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Ronda Rousey’s next opponent! A new tag team enters. Evil Roman Reigns?

Ronda Rousey’s next opponent is announced in London. We see an evil side of Roman Reigns. Also, a new tag team enters the WWE Raw’s tag team division. Seth Rollins continues his Open Challenge and a knockout wrestler accepts. A triple threat match for the men’s and women’s qualification match for the MITB match. Let us dive in to the over seas madness!

Roman Reigns is over done with coming up short.

WWE Raw in London’s O2 arena starts off with Roman Reigns coming out. The Big Dog states that he is not happy. Roman calls out Jinder Mahal. However, he is greeted by Raw’s General Manager, Kurt Angle. The Olympic Gold Medalist lets Roman that Mahal is in a Triple Threat match for a spot in the Money In The Bank match. Also, Roman will no longer have an opportunity for the match. This sends Reigns in to madness. After Roman says he has to go what he has to do. The Big Dog seeks out Jinder, finds him, and beats him down. Spearing the Modern Day Maharaja through a wall.

Seth Rollins Open Challenge. A new team enters WWE Raw.

Seth Rollins again issues an open challenge to his Intercontinental Championship. None other than Kevin Owens answers the call. After the formal introduction, the match starts. The crowd duel with chants as the contestants size each other up.

Owens gains the initial upper hand. Owens gains initial control with working Rollins over with quick and hard hitting moves. Rollins returns the favor with a quick burst of offense . Yet, K.O regains momentum and locks up Seth with a chin lock. The fight spills outside the ring.

The two fight along the ring apron. Owens goes for a power bomb on the ring apron. Yet Rollins counters with a vicious Falcons Arrow on the outside apron! The action continues back in to the ring. Rollins hits a Blockbuster for a two count. Owens kicks out. Now there is a mad counter fest among the two. Countering each others moves from Pop up Power bombs, to Super Kicks, to Curb Stomps. The crowd chant “This is awesome!”

With Owens prone on the top rope. Rollins runs up the turnbuckle to deliver his Superplex to Falcon Arrow combo. However, Kevin Owens counters and delivers a Fisherman Buster! Both men are down. Seth Rollins is first to his feet and hits a Curb Stomp for the win. Wow, great match!



Men’s Triple Threat Match for MITB qualification.

No Way Jose vs Baron Corbin vs Bobby Roode. The Lone Wolf Corbin takes quick control of the match. Roode hits Corbin with a Blockbuster and only manages a two count. After a commercial break Corbin has Roode locked down in the middle if the ring, while Jose is outside recovering. Eventually, Jose brings the fight to Baron with a cross body.

Roode and Jose go at it. However Corbin enters the fray and delivers a fierce Deep Six. Roode kicks out after Jose interrupts. Corbin rams Jose in to a turnbuckle and splashes him. Corbin goes after Roode. The Glorious one counters, leaving The Lone Wolf outside the ring. Bobby Roode hits a Glorious DDT on Jose for the pin.

The newest tag team.

WWE Raw’s newest tag team is a team that has been around. Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel are now the B-team! Facing off against Breezango.

The match starts off Bo going for a quick pin. The crowd is really behind the B-Team. As they chant the 1980s A-Team song. This was a quick match showcasing The B-Team. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas hit what it seems a modified 3D on Fandango for the win.

Six Women Tag Match. Deletor Of Worlds. Women’s Triple Threat Match for MITB qualification.

Sasha Banks, Natalya, Ember Moon vs Riott Squad.

Ember Moon and Sarah Logan start off the match. Moon showcases her athleticism. While Logan showcases her power. A quick tag to Sasha Banks and the momentum is in their favor. However, Sarah Logan gains control and isolates Sasha. The Riott squad now take turns on working over The Boss. Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan attempt a double Suplex. However, Sasha counters.

After a commercial break. We see Liv Morgan in control over Natalya. Natty getsa tag to The Boss, but Sarah quickly puts a stop to the momentum. After Sasha overcoming a jawbreaker from Ruby. The Riott Squad leader tags Liv Morgan to prevent Sasha from tagging out.

Sasha Banks gains momentum and gets the hot tag to Natalya. the Queen of Hearts unload on the Riott Squad. Outside Sasah Banks lands a double knee to Logan. Ember Moon hits a suicide dive on Ruby Riott. Natalya in turn wraps up Liv Morgan in the Sharpshooter for the win.


Deletor Of Worlds vs The Revival

In this glorified squash match. Woken Matt Hardy and Woken Bray Wyatt face off against The Revival. This was pretty one-sided. With the Revival getting a few hits in, Bray and Matt hit what is now known as “The Kiss Of Deletion” for the win.

Women’s MITB qualification match.

Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James vs Bayley.

Alexa and Mickie start the match by double teaming Bayley. Yet, The Hugger takes on both opponents. However, she could not keep the pace up. The Blissful one and James take turn trying to pin Bayley. With each other interrupting the count. Bayley takes advantage of their obsession for winning and hits a Bayley to Belly suplex on Bliss. However, James pulls Alexa out during the count. During the fight between Bayley and James. Alexa capitalizes and hits Bayley with a huge DDT for the win.


The Monster and Demon team up vs The Under appreciated.

Braun Strowman, Finn Balor vs Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

A match between four performers that either do not need a push or sorely need one. The one who doesn’t is The Monster Braun. The others need it. Zig and FInn start off the match. The two exchange good moves. Then Balor tags in Braun. Ziggler quickly tags in McIntyre. With two behemoths standing in each others way. The crowd goes crazy! Drew quickly squashes all hopes and tags Dolph back in.

After a commercial break we see Braun use Finn as weapon. To the confusion of Finn. But ultimately accepting it. Drew and Dolph start to gain momentum and keep Balor from tagging Braun in. Finn finally gets Braun a hot ta. In which The Monster goes wild. Strowman goes to land a fierce shoulder tackle on Dolph. Yet, the Zigman dodges. Balor blind tags Strowman to get in. Finn and Ziggler go at while Strowman takes out McIntyre with his running hulk blast. Ziggler interrupts Balor’s Coup De grace and pins him for the win.


Men’s qualification MITB match.

 Elias vs Bobby Lashley vs ??

Before the match started. Jinder Mahal was cleared to participate in the match. However, as he walked towards the ring. Roman Reigns speared the Moden Day Maharaja again through a wall. Leaving an open spot for the match.

The match begins with Elias trying to complete his performance. Then, Kevin Owens! K.O has yet again found a way to get in to the MITB match. Lashley makes his way out as well.

Elias and Owens double team Lashley. Bobby fights out of the corner and sends Elias over the ropes. After a commercial break. Lashley is in control. But it was quick lived. The Drifter and Owens take out Lashley before going at each other. Elias tosses Owens out the ring after KO hits a Senton. Bobby gets back in and choke slams Owns. Elias takes out Lashley with a big knee.

The Drifter grabs his guitar and asks JoJo to hold the mic for him. The crowd loves it. Owens attacks from behind. But Elias meets his knee to Owens chin. Lashley is now involved and gains control. Bobby goes for a double suplex only to have Elias and Owens counter.

Lashley looks to gain the upper hand on Elias. Only to have Sami Zayn run down to the ring and deliver a Helluva Kick on Lashley. Owens recovers and hits a Frog splash on Elias for the win.


Where is this build up going?

Throughout this lackluster Raw show, we have seen what we knew what was coming. Oh, I didn’t mention Ronda Rousey’s next opponent? It was because it was spoiled hours before the show. It will be Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Title at MITB. Even the promo seemed to have Ronda confused. Also, we felt that Kevin Owens or Sami Zayn were going to find their way in to MITB. That happened too. What we didn’t expect was Roman Reigns FINALLY taking a path towards a heel. In, which is two years too late. But I guess better late than never. Right, John Cena?

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