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WWE Championship match stipulation in the works for Money in the Bank

Styles and Nakamura continue their blood feud.  The winner of their match on Smackdown Live chooses the stipulation for their title clash at Money in the Bank.  What stipulation will the winner select?

Smackdown Live continues Money in the Bank qualifying.  Carmella plans yet another ‘Mellabration as Smackdown Live Women’s Champion.  What is next for Daniel Bryan having not qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match?

All of this and more as Smackdown Live broadcasts from the O2 Arena in London this May 15th, 2018.

The crowd shakes the O2 Arena as Daniel Bryan attempts to speak.  Bryan no longer qualifies to be in the Money in the Bank ladder match but suggests he still has plans to gain the WWE Championship.  Big Cass wastes no time interrupting Bryan.  Cass swears to do everything in his power to keep Bryan down and out of any title picture.


Upon entering the ring, Cass is met with unrelenting strikes by Bryan.  All the weeks of insults and sneak attacks flow from Bryan as he clamps a brutal submission move on Cass’s bad leg.  The seven-footer limps to the locker room as Bryan stands victorious in the ring.

Rock, Paper, Scissors For The MITB Ladder Match

The Bar and New Day compete in a Money in the Bank qualifying match.  The winners decide which teammate will compete in the ladder match for the career changing brief case.  Sheamus and Cesaro look better than ever but The New Day seem to have the answer to The Bar.  Most recently, Xavier Woods maintains an edge over his heavy hitting opponents.

This match has a fast tempo for its entirety.  Big E and The Bar display crazy feats of strength while Woods takes advantage of opportunities that open up during the match.  Sheamus is speared through the ropes and down to ringside by Big E.  This allows Woods to hit the springboard elbow drop to a prone Cesaro for the victory.

It will be interesting to see how The New Day will decide their representative for the ladder match.  This could definitely lead to some ridiculous antics in their selection process and some possible drama.  Assuming one of them wins the briefcase, who cashes it in?  Could all three members be champion simultaneously?  The question is whether the power of positivity can withstand the inherent greed of the Money in the Bank briefcase.  This is smart booking on the part of WWE.

Perfect Cien

Andrade “Cien” Almas makes his much anticipated debut against an English local.  Almas is accompanied by his manager and secret weapon Zelina Vega.

Of course Almas quickly crushes his opponent in an almost flawless victory.  The former NXT superstar finishes with his headlock DDT maneuver.  Immediately after the match Vega cuts a promo berating the Smackdown Live locker room for not providing quality competition for Almas.

There is no question Almas can go in the ring after recent, incredible performances in NXT.  Additionally, his character accompanied by his conniving manager is certainly capable of generating true hatred from the WWE Universe.  Almas has no issue pulling off the stuck up heel while Vega exacerbates this with her over competitive rhetoric.  Some solid victories will have this duo in the main event picture in no time.

‘Mellabration 2.0

Carmella rolled out the pomp and circumstance of a English royalty in her self aggrandizing championship celebration.  Having defeated Charlotte Flair twice at this point she has plenty of confidence.  In her glorious train wreck of a segment she claimed she is better than Ronda Rousey, insulted the Royal Family and demanded Great Britain bow to her.

Having heard enough, Paige makes an appearance to a thunderous hometown reaction.  Paige announces that Carmella will defend her title at Money in the Bank.  To the absolute chagrin of the champion, Asuka is announced as Carmella’s opponent.  The irate Smackdown Live Women’s Champion storms to the back as Asuka dances menacingly in the ring.

Carmella should defeat Asuka to retain the title.

She should use the shadiest of tactics in a screw job of a match to overcome her toughest opponent yet.  Now that Asuka has lost her undefeated streak another loss does not matter as it once did.  Not to mention Carmella is excelling in her champion heel role.  A flawed finsih would protect Asuka and elevate Carmella’s already nuclear heat.  Do the right thing WWE.

Women’s MITB Qualifying Match

Becky Lynch must contend with both Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose.  The winner competes for the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase.  Lynch has been on a losing streak and things do not look good on the other side of two opponents.  Being this is a triple threat match, the former Absolution members quickly turn on each other.  Rose goes for the early role up on Deville, giving Lynch some room to breathe.  Deville looks dominant in this match but Lynch gives her some difficulty.  Rose spends the match trying to catch the other two competitors off guard.

Rose accidentally nails Deville with a running kick after Lynch ducks out of the way.  Lynch applies the Disarm-Her and quickly forces Rose to submit.

The WWE may have missed an opportunity to continue building the loser Lynch story line.  Up until this match Lynch has been visibly upset with herself after multiple losses.  This emotion could easily transfer into nefarious deeds against the Women’s roster or against management.  Lynch seemingly extinguishes this angle with a victory tonight.

It would be better for Lynch to continue to lose and gain attention with mean streak angle as opposed to being lost in a huge ladder match she stands little chance of winning.

Nakamura Vs Styles

These two once again attempt to settle their scores with one another.  This time the winner will choose the terms of their upcoming championship match at Money in the Bank.  It is important to point out that whereas an American crowd may have grown tired of this match up, the crowd in England is more than pumped.  This could be part of the reason why Styles and Nakamura are wrestling yet again before the next pay per view.

Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm from the ring to the outside early on in the match.  Moments later Nakamura counters Styles mid air with a drop kick.  From then on Nakamura dictates a slower paced match featuring his signature Strong Style offense.  Styles regains control and attempts another Phenomenal Forearm but almost hits the referee after Nakamura dodges.

As the referee turns to address the match, Nakamura fakes a low blow injury and blames Styles.  Styles is distracted, pleading his case to the official when Nakamura sneaks attacks him with an exploder suplex.  Nakamura nails a flying knee strike for the victory.

Heel Nakamura is best to select the stipulation for the next match.  Styles would prefer a simple, fair fight whereas Nakamura will undoubtedly get creative with his terms for Money in the Bank.  Hopefully the upcoming championship match provides an worth while conclusion to their feud.

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