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Hello one and all, welcome to another edition of STATE OF THE ‘E for The Scrum Sports! Today we’re going to focus on the big news that happened this week. So far, three current WWE Superstars have been suspended for their first wellness policy violations which results in thirty day suspensions for all three. The Superstars in question are: Alberto Del Rio, Paige and Eva Marie. The two formers are a pretty big couple backstage in the WWE and it seemed like Eva was going to have a rocket strapped to her for a gigantic push in the oncoming months.

As we’ve seen in the past and most recently with Roman Reigns, once you’ve been suspended for wellness violations, your plug and push are pulled for a while so things can cool down. Now, Paige and Alberto haven’t really been featured much or have had any real feuds going in to SUMMERSLAM this Sunday so, they’re not really affected. Eva on the other hand, was supposed to be involved in the multi-woman match within the card for her official in ring debut. Now, that won’t necesarily be career threatening and it didn’t put the show in jeopardy but, what about another match on that card? What about a very high profile match on that card? I’m talking about “Brock Lesnar V Randy Orton”. Why do I bring that match up you ask? Well, just last month in July, Brock had failed multiple USADA tests for his UFC fight.

The UFC is not going after him and it seems like the Nevada State Athletic Commission will not be doing their part either. The WWE also has not made any announcements that they’re testing him nor any announcements that they have already tested him. The message this sends backstage is monumental. It’s like they’re saying he’s untouchable and can get away with whatever he wishes. Now, on that same coin, if Lesnar is suspended on Monday I’ll have to only half eat my words. Simply because they would have known beforehand that he was in violation but failed to suspend him before the big event and rather waited to do so until he was going away anyway.

It tells me and the entire world that they feel Lesnar is their complete meal ticket. Which is very wrong and a very bad thought process to have. I feel like they’re doing the wrestling community wrong if they don’t test him before SUMMERSLAM and also do not announce the test results before the event as well. With everything going on right now with the suspensions and everything that is still only a few weeks old with UFC, I feel the WWE should be backed into a corner. But, we all know the outcome here. It’s the same outcome for Brock’s SUMMERSLAM opponent in Randy Orton. In the WWE you’re only supposed to have three wellness policy violations but Randy has been confirmed to have four and rumored to have a fifth and potentially sixth one as well.

With all of that being said, if the WWE really went by their rules, we wouldn’t be having this upcoming match anyway due to Orton being fired years ago. But as we all know and clearly can see, he was not. Is it because he’s a big draw? My radar points to yes. There’s been a couple other people fired for the three wellness policy violations but, no one of note. I think its safe to say that the WWE is not governed by any real regulatory system and only chooses to discipline or let go they feel who is necessary to do so with. Roman was suspended but, what was he doing? Was he really a big draw? Did people really enjoy him? No. He wasn’t really clicking with anyone. Not even the beloved kid section.

Eva Marie? Her career is just getting started. No one cares about her enough to bat an eye yet. Alberto and Paige? Neither have had a prominent role since the 2016 Draft and also it’s been noted that each of them are very frustrated with their roles in the company recently. It seems like they only went after people that weren’t living up to their potential or people on their way out of the company. I, much like every other wrestling fan will be watching SUMMERSLAM this upcoming Sunday but, I’ll be doing so wondering what other Superstars should be suspended during the show and also wondering who will be suspended next Wednesday after RAW and SMACKDOWN are done for the week.

That’s it for this edition of STATE OF THE ‘E. I’ll be back to talk about my “TOP 10 SUMMERSLAM MATCHES” tomorrow.

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