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As I sit here typing this out, I’m watching “NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II” and getting myself really ready for tomorrow night’s huge event in SUMMERSLAM presented by the WWE. With that being said, as I told you all when I posted my article the other day, today is about my top ten favorite SUMMERSLAM matches. I’m including here, my personal favorites. I understand that Bret Hart V. The British Bulldog in 1992 is the most influential match in SUMMERSLAM history along with Stone Cold V. Owen Hart in 1997 but the thing is, they don’t rank in my personal top ten. So, be prepared to disagree with my list as I take you on an adventure.

Number 10.) Randy Orton V. Chris Benoit — WWE World Heavyweight Championship (2004)

Number 09.) Ultimate Warrior V. Rick Rude — Intercontinental Championship (1989)

Number 08.) The Undertaker V. Mankind — Boiler Room Brawl (1996)

Number 07.) The Rock V. Triple H — Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match (1998)

Number 06.) CM Punk V. Brock Lesnar — No Disqualification (2012)

Number 05.) Randy Orton V. Christian — No Holds Barred For The World Heavyweight Championship (2011)

Number 04.) Hulk Hogan V. Shawn Michaels — Singles Match (2005)

Number 03.) John Cena V. Brock Lesnar — WWE Championship (2014)

Number 02.) Bret Hart V. Curt Hennig — Intercontinental Championship (1991)

Number 01.) Shawn Michaels V. Triple H — Unsanctioned Street Fight (2002)

And there you have it. I’m sure many will disagree with it but like I said earlier, they’re my personal favorite. Not the most influential. That would be a completely different article. But, as I was preparing this, it was decided to hype out this years SUMMERSLAM to the max. So, the other contributes to the wrestling section on Scrum Sports got together to say what they feel is their most hyped match for them this year. I’ll let Eugene go first…

Charlotte V. Sasha Banks:
Though this is my most anticipated match of Summer Slam, it is with a mixture of joy and disappointment. I truly felt that Sasha Banks’ big win and coronation as champion should have happened either at Wrestlemania XXXII in Dallas or they should have held off on doing so until SummerSlam in Brooklyn. Instead, WWE wanted to pop a rating on the first Monday Night Raw after the Draft and brand split, so that is where it happened.

A performer of Banks’ caliber deserved much better. But I think this will be the title match that everyone will be talking about for weeks, if not months after. This feud has an insane amount of heat behind it and I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes twenty minutes or longer. I also think Sasha Banks will retain the Women’s Championship.

Awesome, Eugene. Now, lets move on to good sir, Joel. Take it away, bud…

AJ Styles V. John Cena
Summerslam is a stacked card with any number of matches having the potential to steal the show and many probably will. I think Balor/Rollins and Ambrose/Ziggler will be tremendously entertaining as will Rusev/Reigns and Sasha/Charlotte. Having said that, I think the match that will steal the show yet again is the second singles contest between John Cena, the face that runs the place, and AJ Styles, the Phenomenal One.

The first match they had just scratched the surface, but if they give them 20 or 30 minutes, they are going to tear the roof off the Barclays center. I would put this on midway through the show to get the crowd really revved up for the main events, but this is going to top their first match. If AJ wins, I fully expect him to challenge and defeat Ambrose for the title, and if Cena wins, they’ll have a blowoff match at the next PPV, which AJ will win. Either way, take my money for this one.

And with that, we’ll come to me for last.

Seth Rollins V. Finn Balor
This match right here is something that’s literally been in the making for years. When Seth sent out his Tweet yesterday, you automatically knew that when he said “Tyler Black V. Prince Devitt” that this match will not just be for WWE fans to enjoy but, he put the entire world on notice that this is THE match to watch for SUMMERSLAM. I was already awaiting this match with baited breath but as were less than twenty-four hours away, it’s becoming more and more difficult to not think about it.

I believe that Finn will walk out with the new Universal Championship held high above his head to follow suit with Shinsuke Nakamura winning the NXT Championship tonight. Triple H is definitely smiling somewhere about his prodigal talent right now. And it’s a well deserved smile at that.

I could have stopped there but, I decided to ask three of my friends which match they’re looking forward to the most. Their answers didn’t surprise me at all…

Sau Ula:
I am most excited for Balor vs Rollins. This could be the point that us fans have been waiting for. We had debuts from great upstarts like AJ Styles and Kevin Owens, and they all had opportunities for the big prize. But, as us fans hoped and prayed that WWE would pull the trigger on those two guys, they never gave them the title. We are hungry for a new champion and Finn Balor could feed that appetite.

We have two of the best and they have all the ingredients to make a Sunday Summerslam Sundae. Seth Rollins, could honestly take the cake and be the first ever Universal Champion because he paid his dues. But, I think the world wants to see WWE hand the title to a fresh face. It even adds to morale for developmental talents because they can see a success story for someone that has been in their shoes. Either way, this match will have us all out of our seats.

Jose Morales:
If you told me that I’d be seeing this match in a WWE ring in one of the big four this early on I’d never believe you. Finn Balor had been teasing his main roster debut for months and what do we get? Balor is in the main event against Seth Rollins for the newly created WWE Universal Championship and this is the match I’m most excited to see. I never thought I’d see Balor get such a push in the main roster. He was kept in NXT longer and definitely proved why he was the longest reigning NXT Champion. So seeing him pushed so much in his initial what month now? It’s incredible to see and I know he is going to deliver at Summerslam.

Now it’s no secret I’m a fan of Seth Rollins. He is a breath of fresh air from the years of Cena and Orton as Champion. When he returned and beat Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank for the WWE Championship I marked out and then he lost it. I loved it and hated it at the same time. With the brand split happening and RAW being the WWE’s flagship program it says a lot about the WWE to consider both Rollins, who has proven himself as a worthy champion and can carry the brand and a newcomer in Finn Balor as either one of these men to be the ones to carry the torch for Monday Night RAW.

Brandon Moore:
Ever since I saw Finn Balor crawl out for the first time at NXT, I couldn’t wait to see him on the main roster. Seth Rollins has become one of my favorite wrestlers, as time has gone on. The new era has risen, their time has come. We’ve seen some great matches, that a few years ago we thought would never happen. But, this is the future, this is a message from the WWE. It’s a message stating wrestling is back and it’s going to be great for a long time.

Pretty great stuff from everyone. I thank you all for participating in my little project. All of my friends did not speak to each other beforehand. I messaged them all privately and asked them pretty much at the same time. No one had time to ask anyone anything. But, I think it’s clear at how hyped people are for Balor and Rollins.

If the WWE doesn’t deliver, If Balor and Rollins don’t deliever, if it’s a countout, a DQ, shenanigans… anything that doesn’t let these two men get into that ring and shine like the diamonds they are, there will be an outrage of monumental internet proportions. On that note, I’ll see you all next week for another edition of STATE OF THE ‘E and the SMACKDOWN Recap. Enjoy SUMMERSLAM tonight!

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