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Lesnar Pulling Double Duty

UFC has reported that former heavyweight champion and current part-time WWE superstar Brock Lesnar has been announced for a one night appearance at UFC 200, coming up on July 9th in Las Vegas. This will be Lesnar’s first MMA bout since his loss to Alistair Overeem at the end of 2011. But how wise is WWE for allowing this and how wise is the 38 year old Lesnar, for returning to a sport that accelerated a physical ailment which put him out of action?

Lesnar had quite the successful career in combat sports. He was a NCAA division I wrestling champ. He then transitioned to professional wrestling, becoming the youngest WWE World Heavyweight Champion at that point. Lesnar later decided to pursue a career in the NFL (though was unsuccessful), but found his calling in mixed martial arts. After losing his first match, he went on to a dominant run, even defeating the legendary Randy Couture, winning the UFC heavyweight championship. Lesnar suffered a debilitating case of diverticulitis, which cut his UFC career shorter than he would have liked.

Since returning to World Wrestling Entertainment, Brock Lesnar has worked a part-time schedule which is beneficial to maintaining his health, as well as making him more of a special attraction. However, if he happens to sustain any injuries in his match at UFC 200, it could make this once every few months event star to a once a year star, a’la the Undertaker. Should Lesnar be willing to risk that big of a hit to his lucrative pay and standing in WWE and if he does well at UFC 200, will he remain a two sport athlete?

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