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Extreme title changes at Extreme rules

Extreme Rules featured 13 matches, which is on par with their big events like Summer Slam. The WWE has been on a decent roll as of late. Can the biggest pro wrestling company keep up the trend? Let’s find out and dive into Extreme Rules live from Philadelphia.

Kickoff show. Graveyard Dogs takes on Best in the world and a psychopath.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Finn Balor for the Intercontinental title. Shinsuke wins title via Kinshasa pin fall.

The Kickoff show started off with shocker, which will be the theme of the night. The match started off both men attempting to gain an upper hand. Balor utilizing the outside barriers to soften up Nakamura. But Shinsuke regains momentum with a sliding powerbomb on Finn. Later on with Balor in control, the Demon goes for a Coup De Grace. Shinsuke dodge the stomp and counter with not one, but two Kinshasa’s! One for each side of Finn Balor’s head. This seems wiered to me, don’t get me wrong I love the under used Nak getting a title. However, it is very clear that creative had no plan for Balor’s title run.

Drew Gulak vs Tony Nese for Cruiserweight title. Drew retains via Cyclone Crash pin fall.

Now this seems more in place, a 205 Live match on the Kick off show. But what was puzzling is that this match was not one of the highlights of the PPV. The match got going after Gulak hits a fantastic moonsault, with Nese draped between the middle ropes. Nese recovers and hits a 450 splash for a two count. Drew kicks out and recovers to hit a powerbomb and Cyclone Clash for the pin fall, retaining the title.

Roman Reigns/Undertaker vs Shane McMahon/Drew McIntyre in a No Holds Bar match. Undertaker wins via Tombstone pin fall on Shane McMahon.

The first match on the main card features the Undertaker regaining some of his luster lost at Super Showdown against Goldberg. Taker quickly unloads on Shane, then Drew. Hitting Old School and the side apron leg drop. The crowd pops for anything Undertaker dishes out. McIntyre occupies Roman Reigns as Taker attempts to put Shane through the announcers table. Elias dashes in for the save, smashing a guitar on Undertaker. Roman slowly gets to attack Elias and Drew hits a Claymore on Roman taking him out.

The momentum is squarely is the heels side. Shane takes advantage of a prone Taker on the table and hits flying elbow, sending Taker through the table. Back in the ring, Elias and Drew set up Undertaker with a trash can in front of him, as Shane hits the Coast to Coast. The Deadman rise up and takes out the trio of heels. After taking out Shane, Drew creeps behind Undertaker looking for the Claymore. Just about when the Claymore connects, Roman connects with a Spear and lays out McIntyre. The Big Dog then feeds Shane to Undertaker and the Deadman claims his soul with a Tombstone pin fall.

One the best tag team rivalries. A fight happened. Women’s Co-Champions?

The Revival vs The Uso’s for the Raw Tag Team titles. The Revival retain with Shatter Machine pin fall.

Seriously, the four guys are seemingly incapable of having a bad match. This was a tag team clinic on display for everyone.  The match started of with Jey and Scott trading clean crisp mat maneuvers. The teams then exchange tag moves, with the Uso’s hitting a Double Planchas over the top ropes on the Revival.

Afterwards, the Revival regain control and display their classic heel knowledge. With pulling the ref away so he can not see the Usos legally tag in. Eventually Jimmy gets the hot tag and the pace picks up. After Jimmy’s run, Scott hits the Brainbuster followed by a Superplex splash. Jey comes in with a flying splash to break up the count. Just as the Usos are in control and go fro a double dive, Scott Dawson grabs Jey’s leg distracting Jimmy. What followed was the Revival hitting the Shatter Machine on the distracted Jimmy and retaining their titles. Wow…. there was just so much going on in this match, that you should really check it out for yourself.

The “Fight” happens, Aleister Black vs Cesaro. Aleister Black wins via Black Mass pin fall.

No Cell in a something, no Fire in a pool, no extreme gimmick. This was just a straight up fight and it was glorious. The Swiss Cyborg vs the Dutch Destroyer face off for the first time. Black immediately goes for the Black Mass, but Cesaro backs off. Cesaro then goes for the attack, Black attempts a suplex but Cesaro flips out and mocks Black’s sit down pose. Black then tosses Cesaro outside and hitting a moonsault, then hits his sit down pose.

The fight gets back in the ring and two go at it, strike after strike. Black focusing his leg kicks on Cesaro’s left leg and the cyborg landing European Uppercuts. Aleister hits a Meteora, for another one but the power of Cesaro catches him in mid air and hits a pop up European Uppercut. Black grabs the bottom rope breaking the count. Cesaro goes for another springboard European Uppercut, Black counters with a flying knee to the chin. The duo again trade strikes, with Cesaro coming on top. the Swiis Cyborg goes to lift Black but his knee gives out. A couple hits later, Cesaro goes for the Gotch Neutralizer. Aleister gets out of the move, stops a Cesaro kick with his own, lands a leg kick, and the Black Mass in one swift move set for the pin fall. I can watch these two fight forever…

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss/ Nikki Cross for Smackdown’s Women’s Championship. Bayley wins via Elbow Drop pin fall on Alexa.

The PPV slows down during this match and honestly it’s hard to follow back to back great matches. Cross starts off the match and is in total control of Bayley. The Hugger is caught between the ring and the ring apron, as she fights back. Bliss hits a running baseball slide to Bayley and yells for Cross to tag her in. Bliss goes after Bayley and lands a handspring double knees, this turned the Hugger into the Hurter as she turns to her more aggressive side.

Taking out Cross with a flying bodysplash between ropes. After Cross tags herself in but is put in the Trailer Hitch, Bliss attempts in break the hold but is put in Cross face. Now Bayley has both ladies in a submission at the same time, but Bliss squirms out. Nikki hits Tornado DDT on Bayley for a two count, Bliss is tagged in and goes for the Twisted Bliss. However, Bayley has her knees raised for a counter and hits the flying elbow for the pin fall.

 Kaiju Monster Battle. All the belts held. High flying action. A squash leads to a rant.

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley in a Last Man Standing match. Braun Trwman win via Powerslam of top of tunnel to floor 10 count.

Yup, you read that right but let’s see how it got there. I initially wrote this match off, boy was I wrong. The bumps these two took especially Lashley, the length of the match with two huge monsters, the full throttle pace the men approach, took me by surprise.

The match started off like a Godzilla movie with the two laying punishing blows. Braun takes his trip around the world and should blast Lashley. Braun goes for another trip but Bobby spears him, and the fight goes up the stairs. The two go in with Braun in control, but for some reason after not having a camera in the tunnel, Lashley comes out on top. Now the duo battle in the lobby area as Lashley keeps Strowman down and gloating. The Monster gets back up, Lashley goes for a Stalled Suplex, but Braun reverses and hits a suplex on Lashley, dropping him on his head.

The fight goes back in the arena and down the stairs. At the bottom of the floor, Strowman hits a should tackle on Lashley. Booby regains conciseness and steam as he tosses Braun over the announcer’s table. Then The Almighty tosses the table over Braun, burying him. The Monster claws his way from underneath, and Lashley tosses him back over the barricade. Lashley then shows his agility, but also how tired these two men are. Bobby leaps onto the barricade, but seemingly slips and Braun looks like he improvised by tossing Bobby into international table row.

Bobby start taking a beating, then he deliriously asks Braun to keep hitting him. The Monster obliges, as thunder strikes rain down on The Almighty. The fight again goes upstairs, with Bobby tossing audience members in front of Braun. The two slug it out over an arena tunnel and Braun Powerslams Bobby down to the floor below. It wasn’t a cold hard floor, but a boxed out area. The ref then blind count to ten, at the count of eight the Monster breaks out of the box and claims victory. Wow… these two surprised the heck out of me.

New Day vs Heavy Machinery vs Daniel Bryan/Rowan for Smackdown Live Tag Team title in a No DQ match. New Day wins via Midnight Hour pin fall on Daniel Bryan.

The pace picks up in this match featuring the trio of teams. Bryan and Xavier start off the match with some fast paced exchange, leading Tucker to be tagged in. Tucker displayed great athleticism for a guy his size and the smaller member of Heavy Machinery, though not by much. After quick tags between the three teams, it’s left with Rowan and Bryan working over Woods. Xavier eventually hot tags in Otis and charismatic member of Heavy Machinery takes it to Bryan, hitting the Caterpillar Elbow Drop.

Then the match break down and slowly every member finds themselves outside of the ring. At first Big E hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Bryan and Rowan. Then Otis pumps himself up to do the same, however he comically comes to his senses. Otis instead walks through the ropes and dives off the ring apron. Tucker follows up more impressively by jumping off the top turnbuckle taking out Big E and Rowan. Did I mention that Tucker is not a small guy? Good.

Back in the ring Heavy Machinery is control of Rowan. Having the Red Wood propped on the top turnbuckle, Otis and Tucker attempt a Superplex on Rowan. Big E runs in and somehow wedges himself between the mountain of meat. Tossing down Heavy Machinery, then hitting a Superplex on Rowan. The opportunist Bryan then attacks Big E, after a barrage of strikes Bryan locks in the LaBelle Lock. However, Big E is just.. well too big. Daniel’s ring prowess starts too show, as he literally wraps up Big E like a pretzel. With only one leg loose, Big E drags himself outside breaking the holds Bryan had on him.

Daniel then lands his Yes Kicks, but it only led to Big E snapping. The New Day powerhouse starts to beg for Daniel to kick him. Big E stands up and asks for more with a fiery look in his eyes. Bryan obliges, but on the last hit Big E lays him out. Bryan scrambles to the top rope for a moonsault, Big E catches him in mid air. Xavier Woods tags in and New Day hit the Midnight Hour for the pin fall. New Day now holds the SDL Title and the tag titles.

AJ Styles vs Ricochet for the United States title. Aj Styles wins via Styles Clash pin fall.

The Phenomenal vs The Sky Warrior face off. However, Styles is not alone bringing The Club with him. Gallows and Anderson quickly attacks Ricochet before the bell ad Style takes advantage of it after the bell rings. However the high octane offense of Ricochet helped regain control. The two men fantastically trade spots over the course of the match. In one instance the duo traded their patent strike spots, with it Ricochet hitting his step up enzuigiri and AJ following with his Pele Kick.

Ricochet then hits a Brainbuster on Styles, and AJ then returns the favor with his own for a two count. The One and Only then hits a Springboard Shoot Star Press on Styles. AJ is now getting pinned, but Karl Anderson alerts the ref that Styles leg is under the rope, breaking the count. As Ricochet goes for the 630 Splash, Anderson attempts to knock him off. Ricochet leaps to the ring apron and tosses Karl out. This distracts the ref long enough for Gallows to successfully knock Ricochet of the turnbuckle. Aj recovers and hits the Styles Clash from the second rope to claim the US title.

Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler. Owens wins via KO Stunner pin fall.

Well, that was quick… the entrance of the men took longer. As the two faced off, Dolph yells at Owens saying it’s his time. Kevin had enough of it , hits the KO Stunner and gets the 1-2-3. Then Owens goes on tirade about Shane McMahon, since this time no one can cut his mic off this time. He repeats what he said on Smackdown Live’s pipe bomb. But added Shane took Undertaker’s Tombstone piledriver and “he can kiss my ass and go straight to hell”.

Can Kofi keep the gold? Seth losses more than his temper.

Kofi Kingston vs Samoa Joe for the Smackdown Live Heavyweight title. Kofi retains via Trouble in Paradise pin fall.

The match was for the most part watching how sadistic Joe can get. Kofi was the baby face punching bag again. Joe remembers that Kofi gave him the middle finger instead of a handshake last week. So Joe targets that same finger with joint manipulation, Joe takes Kofi outside and smashes the finger between the steel steps. Joe eliminates every comeback Kofi attempts. Hitting a beautiful snap powerslam to powerbomb to STF submission. Eventually, Kofi escapes and lands a S.O.S for a near fall.

Kingston then goes for the Trouble in Paradise, but Joe dodges and locks in the Coquina Clutch. Kofi finally breaks free only to be met with a Senton Splash. The heart of New Day eventually gains momentum and hits the Trouble in Paradise, from seemingly out of nowhere. Good match, questionable finish.

Seth Rollins/Becky Lynch vs Baron Corbin/Lacey Evans in a Winner Takes All Extreme Tag Team match. Seth Rollins retains via three Curb Stomps on Corbin for the pin fall.

The WWE power couple wasted little time exploiting the no dq rules and break out the kendo sticks. Along with viciously breaking the sticks over Corbain and Evans, rolling them out of the ring. Baron regains control with chair shots on Seth and dropping a DDT on Seth’s head over a steel chair. Lacey and Lynch now have their turn in the ring, with chairs of course. Becky took a slight bump when a chair flew out of Lacey’s hands and onto her head. But that didn’t stop the Man as she beats Evans down. Lynch hits Lacey with a splash, then Becky’s man Seth tosses Rollins to Corbain and Lynch hit a version of the Van Daminator.

AS the power couple went looking for tables, Corbain and Lacey grab more kendo sticks and punish them. With the heels now in control, the duo go to suplex Rollins and Lynch through a table. However, Rollins and Lynch reverse the move and hits a suplex on Corbin and Evans onto the steel ramp. Lynch/Rollins then have the heel duo prone on top of tables, both landing a Body Splash to their respective opponents.

Rollins gets Baron in the ring and goes for the Curb Stomp. However the Lone Wolf counters with a the Deep Six. As the ref counts, Lynch dives in to break up the count and angers Corbin. What follows is dastardly as Baron hits the End Of Days on Becky Lynch, Lacey Evans is even shocked and wants no part of what follows and walks away. Seth Rollins snaps, in a derange and emotional way. The Slayer then proceeds to hit Corbin with a kendo stick until it snaps like himself. Rollins grabs a steel chair and finishes what the kendo stick couldn’t. Then Rollins finishes not one, not two, but THREE Curb Stomps and pins Corbin to retain his and Becky’s titles.

But wait there’s more…

Earlier in the night Mr Philadelphia, Paul Heyman walks out and states “I am the entire concept of Extreme. So I will be damned… and I will probably be damned anyway.. but I will be damned if I leave Philadelphia tonight on an extreme show without being part of history”.

Heyman gives a spoiler that Brock Lesnar WILL cash in his Money In The Bank contract, but on who? As you can tell from earlier I didn’t write about Brock cashing in on Kofi Kingston. So here it is, Lesnar’s music hits the Beast walks into the ring hits a couple of suplexes on Rollins, cashes in his contract, F-5’s Rollins and claims the title. Yup, he’s champion again… however let’s hope this time WWE learned from before and Brock has to fight more and then lose the title quickly.

Surprisingly good PPV and LONG.

I really had sup par expectations for this PPV, but it did fine and it was great when it needed to be. I didn’t expect the length  of the show either, almost 4 hours long. This is probably the best Extreme Rules from WW, well in the top 3. The momentum keeps going for WWE, let’s hope they keep it and we can witness a rating throw down with AEW ( in which, AEW needs a bit of work, moore on that later.)

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