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Wrestler To Keep An Eye On: Trevor Lee

Cameron, North Carolina native, Trevor Lee Caddell, grew up in the right place at the right time. Cameron happens to be the hometown of two of the most prolific superstars of the modern age, Matt and Jeff Hardy. The Hardys trained Caddell, who now goes by the ring name of Trevor Lee.

Lee’s offense is somewhat unique for what is considered a light heavyweight in some promotions. He employs several variations of gutwrench and German suplexes, including an astonishing bridging deadlift German. His Fisherman’s Buster into a floatover small package at times looks just as devastating as Goldberg’s finishing move, the Jackhammer. The vicious knees and kicks that he employs could make him quite the match for any New Japan or Frontier Martial Arts wrestler.

Lee made his rounds through the indie circuit. He broke into the business in 2012-2013 with CWF and later PWG, the latter of which cemented Lee’s rise to stardom as he defeated some of today’s greats such as Kevin Steen (Owens) and Adam Cole to name a couple. He then returned to the Hardys’ promotion, OMEGA, to win their heavyweight championship. But it was his subsequent move that would elevate the hungry young star to the next level.

During the summer of 2015, Lee was signed by Total Nonstop Action, the number two wrestling promotion in the United States. He and his tag team partner, Brian Myers, had a feud with The Wolves, eventually defeating Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards for the TNA Tag Team Championship. Lee showed promise but there was something missing that was preventing him from breaking through the glass ceiling. But that something soon arrived.

Former WCW and WWE superstar, Gregory Shane Helms made his debut on Impact Wrestling this past February. Helms is a very close friend of the Hardys and former alumni of their OMEGA promotion. He’s also quite skilled on the microphone. So placing him as a manager/mentor of Lee was brilliance on the part of TNA’s creative staff. This paid off immediately, as his debut also led to Lee winning the X-Division Championship, which he still holds today.

What are your thoughts on Trevor Lee? Do you think he was the shot in the arm that the X-Division needed?

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