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TNA Impact Wrestling 09/08/16 Recap

Impact opened up with a scene of Broken Matt Hardy’s landscaper and “Sergeant At Arms”, Senor Benjamin, with a warning, in Spanish, that the stunts in this show were performed by professionals. Then his drone, Vanguard One, stated that “no animals were harmed during the filming of this.
Broken Matt Hardy stated once again that these events must be documented. Himself, Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) and Senor Benjamin seemed ready to prepare the battlefield for yet another massacre.

Cut to the Impact Zone at Universal Studios. The Miracle Mike Bennett and his wife Maria came out to the ring. Bennett stated that he’s the only one who had a decent father growing up because he was taught to not bite the hand that feeds them. He is still fuming from the betrayal last week of his enforcer, Moose, who cost him his opportunity at the TNA World Championship. He stated that, via text message, he fired Moose. He shifted his focus back to the title, but was interrupted by a member of TNA management, Dixie Carter.
Carter stated that the fans came to see wrestling, not “As the Miracle Turns”. She stated that at Bound for Glory, Bennett will face the man that he fired, the man who was now signed to a full TNA contract, Moose. This was followed by the entrance theme of said performer and Moose made his way to the ring. Moose was about to nail Bennett with the Go to Hell, but his wife Maria was able to distract Moose enough for the two to escape Moose’s wrath.
Later, Maria and Mike Bennett confronted Carter, stating that Mike will not take the match. Carter stated that he will be in breach of contract. Also, Carter told them that she met with the Board of Directors and stated that as long as Maria holds the Knockouts Championship, then there’s a conflict of interest with her running the Knockouts division and as long as she’s champ, she has no authority. She also stated that Maria would be defending the Championship at Bound for Glory.

GAIL KIM & JADE vs. SIENNA & ALLIE: Allie opened up against Kim and was taken to the woodshed and quickly tagged in Sienna. Sienna used her superior strength to pummel Kim. Though there were two blown spots, a sign that Sienna still may need some fine tuning in the ring. Sienna stomped her for quite a while in the corner and followed it up with a Samoan Drop. She then went for a power bomb, but Kim countered with the neck breaker. Jade got the hot tag and unleashed several stiff Muay Thai kicks and followed up with a drop kick. Allie attempted to break up a move Jade was about to hit on Sienna, but accidentally hit Sienna herself. Sienna took umbrage with this and drilled Allie with the Silencer, allowing her tag team “partner” to get pinned. WINNERS: GAIL KIM & JADE

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA President Billy Corgan, hinting at a huge announcement coming up later in the broadcast.

Returning from break, Broken Matt Hardy brought his family to his on property zoo, to get in touch with their “primal side”. He stated that the African giraffe behind him isn’t a giraffe, but it was our first President, George Washington. He then began to have a conversation with the giraffe. He then set up a sparring match between Brother Nero and a kangaroo…who he stated was Smokin’ Joe Frazier. He stated that the monkeys do not have souls because they are spot monkeys. He named them each after X-Division high flyers. He then spoke to a tiger that he referred to as Genghis Khan. He got a premonition that Decay was approaching.

Cutting back to the Impact Zone, Billy Corgan announced that the King of the Mountain Championship has been retired and has been replaced by the Impact Grand Championship. He unveiled a unique title belt, reflecting Impact’s six-sided ring.
He was quickly interrupted by Drew Galloway. Galloway stated that no one is a better choice to be anointed as the Impact Brand Champion. Corgan stated that there will be an 8-man tournament. Each match goes three rounds. The winners of each will continue to face off until we have a new Impact Brand Champion. Galloway was not pleased with this, but barely got three sentences out before he got interrupted by his heated rival, Aaron Rex. Rex threatened to send Galloway back to Scotland in a medical transport. Corgan regained control of the conversation and stated that the first round starts tonight and Galloway’s first match is up next.

BRAXTON SUTTER vs. DREW GALLOWAY: In round one, Sutter did his best to evade Galloway, with Drew barely able to connect in the early moments. However, once he got his hands on Sutter, he controlled the pace of the round. Galloway suplexed Sutter all over the ring. Sutter tried to get the heat, but Galloway cut him off with a big boot. Then, he attacked Sutter with rapid fire knife edge chops. Every time Sutter tried to build some offense, Galloway had a stomp, punch or boot that allowed him to maintain the advantage. The judges awarded Galloway the first round. In round two, Galloway picked up where he left off. He drilled Sutter with aggressive stomps to the back of the head. Galloway wouldn’t let up and did a modified Razor’s Edge, launching Sutter into the turnbuckle. Sutter finally turned the tide with a superplex off the top rope. Sutter stayed on him with stiff elbows and a beautiful float over powerslam. By the end of the round, judges wisely gave the round to Sutter. Galloway tried to get a quick big boot at the opening of the third round, but Sutter avoided and stayed on the offense. Galloway hit him with a pile driver out of nowhere and locked in the Iron Maiden submission to make Sutter tap out. WINNER: DREW GALLOWAY

During the break, Rockstar Spud ambushed Braxton Sutter and then destroying part of the ringside area.

Cut to a random convenience store parking lot. A random country bumpkin was approached by the twisted Rosemary. She flirted with the man as he got into his truck. But what he didn’t see was her cohorts, Crazzy Steve and Abyss. They attacked the man, took his clothing and stole his car. Abyss stated that Cameron is beautiful this time of year, as they drove towards the Hardy estate.

They cut to a press conference earlier that day where Billy Corgan would hold the contract signing for the championship main event of Bound for Glory between Ethan Carter III and TNA Champion Bobby Lashley. Corgan started off by saying this is a new era in TNA and main events like this are what the company will be built upon going forward. EC3 paid respect to Lashley, but then stated Lashley is a bully and a coward. He stated all of the “dick moves” that Lashley has been pulling will come to a cease. Lashley stated that he does what he does because TNA is under fire, from other wrestling organizations, from other sports (MMA) and they cannot have someone weak on the front lines representing TNA. The words grew harsher and harsher until the two men faced off for the cameras. Lashley put his fist in Carter’s face and then EC3 gave Lashley the middle finger. The two men started a brawl that went all over the near empty arena.

JESSIE GODDERZ vs. ELI DRAKE: Another first round match in the Impact Grand Champion tournament. Godderz looked to control the pace in the opening minutes by working a hammerlock into an arm bar into a side headlock. Drake countered, but Godderz rolled back into locking the head once again. He kept the pressure on Drake with a powerful clothesline, then putting on a reverse chin lock. The first round was awarded to Godderz. Round two opened with both men doing standing switches to each other over and over. Drake finally got the momentum after pummeling Godderz in the middle of the ring. Godderz tried to turn the tide, but Drake cut him off with a float over DDT. Godderz locked in a sleeper, but Drake quickly countered into a Meltdown. Drake played to the crowd, but got drilled by a top rope clothesline by Godderz. He then tried to lock in the Adonis Lock, but Drake countered. Godderz countered him back and locked in the Adonis Lock. Drake was able to hang on until the bell ending the second round. Judges awarded the round to Godderz. Round three opened with Godderz going for several quick pins, but Drake kept fighting out of them. Godderz went for the Adonis Lock again, but Drake forced the break by reaching the bottom rope. Godderz nailed a variation of the Olympic Slam. Out of nowhere, Drake connected with his finisher, Blunt Force Trauma, picking up the pin fall and moving on in the tournament. WINNER: ELI DRAKE

Aaron Rex was interviewed. He stated it took half the locker room to tear them apart. He asked ‘what do you think is going through my head’? He said to Galloway, in a very deranged tone, that he is not thinking at all.

DECAY vs. BROKEN MATT HARDY, BROTHER NERO & REBY SKY: Decay walked into the Hardys’ backyard while Senor Benjamin was digging holes in the ground. They called him an old man and walked by him. As they left, Senor Benjamin smiled. He turned the shovel around and on the back of it, the word DELETE was painted on it. Decay all snuck up on their home. But Broken Matt Hardy was waiting for him, saying his now famous catch phrase, “I knew you’d come.” They met with Matt, Brother Nero and Reby Sky, all unleashing a barrage of fireworks at Decay, who tried to flee for cover. Broken Matt told Reby to go back inside to protect their child, Maxel. Abyss told Crazzy Steve and Rosemary to make their way to the house as he hid behind Matt’s dilapidated boat, Skaarsgard. Senor Benjamin went to check for Abyss, but what he found was Abyss’ alter ego, lawyer Joe Park. Senor Benjamin used his stun gun to knock Park out and put him in their tractor. Crazzy Steve encountered Brother Nero and tackled each other into the swimming pool, where they continued to brawl. Broken Matt continued his search for Rosemary. Brother Nero put Crazzy Steve in a sleeper hold, cutting off what little air Steve had, rendering him unconscious. But Before Brother Nero could celebrate; Steve snatched him back into the pool. Senor Benjamin dragged Park out to the empty grave and dumped Park in. Before he could complete shoveling dirt on top of him, Abyss emerged from the grave. Abyss found his trademark nailed 2×4 Janice. He swung at Broken Matt, but Brother Nero pushed him out of the way and took the hit for his brother. Before Decay could deliver the final blow to Broken Matt, Matt’s faithful drone, Vanguard One, flew in and launched fireworks at Decay. This set off unseen gasoline in the yard, surrounding Abyss and Crazzy Steve in a wall of fire. Back at the home, we see Reby unconscious and Rosemary trying to take Maxel away. Vanguard One tried to stop Rosemary, but Rosemary spit her red mist, blinding the drone. Suddenly, Broken Matt appeared. Rosemary spit her green mist at Broken Matt, but somehow, he sucked in the mist, then spat it right back at her. Though Broken Matt’s wife and child were safe, Brother Nero was gravely wounded. At the close of the show, we see Decay escaping in the truck they stole earlier…along with an unconscious Senor Benjamin. WINNERS: BROKEN MATT AND BROTHER NERO

This was an unorthodox, but entertaining broadcast. Do you think this sequel measured up to the original Final Deletion?

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