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NXT: Takeover Brooklyn II 8/20/16 Recap

NXT: Takeover Brooklyn II was LIVE from The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on 8/20/16!

Austin Aries defeats No Way Jose via submission with the Last Chancery.

Very hot opener as A-double and Jose get after it early to the delight of the Barclays center crowd. Very evenly paced match, and Jose is very entertaining despite being saddled with what should have been just another goofy gimmick. He really has turned it into something very entertaining and that is as a result of the performer’s charisma. The heel Aries ends up catching Jose with the Last Chancery for the submission victory and as he refuses to relinquish control and stay off the defeated opponent, that draws the ire of Hideo Itami, who charges down to the ring to aide Jose. Itami pops the crowd like nobody else as he finally reclaims what was ALWAYS his first, hitting Aries with the Go 2 Sleep. Aries takes a nap and we have the start of what will be a very watchable feud between two ring generals. Definitely a grand opener!

Ember Moon defeats Billie Kay with the top rope stunner.

Resembling a wolf, the former Athena Reese comes out and impresses in her debut against Billie Kay. Kay has been repackaged as a heel that looked to be rising up the ranks, and she still may be, but tonight she was merely fodder for Moon’s debut. Moon had contacts in that were quite cool and she used the former “O Face” to put away her opponent. I first got to witness the move live in Tampa, and having seen it several times before on the ‘net, it was remarkable and something that crowds across the country will enjoy seeing. The NXT women’s division has taken some hits in the last few months, but they look to be on the rise once again. Kudos to the ladies for a job well done with the time allocated for the contest.

Bobby Roode defeats Andrade “Cien” Almas with the Glorious Bomb.

The Glorious Bomb was a pumphandle slam, but man, what a good match. Almas didn’t lose any steam, despite losing, in this match which was smart, and he nearly beat Roode on a number of occasions. Two very convincing near falls following the double knee strike in the corner and a counter inside cradle as well as a close call following a straightjacket suplex. Roode was very impressive with a mastery of classic wrestling. It was a very interesting meshing of styles and added to a unique match. Very pleased to see Roode’s debut and a very nifty entrance as one would expect from a charismatic guy like Bobby. I’m a big fan of the former La Sombra as well, and Andrade certainly looked strong in this effort. Fans of both men witnessed an entertaining bout and one that is likely to be seen again sometime.

The Revival defeats Johnny Gargano/Tomasso Ciampa with a kneebar submission by Dawson on Gargano to retain the NXT Tag Team Titles.

“Gotcha” screams Johnny Wrestling right before a buisaku knee strike on Dash Wilder. As expected, this was an incredibly good match between four very capable athletes. The Revival are often maligned for not having an established personality, but they are the modern day Brainbusters. Grgano and Ciampa are not only freakishly good, but very exciting personalities in their own right, so as an established team, it makes for some very intriguing TV. Gargano and Ciampa got a brilliant reception after a suicide dive, and you can just listen to the Barclays crowd to hear how most of us feel about these rising stars and indie veterans. Tag team chicanery ensues after some “clubberin” in the corner by the tag team champions. The champs settle the crowd down at this point in the evening, but they slowly get back into it, clamoring for Ciampa to come to a vertical base, willing him to tag in Gargano. Tag team chicanery ensues later as Wilder “falls” into the ring, negating the hot tag and the champs nearly won the match again with an elbow/backbreaker combo. Classic heel tactics. I swear I thought the faces had it at the end following the knee strike/superkick combo and it looked like a three count, but you had the foot on the ropes thanks to heel interference. Ultimately, Ciampa is ousted, Gargano’s knee is destroyed and the submission victory follows. The crowd was livid at the finish and I think they’ll have to have this match again. The Revival are terrific heels, but the crowd was VERY hot for a title change in this one.

Asuka defeats Bayley with a roundhouse kick to retain the NXT Women’s Title.

Very split crowd for this tremendous contest. “Asuka’s Gonna Kill You” and the usual amazing Bayley chants factor in early. Both women saunter to the ring with great confidence and after a brief feeling out period, the action really gets hot and heavy. Asuka with a vicious knee strike across the bridge of Bayley’s nose early on, and that really got things moving. Asuka then hits a snap kick and a drive by that would make Roman Reigns and MVP jealous! Asuka dominated this match early on. Bayley fires off the comeback, but she is stopped short again after a ridiculous shining wizard by Asuka that looked and sounded like a million bucks. Very cool. Bayley ends up tying Asuka in the tree of woe, and she lands a springboard elbow off the first rope. A near fall would follow. A slug-fest ensues and the two women beat the heck out of one another with knee strikes and a hip attack. A submission/pinfall counter exchange follows and this match is just absolutely fun to watch. Bayley almost wins it with a backslide and then a flapjack, but Asuka slaps on the Asuka lock. Bayley actually gets a counter with the Bayley to Belly, but it’s only a two count! Asuka gets the Asuka lock on again, but Bayley gets a counter roll for a two and then Asuka fires off two kicks. Bayley slaps her in the face, but she eats an insane kick and then the kill shot for the three count.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Samoa Joe with the Kinshasa to become the new NXT World Heavyweight Champion.

Holy crap. A mesmerizing violinist plays the Nakamura theme by CFO to lead the “King Of Strong Style” to the ring. This was really something to behold and it’s very reminiscent of the incredible Demon entrances by Finn Balor and the pomp and circumstance that accompanied many of the entrances by Nakamura and Okada in New Japan. The crowd absolutely loved this, so did I. Joe came to the ring shortly thereafter, the champ ready to bite the head off the snake that threatens the SoCal native’s reign. Joe tries to talk trash and Nakamura fires off a striking kick attempt before the bell even sounds! Crowd is hype for this one! Very split between these two amazing athletes. The MMA and Jiu Jitsu backgrounds show early with a counter exchange and some venomous strikes. The two dodge strike attempts by the other, but Nakamura quick to take control with knees. Good vibrations in the corner and the crowd is behind Nakamura. A corner inzaguri by Joe and the champ refuses to cover. “You’re in the ring with the champ” he says as he makes a mistakes which leads to a comeback by Nakamura with a knee strike on the apron. Nakamura misses the apron knee and Joe flies through the ropes with a topei suicida. Uncanny. Crucial timing on that by Joe and the champ back in charge of this highly anticipated title match. Joe applies a modified dragon sleeper in the ring on Shinsuke after executing a crisp penalty kick. Nakamura writhing in pain, but refusing to submit and a rope break gives Nakamura time to regroup. Joe back in charge after a masterful powerbomb that he transitions from a boston crab to a crossface. Wow. Joe looks absolutely methodical in this one that far. Nakamura back in charge with knees, including the corner strike, but Joe counters an attempt with an inverted atomic drop and a yakuza kick. Nakamura escapes and rams three knees into the face of the champ. Joe counters a corner charge on Nakamura with a uranage. Joe looking for the muscle buster, but Nakamura creates some separation with a second rope single leg dropkick. Strong style strikes exchanged by the champ and challenger with Joe winning the exchange following a clothesline by the “Kodiak bear” as Corey Graves calls him. Joe misses on an opportunity to put Shinsuke away as Nakamura counters into a cross armbreaker. Joe tries to fight out, but Nakamura has a triangle choke nearly applied. Joe able to counter into a texas cloverleaf, but Nakamura gets to the bottom rope. Joe with the makings of a sleeper, trying to turn things into a coquina clutch. Joe grounded Nakmura, and Shinsuke gets the leg to the bottom rope. That nearly ended, but the challenger stays alive. Nakamura gets a german suplex off, and Joe counters a Kinshasa attempt with a powerslam. Joe wants the muscle buster, but Nakamura fights him off. Joe stills hits it, but Nakamura kicks out at two! Incredible! Nakamura has the title within his grasp after hitting a Kinshasa, but Joe kicks out at two! A valiant effort, but Nakamura to the second rope and a shot to the back, and a second kinshasa for the 1-2-3! We have a new NXT world’s champion, folks and I couldn’t be happier! What a performance by both men! The King of Strong Style reigns supreme!

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