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‘Mexico’s Greatest Export’ OFFICIALLY Parts Ways with the WWE

It has been less than 48 hours since Jose Alberto Rodriguez, formerly known as WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio, held a press conference in Mexico City in regards to the status of his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Apparently, there isn’t as much controversy with his departure as the Internet Wrestling Community has been spreading.

Superluchas has provided an English translation of what the native of San Luis Potosi, Mexico had to say:

“The main objective of this press conference is to notify Mexico, the place where I was born, where my career started and where it’s going to end, that I was tired of the work pace. I wasn’t comfortable anymore. I felt that they weren’t doing stuff with me and I decided to move. I understand that they weren’t going to give me more exposure; I understand their motives and we reached an agreement. The negotiation was so good that McMahon didn’t apply the 90 day no-compete clause. I’ve come here completely free.”

He later had this to say:

“It’s important for me to be here and clear up the internet rumors. I’m thankful with every directive, especially Vince’s. My economy is excellent and I want to enjoy my family. I’ve won everything in WWE. My father said to me: do you want to live your entire life under the spotlight, like your uncle (Mil Mascaras)? OR do you want to enjoy your life. I don’t want to keep taking bumps too much, so I’ll work in a few amount of shows. The main reason of my decision was seeing my kid hiding my bags to stop me from traveling. I want to enjoy my family.

It would appear that his departure from WWE was amicable. But there are so many nagging questions and things that just don’t add up.
When the brand split occurred and he was shipped to SmackDown, while his girlfriend, Paige, was sent to Raw, both vented their frustrations at this. Rumors are spreading that Paige has lawyered up in an attempt to get out of her WWE contract. Why, after so many scathing accusations against the company, is Del Rio playing nice? And why did WWE so graciously forego their standard 90-day no compete clause?

Only time will tell if things really ended on good terms, or if that both sides are smiling at each other through gritted teeth and that there’s more going on than the public is aware of.

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