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WWE: Cruiserweight Classic Round Two (Week Six) 8/16/16 Recap

The WWE: Cruiserweight Classic continued it’s second round action with week six, which took place at Fullsail University in Winter Park, FL, on 8/16/2016!

Akira Tozawa defeated Jack Gallagher with the deadlift german suplex.

Holy moly, in the same way that Ibushi and Alexander tore the roof off the joint last week, this one was going to be hard to beat and they put it on first. The fans were definitely behind “Jackie Boy”, who employed a multitude of Billy Robinson submissions and exciting counters. Jack is a very fun one to watch and he firmly had the crowd behind him. I found that money, because Dragon Gate’s Tozawa is one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the world as well and he almost had to play the heel role in a way that is reminiscent of New Japan when the faces have to do the same thing based on the crowd. The selling in this match was sensational as Tozawa had the knee worked on the entire match and even when he hit the fast paced german and then went for the finish, Jack tried to counter and Tozawa showed a brilliant display of strength when he still managed to pull Jack up and over with the deadlift german suplex with the bridge. What a sensational contest this one was, certainly very sad to see Jack go, but it’ll be Tozawa and Metallik in the quarter-finals and that is going to be a tremendous match. Kudos to both men in this one!

Noam Dar defeated Hoho Lun with a kneebar submission.

The highlight of this one was the crowd chanting Dar’s name in the style of the Star Wars Imperial March. That was something special and he surely had to appreciate that. This one seemed to be over quicker than a hiccup. Lun seems like a very likable guy. He has a very sympathetic look to him and I certainly hope he continues to see success in the thriving Hong Kong wrestling scene. Tonight was not his night though as the Israeli born Scotsman is able to make his way into the quarter-finals after working the leg and then, after a fisherman’s suplex by Lun, which he couldn’t hold due to the pain in the leg, Dar was able to get the youngster to submit following the submission. Nothing super exciting with this one, but nothing terrible for the time given. It was very hard to follow the opening contest, so keeping it short and letting the crowd get back into things was not a bad booking strategy.

Brian Kendrick defeated Tony Nese with the bully choke.

Nothing beat the comment that Mauro Ranallo made before the match, comparing Kendrick’s win last week with the bully choke to submissions employed by the legendary Minoru Suzuki. Suzuki might legitimately be one of the toughest and baddest men alive today. Kendrick did some really innovative things to the powerful Neese including fish-hooking his nose at one point before hitting a few clubbing blows, and then he trapped his arm in the turnbuckle pad before working him over even more. Very smart veteran tactics from THE Brian Kendrick. Nese was very athletic once again, and for his size and stature, it was impressive. He hit a backflip off the top and then dodged a clothesline, kipping up and hitting a combo flurry that he ended with a trip to a nice reception from the crowd. Kendrick, once known as a very adept high flyer, really took to the submission game in the same vein as Zack Sabre Jr., even utilizing a Jim Breaks armbar and a cross armbreaker after a missed Nese Quebrada. This was quite the enjoyable match with two contrasting styles. Nese really pulled off a beautiful aerial spot when he hit a running moonsault variation with no rope aide that nailed Kendrick on the floor. That was darn impressive. Nese showing off his strength shortly thereafter too as he hoisted Kendrick up with a delayed vertical suplex. Kendrick fought back with knees, but Nese held him and turned things in his favor with a Falcon Arrow for a near fall. Nese hit a crisp buckle bomb that earned him yet another near fall, but ultimately Kendrick was able to put the match away following a missed 450 splash by Nese that he immediately followed up on with the bully choke and the submission victory. This was an absolutely incredible piece of work as was the Tozawa/Gallagher match. Job well done fellas.

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