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WWE: CWC Finale (Week 10) 9/14/16 Recap

The WWE: Cruiserweight Classic Finale (Week 10) took place on 9/14/16 from Fullsail University in Winter Park, FL!

Gran Metalik defeats Zack Sabre Jr. with the Metalik Driver.

The crowd is amped up for the first of the two semi-final matches, a complete clash of styles and it should be awesome. The high flying Gran Metalik competes against the technical wizard, Zack Sabre Jr. and the Fullsail faithful are excited for it. Sabre gets a massive pop when he comes out and Metalik, the former Mascara Dorada, with a proper showing from the fans as well. I am stoked for this one, that’s for sure. The bell sounds and literally within a split second of such happening, Metalik hits a dropkick and a somersault splash over the top rope and then a senton bomb for a quick two count. Wow! That was an insanely good opening. Sabre quick to recover, Sabre hits a neck wringer with his feet, innovative as heck. A reverse cravat is applied, bending the neck across the forearm. A headscissors is applied and Sabre rakes the elbow across the back and he then adds a leg stretch before Metalik gets the ropes for the break. Cravat reapplied, but a flying headscissors takeover follows from Metalik and the pacing is fast and furious! A “lucha libre/technical” chant breaks out. That’s a first! Metalik with a kneebar trap/octopus hold submission of his own! Sabre to the ropes for a break, but a well placed chop rings throughout the arena. Metalik tries for a backspring, but he is trapped with a dragon sleeper applied. Quick rope break by Metallik and Sabre back in charge. Sabre with an octopus stretch and Metalik is writhing in pain. Metalik looking for the break and he rolls through and kips up for the escape, but Sabre fires off a yakuza kick and a european uppercut before eating a superkick, and a reverse sling blade! Wow! Running shooting star press and a near fall. Drop toe hold and a la magistral cradle that is immediately countered and we have a series of near falls to follow. Metalik with a hammerlock/headscissors submission and then a rollup for a two count. Tilt-a-whirl guillotine with the body scissors applied by Sabre, but a counter into a boston crab by Metalik that is immediately countered into another two count. Lightning fast pacing. A series of forearms and strikes exchanged and then Metalik levels Sabre with a running lariat. A superkick is followed up by a handspring back elbow for a two count by Metalik. The clash of styles is making for such a unique contest. Metalik hits the 817 and then eats a counter and he is destroyed with a Shibata penalty kick for a very close two count! Uppercut/forearm exchange to follow, but the pacing has slowed. Sabre wins the exchange and he gets a two count. Half nelson slammed countered and Sabre looking for the octopus stretch with the wrist lock. Metalik escapes and we continue, leading to a cravat applied by Sabre on the top rope where he is crotched, only for Metalik to hit a springboard hurricanrana. A springboard sees Metalik trapped in a triangle submission. Metalik rolls into a bridging pin for a near fall and this is sensational. Metalik Driver nailed out of nowhere and Gran Metalik is headed to the finals in what many would consider an upset! What a contest! Metalik is headed to the finals and based on that match result, it seems like Perkins has a chance to best Ibushi as both he and Metalik are signed and the ink is dry. Sabre looking to continue working the indies and Ibushi seems to have unfinished business with New Japan, but we’ll see. That was a brilliant opening contest!

TJ Perkins defeats Kota Ibushi via submission with the TJP kneebar.

The second semi-final matchup is slated to begin and we get a promo from DIY, the tandem of Gargano and Ciampa, discussing a tag team affair to take place after this match between the two of them and Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander. That should be something to see. Ibushi makes his way out to a tremendous response and he is followed by TJ Perkins, who gets a great reaction of his own. This match would headline any card around the world and we get it as a semi-final match in the CWC! Perkins has really had the chance to showcase his technique and charisma and I still haven’t the foggiest as to how TNA criminally booked him as badly as they did, but then I remember what they did to the “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada. Yikes. “TJP/Ibushi” split chants and the two have an intense handshake as the bell sounds. “Manik” chant speaking of TNA. Classic. Ibushi tries for a kick, but TJP blocks it with his knee. Go behind by TJP and a standing switch with another checked kick at the ropes, by TJP. Wow, this crowd is absolutely into this and haven’t stopped chanting for this ring generals and treasured athletes. Ibushi blocked again and a quick kneebar try leads to Ibushi making a Houdini-esque escape. Ibushi with a wristlock and TJP counters with a headscissors takeover into the lateral press for a two count. Ibushi with a driving kick to the sternum and TJP is down. TJP with a pose and Ibushi charges through the ropes, but he comebacks quickly with a springboard dropkick. Ibushi is nailed with a kick as TJP stops the golden triangle moonsault attempt and Ibushi lands hard on the floor. Ibushi BARELY beats the ten count, and he is met by a snapmare and a dropkick to the shoulder. Headlock applied, but Ibushi fights through it and drills TJP with a massive patela kick. The knee is taken out by TJP is short order and he quickly applies an ankle lock. TJP with a sugarhold as Ibushi fights for the escape with the crowd firmly behind him. He’s out and he meets TJP coming off the ropes with a high altitude dropkick. Jumping hurricanrana by Ibushi and the crowd knows they won’t be robbed twice. Ibushi takes to the skies and he nails the golden triangle moonsault and Fullsail goes bananas! Missile dropkick by Ibushi and it hits beautifully. Booker T. surely nodding, with that ode to his classic finisher. Ibushi with a moonsault off the second rope and TJP counters into the kneebar! Ibushi able to escape and the crowd watches as he charges in and he eats a spinning back kick, but Ibushi quick to counter with a bridging german for a two count! Wow! Ibushi with vicious kicks and TJP spills out to the apron. Ibushi drilling TJP with rapid fire kicks and TJP is out. The referee checking to see if he even wants to continue. Ibushi looking for the german suplex from the second rope. He deadlifts him, but TJP fights out with back elbows. Springboard into the wrecking ball dropkick by TJP, but a pele kick nails TJP on the top rope! What a contest and I am speechless. These two! TJP counters the golden star powerbomb with a satellite DDT and then a double underhook lungblower for the closest two count of the tournament. “This Is Awesome” chant and you are certainly right, Fullsail. Pele kick countered into the kneebar and this could be it! Ibushi counters the kneebar and two men exchange combo flurries. What?! TJP kicks out of the Golden Star Powerbomb! Unreal! This is a piece of work that should be hung in the Louvre! Ibushi heading to the top rope and he misses the Phoenix Splash! Perkins coiled like a snake and the two exchange strikes once again, battered and broken after this contest. TJP in and he eats a wheelbarrow driver after hitting Ibushi with the fireman’s carry pele kick. Ibushi with a brutal kick and TJP counters the powerbomb into the kneebar. Ibushi writhing in pain, fighting to escape and TJP applies the headlock on the bad neck with the kneebar applied and Ibushi taps! Wow! Ibushi was my favorite to win the tournament but when I heard that Metalik and Perkins signed, I figured that was your final. Take nothing away from Ibushi and Sabre, but you can definitely tell the wind was taking out of the sails of half the crowd following the result, but that’s business, folks. I am one of the world’s biggest Ibushi fans and I hope they can sign him, but that’s completely his call and the situation has to be right. This is still going to be a heck of a final! I can’t wait! “Thank You Kota” on the way out and well deserved. What a pleasure it was to enjoy this world reknowned athlete in a WWE ring!

D.I.Y. (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) defeat Noam Dar/Cedric Alexander with the superkick/running knee combo.

I was enjoying something to eat and to be perfectly honest, after the fast and furious typing of the semi-final matches, I will simply tell you to enjoy this one. If this is a sign of everything to come on Monday Night’s, then I am hooked before I’m hooked. Highlights including a spectacular brainbuster by Alexander and a series of knee strikes by Dar as well as the usual lightning fast offense from DIY. The strikes were uncanny and the fans were super into this one too. This show is gonna be one that I watch time and again, that’s for sure! The CWC final is up next!

TJ Perkins defeats Gran Metalik via submission with the TJP kneebar to win the CWC trophy and become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion!

It’s time for the finals and I am stoked. TJ Perkins out first and this crowd is eagerly waiting to see who is going home with this. Gran Metalik is out next and the crowd is fired up for the lucha libre star. This is going to be a tremendous final and these industry standards are up to the task! The bell will sound and in short order, we’ll have a winner to name! As the two prepare to engage each other physically, the music of the cerebral assassin hits and the man responsible for the tournament, “The Game” Triple H is out with a live mic and a “HHH” chant. He says a few words about those who competed in the tournament and the passion and resolve of each man. We says they are looking for the one who will be the winner of the CWC. The fans chant for the tournament and Triple H introduces a gorgeous CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE! Oh what a moment! I am speechless and just the mere act of doing this at the tournament makes it even more special. The winner will be on RAW Monday Night as the champ and you can rest assured it will be covered by the Scrum Sports and the pleasure will be all mine. The bell sounds and the opening exchange is crisp with snapmares and counters a plenty. TJP with a boston crab applied and he turns it into the reverse pendulum that he transitions into a pinfall for a two count. Daniel Bryan calls it, TJP isn’t just a tactical wrestler, he is very versed at lucha libre as well. He takes Metalik over with a side headlock and after some beautiful acrobatics, he applies the octopus hold and he transitions into a Muta lock! Metalik grabs the bottom rope for the break and he’s clutching the knee. “TJP” chant. TJP stopped short on the apron by a dropkick to the legs and then Metalik nails a topei suicida, sending him crashing into the barricade! Metalik walks the ropes and gets a two count after a springboard senton bomb. Metalik with a brutal version of the surfboard stretch and TJP is tied up like a pretzel without cheese sauce! TJP maneuvers his body to the ropes for the break and that was impressive in and of itself. Vicious chop by Metalik, and TJP with a beautiful headscissors that he follows up with a hurricanrana on Metalik that takes both men to the outside! The crowd is frantic as are we all! TJP with a senton atomico and a two count. Delayed dropkick to the back by TJP and another two count. Double arm stretch applied by Metalik with the veteran rope break. TJP with a sidewalk slam and another two count follows. TJP nails a suplex and Metalik lands on his feet after another try, but he eats a European Uppercut and then in the damnedest move of the night, Metalik literally runs and in one fluid motion, he hurdled the top rope and hit a frankensteiner that takes TJP to the floor! Uncanny. Metallik hits the Prio Metalik off the second rope to the floor and he crashes into TJP, but he mostly eats the floor. TJP into the ring and Metalik with a springboard high altitude elbow drop for a two count and this is a piece of work to say the least! Cruiserweight wrestling is something fanatastic. Metalik with the 817 and the dropkick, but TJP counters into the kneebar. Metalik fights to the ropes for the break and it saves his opportunity at the title! TJP with a snap kick to the right leg, and a second one. Metalik with a chop that echoes throughout the arena and we have a forearm exchange and a spinning back kick by TJP. TJP eats a superkick, but he nails a dropkick to the knee and both men are spent! Superkick in the corner, and a Metalik driver attempt. TJP escapes and tries for the fireman’s carry pele kick, but Metalik counters into a spiked DDT! Metalik headed to the top and he eats a pair of boots and then TJP nails the double underhook lungblower right into the kneebar! Metalik is so far from the ropes and he reapplies it. Metalik fighting for the ropes. Metalik with a rollup out of nowhere and a two count! Absolutely insane. “This Is Awesome” chant as expected and the whole crowd is on their feet. Metalik Driver, but he can’t cover! The leg gave out and he finally makes the cover, but he only gets two! TJP working the knee paid dividends. “TJ Perkins/Metalik” dueling chants and a forearm exchange from the knees ensues. Metalik destroys TJP with a chant and then he slaps the face and you can see the welts all over TJP. Metalik Driver countered with an armdrag and a rebound dropkick. TJP up top and he eats a step up inzaguri. Forearm exchange and Metalik looking for the avalanche Metalik Driver, but TJP counters into the kneebar and he is kicking the back. He has him in the center of the ring and he taps! TJ Perkins has won the CWC and he is the NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion. He breaks down into tears. He went from being homeless and living in the streets to stealing the hearts of everyone in the tournament and what an absolute pleasure it will be to watch him on Monday Nights as well as competition from guys like Metalik, Tozawa, Gallagher, Swann, Alexander, Dar, Ciampa, Gargano and THE Brian Kendrick among others! I am saddened by the fact that the tournament is over and I’ve enjoyed following this for you great folks ans fans of the Scrum Sports. It has been my absolute pleasure! A well timed “You Deserve It” chant from the fans as he is given the title sums it all up. Well done TJP, what an effort and the future is all yours.

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