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TNA Reaching a Breaking Point Due To Financial Woes?


Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer was the first to note that one of the main companies that TNA Wrestling has been in negotiations with recently is Aroluxe Marketing, a company that former pro wrestlers and brothers, Ron and Don Harris, are deeply entrenched with. However, it seems that they are way further into negotiations than anyone thought and TNA may already be in debt to them.

Apparently, for the last four months, Aroluxe has helped fund some of Impact Wrestling’s television tapings, with the understanding that TNA would reimburse them. The rumor circling is that, as of this week, payment is due to Aroluxe. The alleged terms of the deal are that if TNA cannot pay them, then Aroluxe would claim majority ownership of TNA Wrestling.

Despite TNA President Dixie Carter turning down several offers (allegedly due to her not wanting to give up her position as majority shareholder) and Panda Energy no longer being there to bail the company out, Carter may no longer have a choice and may have to just cut a deal with Aroluxe.

More to come as this story unfolds.

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