timing between those sucked. We need to enjoy more action and less commercials during the matches themselves. Very poor planning there. Back and Jericho in trouble via the uppercut train and he eventually takes a final shot with Cesaro firmly in control. Cesaro looks for the big swing, but Jericho counters into a pinning situation. Jericho only gets two, but after the escape, Cesaro eats a codebreaker but he rolls to the outside. Smart. Jericho rolls Cesaro back into the ring and gets another two count.

“You ever think when Teddy Long was managing Doom, he thought he’d be trending on twitter?” -JBL.

Cesaro eventually gets things going with that ridiculous strength with a superplex and a beauty. Crowd loves it. Jericho counters with a shot to the temple and Cesaro kicks out of a pinfall attempt again. Both men to their feet and rapid fire exchanges that ends with a lariat by Cesaro. Cesaro for the Gotch Neutralizer and Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho and he succeeds in the application. Oh wow. Jericho tries to launch Cesaro, but Cesaro counters into the big swing. What strength. That was incredible on the counter alone! Sharpshooter applied by Cesaro and Jericho taps out! Cesaro with great momentum heading into the MITB match!

Winner: Cesaro (Via Submission)

-Highlights of last week’s RAW with the return of John Cena and his interaction with AJ Styles before the heel turn and the alignment of “The Club”. After the clip, we see that OKC will be treated to a six man tag team match between The Club and The New Day! Commercial.

-A return and some kind words said about the late, great Muhammed Ali. Rest in peace champ.

-There is a video package that follows highlighting the feud between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Highlights of the Shield, the turn and the history to follow. Just so he knows, Mr. Raymond Porter, we see you ringside during the Rollins/Reigns video package. The video package was very well put together. It showed the horrible injury to Rollins and Roman Reigns winning the title at ‘Mania in Dallas.

-After the video package, Lana is in the ring and she introduces the US Champ, “The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev. Rusev comes out and it is announced that after the commercial, we’ll be taking on his “longtime nemesis” Jack Swagger. Uh, is Rusev a fixture on Superstars? I think not. Nevertheless, the Cary, OK native is out and we’ve got a non-title bout. Titus O’ Neil will be at ringside on commentary as he and Rusev have started a rivalry.

Non-Title Match:
Rusev (c) vs. Jack Swagger

-O’Neil celebrates Swagger being a hometown hero. Sure, in the same way that we’re all big Steph Curry fans after a crushing series defeat by a wonderful Warriors team in the playoffs. “We The People” chant. I stand corrected as the OKC faithful appreciate Swagger. Back and forth action, Titus is great on commentary. He says Rusev is a super athlete, but he doesn’t play every sport, Titus does. Rusev pounding Swagger in the corner, silencing the crowd. O’Neil tells Byron Saxton his tie looks like a curtain at ringside. Gold. Rusev grounds Swagger with a big boot. Rusev will a submission as Swagger battles back, nailing Rusev with a clothesline in the corner. Powerslam by Swagger and a kickout at one. Swagger with the Patriot Lock but Rusev rolls out with an escape. A camera man on the outside deserves an award as he gets a beautiful shot of Rusev charging Swagger and Swagger hitting him with a clothesline as both men hit like mack trucks. Rusev is able to beat the count back into the ring as Rusev shoves him into Titus O’ Neil. Swagger and Titus team up in the ring to eliminate Rusev, who takes his leave to a “We The People” chant from Titus.

Winner: Rusev (Via Countout)

-A graphic shown of the forthcoming AJ Styles vs. John Cena “dream” match at MITB and after the commercial, we’ll hear from Cena. That is going to a sound piece of business. I cannot wait for that one.

-Before the return, there was a commercial for Red Lobster for a “Summerfest”. Can’t wait for Brock Lesnar to return at that PPV. Jeremy Piven would appreciate that one.

-DOO DOO DOO DOO! John Cena out to a great reaction from the OKC crowd and he puts them over. There are some “John Cena Sucks” chants, but can’t be mad at a guy about to have a feud with AJ Styles. Excited for that one as I said earlier. Cena with a live mic in his PBR shirt. He says that for the first time we’re getting Styles and Cena and the energy and anticipation is high. He encourages and gets a “Let’s Go Cena/Cena sucks” chant. Half of you guys got my back, half of you guys don’t want me back. He says that the crowd last week had that wonderful “Let’s Go cena/AJ Styles” chant and the OKC crowd keeps it going. He says he hasn’t had that kind of electricity since he and The Rock were in the ring together. Wow. High praise and that’s a good rub for AJ. He said for fifteen years, folks wondered what if? Now there’s about to get that answer, but first, he needs an answer to another question. Why? Why AJ Why? Why did you take the easy way out. He calls AJ out. AJ is out with Gallows and Anderson flanking him and he’s doing his signature heel intro like he did in New Japan. Awesome. He smirks atop the ramp, mic in hand. Damn! Cena says the crowd was hot, he didn’t need to involves his junkies from the Bullet Club. Straight up name drop. Styles responds by saying the plan was to look him in the eyes and then punch him in the face. Styles says he’s great on tv and he says movies, he says not the ones you star in, but the cameos. Gold.

“You insult me everytime that bell rings.” -AJ Styles

Ouch. Cena has been a better hand in the ring in recent years. AJ says that John doesn’t wanna be in the ring with him, because he’d run circles around him. That’s what he told his kids. Cena’s upset, he says AJ’s jokes are outdated as his jorts. Classic. Cena references AJ being in the rumble and then he did nothing. Cena says he was gifted an opportunity at the title failed, and failed again. That’s such a company line. That’s actually crap in my opinion, but that’s what he said. Cena said AJ’s last attempt will be to take Cena out. Cena said you couldn’t get past Roman Reigns and now you’re picking a fight with John Cena? That was a good line. Styles says last’s back it up, he’s desperate? Styles says at least he’d be welcome somewhere outside the company. He says he’d sell out Osaka again. He says he’s got nothing else to prove. The guy in the fight with nothing to lose is the most dangerous. What a great exchange. Whoooooooooa, AJ says the reason he got the Club is because everyone knows that every time somebody loses to John Cena, the company gets out the shovel and buries them. The Club is his insurance policy. Holy crap, I love that they went with that. You folks that didn’t enjoy the show need to see this back and forth. The Club surrounds Cena like vultures, but the crowd goes wild as The New Day slide in for the save. The Club leave to fight another day, and they will in a six man situation later tonight.

-Back from the commercial and we have highlights of Enzo Amore’s freak injury from Payback. The Vaudevillians are in the ring as Enzo Amore and Big Cass come out to a huge reaction and we’re going to get another PPV quality match on Monday Night! They do their standard intro to a “How U Doin” chant from the crowd. Big Cass with an Ali reference to a great reaction. The banter continues as Cass says you are looking at the next tag team champions. They are about to big league chew up the Villians and spit them out. They are “S-A-W-F-T”. The bell rings and we’re underway.

Tag Team Match:
Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. The Vaudevillians

-Enzo and English start it off as the crowd is going crazy for Enzo. A tag, and Simon Gotch is in with a headlock. Enzo gets the tag and Big Cass blasts right through Gotch with a clothesline. Fallaway slam shades of JBL and Razor Roman. Empire elbow and a two count as English breaks things up. English does a spot where he tries to re-injure Enzo the way Gotch did at Payback. Enzo is okay, but sells the throw. Big Cass is a house of fire and he is beating the holy heck out of English. Cass gets distracted by unleashing his rage on English and it costs the faces. The Vaudevillians with a DQ victory and a smart tactic. Simon Gotch still in the ring ans Big Cass nails him with the East River Crossing as Enzo regains his bearings and their music plays despite the loss.

Winners: The Vaudevillians (Via DQ)

-Backstage, Tom Phillips gets words with Sami Zayn. He asks if he’s the underdog against ADR. Sami says he is, but he knows that he can beat ADR. ADR comes out and he claps and says Sami has big dreams. He says that whoever doubted Sami, whoever cheered against him was wrong. But he then says, the doubters are right PERRO! ADR tells him his destiny is to remain a paperboy. ADR has been on point as of late, let’s just get that out there. After the commercial, we’ll see that contest between two premiere athletes. Back and we’ve got social media clips of great words from many on the legendary Ali. What an absolute measure of a man that pioneer was.

Stephanie McMahon and Teddy Long are backstage. Teddy Long says if he was running Smackdown, he’d seize an opportunity to take Enzo and Cass, The Vaudevillians, The New Day and The Club and put them in a fatal four way match for the tag titles. Steph asks how Teddy got past security and he pulls out a single and says that’s a “dolla, dolla, holla, holla”. He shows himself out as Steph calls Shane and rips off Teddy’s idea and books that affair for MITB. Should be a heck of a match! And now we’ll see the singles match promised before the commercial.

Singles Action:
Sami Zayn vs. Alberto Del Rio

-Sami out and ADR follows as the bell sounds. The ladders are shown at ringside as the action begins. ADR working Zayn over early with boots and stomps. Zayn with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors to take down ADR with an “Ole” chant from the crowd. Zayn hits a moonsault on ADR off the barricade and he stays in control as they take ANOTHER poorly timed commercial break. Seriously? Can we get this figured out and not have it effect crucial in-ring action? Back and we’ve got continued action with ADR in control. A rollup and a two count. ADR nails a crisp standing sidekick to the mush and gets another two count. The sounds off his kicks are a thing of beauty. Zayn counters the offense with a clothesline and Sami is thwarted on a Helluva kick attempt as ADR put him on the top rope before hitting a step up inzaguri. Zayn upside down as ADR heads up top for the double stomp finisher. He takes too long as Zayn tosses him over. ADR back with a kick to the face and the double stomp hits. He covers and we’ve got a three count and a decisive victory for ADR heading into the MITB match. Smart booking thus far as you’ve got two unlikely threats looking strong heading into the match along with the favorites like Owens, Ambrose and Zayn.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

-Backstage with Ambrose and KO. Owens says Ambrose shouldn’t worry about mole people and polar bears. He’s worried for Ambrose, not because he’s gonna be dismembered at the PPV, but because Ambrose is off the deep end. Off? Ambrose says was he off when he beat KO for the IC and then won again. When KO is sulking after a loss, will Ambrose still be off the deep end. Ambrose leaves as Ambrose calls him “bro” and KO mumbles that he isn’t his bro. Classic. After another commercial, we’ll hear from the world heavyweight champion, Roman Reigns.

-One of the commercials is the #hatch promo for WWE 2k17 featuring GOLDBERG as a playable character with a pre-order.

-The return has a video of a promo similar to the one featuring Seth Rollins earlier. This one features Roman Reigns and the history of the Shield, etc. Both of these promos were really good. Seth’s made him look like a face though, lol. The Reigns promo was pretty on point. Reigns has been waiting for the contest for a long time. He says it has a Vegas big fight feel. I like that reference. After the promo, Dean Ambrose’s music hits and he’s headed to ringside where he’ll face Kevin Owens after a commercial.

Singles Action:
Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

-Owens music is playing his way to the ring as the bell sounds. Ambrose with the early offensive control following a flurry of forearms. The action spills to the outside as Owens sends Ambrose across the announce table. Owens puts on the headset but before he can comment to Byron Saxton, he is assaulted by Ambrose. Ambrose takes him into the ring. Dirty Deeds countered by an inzaguri before KO hits a senton splash. The action continues before Owens levels Ambrose with a big superkick. Owens with a german suplex and Ambrose is able to counter with a vicious clothesline. Ambrose thwarted on the top rope and he’s crotched and Owens hits him with a cannonball splash. Popup powerbomb attempt countered with a hurricanrana. Owens to the outside and Ambrose is countered and then he eats a bullfrog splash off the apron. “Fight Owens Fight” chant from the OKC crowd. Back in the ring and seemingly out of nowhere, Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds and gets the three count. That seems to lock up my pick for MITB which is Kevin Owens, but what a great matchup that is going to be! This one was enjoyable for the time given as well.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

After the match, Dean Ambrose pulls a ladder out from under the apron and Ambrose prepares to climb it, but KO is back in the ring and he dumps Ambrose from the ladder. Owens then points to the briefcase and proclaims “THAT IS MINE”! Graphic shown for the Main Event and the six man tag and up next, we’ll have the women’s champion, Charlotte accompanied by Dana Brooke.

Back and we are shown clips from two weeks ago where Ric Flair was given the boot by his own flesh and blood. Charlotte and Dana Brooke are in the ring and Charlotte has a live mic. She says every great champion can admit when they’re wrong and she’d like to apologize. She says she’s sorry. She says that everything needed to be said. She says the fans don’t understand what it’s like to be on top. She meant to tell her Dad that she still wants to love him and enjoy holidays with him, but professional, he’s dead. She doesn’t wanna share her spotlight with him. Charlotte can’t be “daddy’s little girl” without daddy. Natalya’s music hits and she and Becky Lynch are out and Nattie asks if Becky believes any of this. Becky says there is cow dung in Ireland that smells better then what Charlotte is spitting. Charlotte has an idea for the “E’ network and it’s about her father and crazy uncle. She calls it a train-wreck. Becky talks about Charlotte using her father to win every match and she pleads for Dana to wake up and realize that she’ll be tossed in the trash when Charlotte is done with her. The ladies say that Charlotte is a master manipulator and they call her a screaming banshee. Dana gives Charlotte a questioning glance and she backs away, but it’s a ploy. Dana and Charlotte work over the ladies and it’s a brawl. Seems like we’re headed for a tag team match. That’s all fine and well, but hopefully Sasha will be healed from her referee-induced concussion and that Vince hasn’t soured on her following the freak injury because her match with Charlotte will draw a ton of money and we, as fans, deserve that one. Charlotte’s music plays and that’s that.

The commentators hype the forthcoming NXT Takeover: The End show. Man, Nakamura and Aries, Nia Jax and Asuka and Joe and Balor in a cage? Yeah, that’s in the book for Wednesday night. Should be a sensational affair on the WWE network.

-Back and there’s another promo for the Shining Stars. We just need to enjoy these great hands in the ring once again. They invite us to Puerto Rico once again. The music of Tyler Breeze is mashed up with Fandango and it looks like we’ve got a one fall match up next. There was a pre-match promo between Breeze and Fandango. Breeze was shaving Fandango’s back. It was a whole thing. The Golden Truth mash-up hits and they head to the ring and we’ve got a singles affair.

Singles Action:
Tyler Breeze vs. R-Truth

-There isn’t much to say. JBL actually calls it awful. They barely get it going and we’ve got it thrown out before IT’S THE MACK MILITANT! He’s got the solution, the only solution. Oooh, ooh…we’ve got, wait for it…A TAG TEAM MATCH! HOLLA! Teddy is escorted from the ringside area, and he had a backstage segment with Stephanie McMahon who announces that she’ll be running Smackdown.

Winner: No Contest

-After the commercial, we’ve got another great dedication to the wonderful Muhammed Ali. JBL talks about how wonderful Ali’s victory over Foreman in Zaire was. This video package was incredible. If you are an Ali fan, you’ll appreciate it. Ali actually says that he got his persona from the legendary Gorgeous George, a pioneer and standard-bearer in his own right. They showed his interactions with Gorilla Monsoon and Antonio Inoki and those were absolutely crucial interactions for the wrestling history buff. A thunderous applause from the OKC faithful. Byron Saxton has kind words about him. Michael Cole says Ali and Gorilla Monsoon will have battles in heaven and then we get a promo for a Shield Reunion of sorts as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns will be guests on the Ambrose Asylum next week from New Orleans!

Gallows, Anderson and AJ Styles of the Club are out for the main event six man tag match. The attack on Cena is shown yet again as the trio make their way into the ring. Commercial.

Back and Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke is announced for Smackdown. Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose is also booked. “AWWWWWWWWWW OKC, DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR!” It’s a New Day, yes it is! The tag team champions are out to a great reaction, mics in hand. Xavier Woods says that in two weeks, the fatal four way tag title match is a thing. Kofi says that one thing is for sure, how bald that Gallows and Anderson are. There is a Mickey Mouse club reference to the Club and then a reference to Dylan from Diddy’s “The Band”. There’s a reference to hot fiyah and then Woods says there are the champs and it’s the only club that matters. Big E. leads the “New Day Rocks” chants as the action is underway.

Six-Man Tag Team Match:
The New Day vs. The Club

Right hands are exchanged and Big E. dumps Anderson and Kofi eats a thunderous right from Gallows on the outside. Woods grounds AJ in the ring, and then he takes out Gallows on the outside. Woods is stuffed by a huge boot by Anderson and then Xavier eats a Styles Clash from AJ before the bell even sounds. Commercial break. Shocker. Back and Kofi and Big E. are headed back to the ring as Xavier Woods was escorted to the back following the Styles Clash. Kofi is a house of fire with right hands on Anderson to get things rolling. High and tight back suplex and Big E. is tagged in. Double team efforts by the New Day. They reference The New Day being at 288 compared to Brian Kendrick and Paul London’s current record. Wow, I’ll never forget London eating that clothesline from Gene Snitsky at the rumble years back. The Club takes charge as Big E. is brought to their corner as Anderson hits a boot and then tags in Gallows. Grounded headlock as the crowd encourages the New Day with cheers and chants. Big E. tries for the comeback but he eats a throat punch from Gallows. Anderson in and he misses a senton splash as Big E. looks to make the tag. Kofi in and so is AJ Styles and Kofi in charge. Kofi is fired up and he hits the Boom Drop. Gallows in and he eats a DDT. Springboard cross body by Kofi and Styles moves. Kofi back with a SOS and the count is broken up. Belly to belly by Big E. and Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm on Kofi and we’ve got a three count. Dominant victory by the Club.

Winners: The Club (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows)

A three on one mugging ensues as Cena’s music hits and Cena takes out Gallows and Anderson as AJ escapes, but he’s in after a distraction and he works over Cena. He asks if that’s all the fifteen time champ has but as he taunts Cena, Big E. and Kofi even the odds. Big Ending on Styles and an AA from Cena on Styles and the show ends with the faces standing tall.

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