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TNA Impact Recap 09/15/16

TNA Impact Wrestling opened with a recap of last week’s Delete or Decay. They then cut to the Hardy compound as Brother Nero was in a wheelchair recuperating. Broken Matt then initiated some weird healing rituals. They seemed to work, even though Brother Nero seemed off, more aggressive than usual. They seek retribution against Decay and to recover Senor Benjamin.

Cut to the Impact Zone at Universal Studios. Bobby Lashley was being interviewed in the ring by Jeremy Borash. Lashley stated that he crushed the audience’s hero, EC3 and that there will no longer be a match at Bound for Glory. Lashley also stated the same thing would happen to anyone else who tried to challenge him. Grado’s music hit as he approached the ring. He accused Lashley of being a coward for attacking Ethan Carter III the way he did. Lashley said he’d hurt anyone in there accusing him of being a coward, including Grado. Lashley then attacked Grado, spearing the living daylights out of him. He stated no one else in Impact Wrestling can beat him…then Moose’s music hit.
Moose made his way down to the ring. He got into the ring and right into Lashley’s face, staring down the World Champion. It wouldn’t take long for them to start brawling. Moose nailed Lashley with a stiff clothesline that made the champ make his way out of the ring. Moose said he is going to not only beat Lashley, but whoop his ass tonight.

Cut to backstage, where Aron Rex delivered a heartfelt speech about how he thought he lost his love for wrestling, but TNA has renewed it. He also said that Drew Galloway has been handed opportunity after opportunity, whereas he has been handed a bad hand and turned it into gold every time. Rex stated he’d go through every man in the Grand Championship tournament to get to Galloway.

Lashley was backstage. He stated that you have to earn championships, you don’t just walk up on the champion and get a shot. Lashley stated fighting me is bad for your health, Moose, refusing to give him a match.

ARON REX vs. TREVOR LEE (Grand Championship Tournament): Rex maintained control at the opening of the match sinking in a headlock. Lee got out and unleashed some kicks and punches. Rex returned fire with a shot right to the jaw. He then got thrown outside of the ring by Lee and was then kicked in the face. Lee dragged him back in and continued his assault. Lee locked in a chin lock and kept the pressure on. By the end of the first round, the judges awarded the round to Rex. Round two opened with a sharp elbow by Lee. He kept going for quick pin falls on Rex. Rex turned the tide with a float over Russian Leg Sweep and then an elbow drop. He kept the momentum and delivered a hell of a discus forearm picked up the pin before the end of round two. WINNER: ARON REX

Cut to backstage, where Jeremy Borash was interviewing Maria Kanellis-Bennett. Maria stated that she doesn’t want to interrupt Gail Kim’s induction into the Hall of Fame, so she wants Kim’s induction to be tonight instead. She then instructed Borash to go deliver that message.

Return to the Hardy compound. Broken Matt was in the woods, searching for a clue to Senor Benjamin’s whereabouts. He found an inactive Vanguard-1, hanging in a tree. Broken Matt worshipped to the seven deities to heal his drone. There was then a “This is Your Life” montage with Vanguard-1 remembering the find memories. He then came back to life.

Back in the Impact Zone, Maria Kanellis-Bennett stated she is the greatest Knockouts Champion of all time. The crowd started chanting for Allie. Maria stated Allie is stupid, just like the fans. She’s tired of Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan interfering with her plans. She wants Gail Kim to accept her Hall of Fame induction now.
Gail’s music hit and she came to the ring, livid at Maria. Maria then played a video package, a tribute to Gail’s career. It was a montage of all of the times Maria beat the hell out of her (with help). She then presented Gail with a gift. It was a picture of Maria with the Knockouts Championship. Allie presented Gail with a real present, but Maria grabbed it and stomped it on the ground.
Dixie Carter’s music hit and she came down to the ring. She stated that Gail’s well deserved induction into the Hall of Fame. She also said Gail will also get another shot at the Knockouts Title by entering her into a Knockouts Gauntlet match later on the show.

ROCKSTAR SPUD vs. BRAXTON SUTTER: In an empty arena with the turnbuckles exposed, both men wasted no time unleashing hell on each other. The fight went into the empty seats. Sutter sent Spud careening into some empty chairs. Sutter then took his leather belt off and whipped Spud over the back. The fight went into the bleachers. Sutter then tossed Spud off of the bleachers and then used his boot to jam Spud’s face into a chain link fence. Spud was on the defensive for a while until he was able to get off a low blow, felling his opponent. Spud rolled him into the ring and dragged Braxton to the exposed turnbuckle, but Sutter fought off. Spud tried several times to jam Sutter’s teeth into the turnbuckle. This time, Sutter delivered a low blow back to Spud. Sutter proceeded to Irish whip Spud into the exposed turnbuckle over and over, before then slamming Spud’s head into the turnbuckle, knocking him out. WINNER: BRAXTON SUTTER

They cut to the Hardy compound, where Broken Matt sent Vanguard-1 off to find Senor Benjamin. The drone finds an old abandoned wood shed, where Senor Benjamin is tied up with the word Decay painted on his forehead. Vanguard 1 stated he will go back and fetch his master. Broken Matt found and released Senor Benjamin. He ordered Senor Benjamin to go home and rest, then to prepare the largest stockade ever, because the war will come to an end at Bound for Glory.

Back at the Impact Zone, Broken Matt Hardy, Reby Hardy and Brother Nero were in the ring. Brother Matt stated that this has gone beyond just a fight. He stated that Decay will be sentenced to the darkness of deletion.
Decay’s music hit and they came out. Rosemary stated that Broken Matt’s son, Maxel, deserves a better family. Abyss stated that the tag team championships will be staying with Decay. Crazzy Steve stated they should be worried about their own deaths. Broken Matt stated they do not fear death as their essences will live forever. Brother Nero stated they tried to take his nephew, tried to destroy their family. But at Bound for Glory, they will render Decay obsolete. Broken Matt challenged Decay to what he called The Great War. Decay accepted, but shortly after, they all broke out into a fight. Reby shocked the crowd by delivering a Twist of Fate to Rosemary after being called an unfit mother.

Backstage, Michael Bennett stated to Lashley that he shouldn’t allow Moose to talk about him like that. Lashley stated that he knows why Moose and Bennett hung out, because they both like to run their mouth. He said he’ll handle Moose, then he may come back and handle Bennett.

KNOCKOUTS GAUNTLET MATCH: Jade started off against Laurel Vanness. They both threw forearms at each other back and forth. Jade then threw a side kick at Laurel that her opponent completely no sold. Sienna then made her way into the ring and teamed up to put a stomping to Jade. Gail Kim then entered the match and went after Sienna. She got a few good clotheslines in, but Sienna turned the tide with a stiff clothesline of her own. Marti Bell entered the ring and went after Gail Kim, delivering a Russian Leg Sweep. She then went after Jade, pushing away anyone who was trying to assist. Raquel as the next entrant, delivering some botched dropkicks, then a head scissors to Jade. Madison Rayne then entered and went wild with clotheslines to everyone, then an Enziguri to Sienna. Finishing moves were hit all over the place. Madison Rayne, Jade and Marti Bell were quickly eliminated. Sienna then eliminated Raquel. Sienna was about to eliminate Laurel, but Maria distracted Sienna. But with Allie’s assistance, Laurel was eliminated. This now became a standard one on one match. Sienna tried to power bomb Gail out of the ring, but she was able to hold on. Sienna went for the AK-47, but Gail countered into a Sunset flip and nearly got the pin fall. Sienna went for the Silencer, but Gail once again countered and nailed her with Eat Defeat, picking up the win and going on to face Maria at Bound for Glory. WINNER: GAIL KIM

MAHABALI SHERA vs. EDDIE EDWARDS: To open round one, Shera used his strength to ground Edwards, but he quickly kept countering, using his speed and agility to his advantage. Shera drilled him with a clothesline and nearly picked up a pin fall. Shera continued his methodical pace, with stiff forearms. But Edwards made the comeback with an Atomic Drop and several chops to the chest. Edwards sent him careening out of the ring, then dove after Shera with a Shot of Caffeine. Edwards looked like he may have hurt his ribs on the impact. He drilled Shera with the Boston Knee Party and went for the pin, but Shera kicked out. Edwards went for a submission, but the bell ended round one. Judges awarded the round to Edwards. Shera opened round two, focusing his attacks on the abdomen and ribs, taking the wind out of his opponent. He hit Edwards with a devastating chest breaker, which further wore down Edwards. Shera successfully kept Edwards grounded for the majority of the round. Edwards once again tried to hook in a submission, but Shera was saved by the bell. Judges gave round two to Shera. To open round three, Edwards went right after Shera with a mafia kick, then several forearms. Shera brushed him off and nailed a side slam. Edwards locked in the Single Leg Crab and forced Shera to tap out. WINNER: EDDIE EDWARDS

Moose made his way to the ring, looking for a fight with Lashley. Bobby Lashley came to ringside and stated that a fight is not going to happen. He’s proven himself the baddest man on the planet, but he’s also a businessman. He fights for big money in big venues in front of big crowds. Lashley told Moose if he wanted a fight, he’ll do so at Bound for Glory. Moose said he can’t wait for that and then stuck Lashley in the face. Moose dragged the champ out of the ring, pounding on the World Champion. Lashley turned the tide with an Irish whip reversal into the steel ring stairs. Moose came back with a dropkick to the big man. Lashley countered Moose’s finisher and nailed him with a spine buster. Moose came back and went for his finisher, but the Miracle Mike Bennett came out to rake the eyes of Moose, which allowed Lashley to drill Moose with a spear.
Suddenly, EC3 showed up, ribs taped up, but ready to fight. Both Bennett and Lashley then double teamed Carter, but EC3 nailed them with a double clothesline and then the show abruptly ended.

In all, TNA seems to be doing a decent job of building towards Bound for Glory. Do you agree?

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