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The Fiend make his long awaited debut in Long Island

The Brock Party is live as the new Universal Champ is live in Long Island, NY at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum on 7/15/19.

The newly crowned Universal Champion, “The Beast” Brock Lesnar, accompanied by his “Advocate”, Paul Heyman, head to the ring after a successful cash-in of the Money In The Bank contract on Seth Rollins last night at Extreme Rules.

Heyman cuts a great promo about holding all the cards and power on Raw. To display his “genius”, they are holding a cross-branded, all-star battle royale where ten of WWE’s finest will compete with the winner going on to Summerslam to compete against the Beast.

It’ll be Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Big E., Braun Strowman, Baron Corbin, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley.

Becky Lynch will also find our her opponent as Natalya, Carmella, Alexa Bliss and Naomi will compete in a fatal four way match to determine the number one contender for that title.

Heyman and Lesnar continue before Ricochet makes his way out to the ring for a two out of three falls six man tag team match. He’ll team with the Usos against The Revival and Robert Roode. He locks eyes with Lesnar, who gives him space to head to the ring before the first commercial break.

Ricochet/The Usos defeat Robert Roode/The Revival via pin fall in a two out of three falls match.

Ricochet quickly scored the first fall for the faces, hitting Scott Dawson with the Recoil foot strike about a minute after the action got underway.

The Revival got Jimmy Uso for the second fall, utilizing a tandem maneuver that was similar to a reverse slap-jack for the second fall.

Ricochet scored the third and final fall by hitting Robert Roode with the Recoil and then he’s up top for the 630 splash and the pin fall.

After the match, the Club strikes. The new US Champion, AJ Styles, as well as Gallows and Anderson, hit the ring for an attack. Ricochet and the Usos fight them off at first, but Roode and The Revival spoiled the faces from standing tall, hitting a Shatter Machine on Jimmy Uso and eliminating Jey, leaving Ricochet to the wolves.

Styles turns the former champ inside out with a Phenomenal Forearm and then he eats a Magic Killer as the heels stand tall, leaving Ricochet in the middle of the ring. The former champ will surely live to fight another day, but the Club looks dominant and they’ll compete later tonight as well.

The Viking Raiders defeat two enhancement talents via pin fall in a squash match with the Viking Experience.

Erik and Ivar continue to display their dominance, even cutting a pre-match promo about their intentions.

They display their insane power and athleticism, hitting several running knee strikes and a leaping clothesline ala a Doomsday Device.

The Viking Experience spelled a quick end for the jobbers as these two seemed to poise to strike at a major tag team title opportunity, sooner, rather than later.

The “Scottish Psychopath” Drew McIntyre, fresh off a tag team loss with his partner Shane McMahon, is out to face Cedric Alexander in singles action based on the debacle last week. This might end badly for Cedric.

Cedric Alexander defeats Drew McIntyre via pin fall with a rollup.

McIntyre destroyed Alexander for the majority of the match, almost toying with him. McIntyre went for the inverted Alabama Slam, but Cedric used his insane athleticism to counter into a modified roll-up for the surprise victory.

Alexander is quick to get out of dodge as the commentators acknowledge the biggest win of his career. McIntyre is shocked and dismayed, but his expression shifts to anger as he stares a hole through Alexander.

This was a great win for a great talent, but this isn’t going to end well for Alexander I’m sure. Either way, kudos to Cedric for a huge win on Raw.

We see footage of Shinsuke Nakamura winning the IC Title on the kickoff show last night and we get pre-match interviews with both Balor and Joe about rebounding here tonight. Joe says he’ll be waiting for Balor in the ring, and that’s next.

Samoa Joe defeats Finn Balor via pin fall with a crucifix pin.

Wow. This ended very quickly. Balor is being saddled with a gimmick where he’s struggling to get his legs under him as he and Joe exchanged blows quickly, but Joe caught him with a crucifix and this was over quicker than a hiccup.

Joe went to apply the Coquina Clutch, but Balor escaped after the match and hit a double stomp and then took to the skies for the Coup De Grace.

Balor was celebrating escaping the post-match attack and then the lights went out and we heard what sounded like a carnival ride. Yowie Wowie!

You got it, the lights came back on and the “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt had Balor in his clutches and he struck with Sister Abigail. Balor was laid out and the lights went out again to a maniacal laugh before they cut to a break.

The commentators acknowledged that it was him and the crowd in Long Island went insane. I yelled expletives at my own computer as well. Fantastic stuff here during the Heyman Era. Welcome back Bray, welcome back.

24/7 champion Drake Maverick and his wife check in at a major hotel for their honeymoon. It’s close to the arena. He is ready to consummate their marriage and his wife asks for the most expensive champagne and a very romantic room.

Maverick pays in cash and tips the guy quite well. R-Truth is eavesdropping behind the check-out a referee. He asks if a guest is registered as “Hornswaggle”.

He tries to tip the fellow with a “crisp” one dollar bill.

The Street Profits are watching this all unfolds from inside the arena, red cups, NXT tag titles and all. They entertain everyone with some fantastic jokes and they hype up several of the major matches, including the women’s title match.

Long Island’s own “Long Island Iced Z”, Zack Ryder, is in the ring ready for singles action.

Mike Bennett is getting cuckolded backstage once again by his wife, Maria Kanellis. She’s pregnant and even then, she’s heading to the ring to compete against Ryder. Cooler heads prevail as a referee stops her from competing as Mike Kanellis makes his way into the ring to compete against Ryder.

Zack Ryder defeats Mike Kanellis via pin fall with the Rough Ryder.

This went about ten seconds as Ryder hit the ropes and then his finish as Kannelis is embarrassed.

Maria is embarrassed as well, and her unborn child had a better chance in the match tonight then he did. She drops the mic and storms off. This has to be going somewhere, because poor Mike if not.

The Club is backstage, and after their savage attack on Ricochet earlier, they are heading to the ring for six man tag action after the break.

The Club defeat The Lucha House Party via submission after a Calf Crusher from Styles to Kalisto.

Styles, Gallows and Anderson are having their way with Kalisto, Dorado and Metallik early on.

The faces get in a few offensive maneuvers, but stories continue to build as Styles is met outside the ring by Ricochet, who repays him for the earlier assault with an attack of his own. He comes across as fearless and it’s easy for fans to get behind him.

He’s a refreshing change of pace for the modern fan and he’s a likable guy and a top tier athlete. Referees and officials separate the two men and then order is restored after a break, allowing the match to continue.

The champ is fired up after the commercial and he and the Club are working over Lince Dorado, keeping him in their corner with vicious strikes and unified offense.

The faces come back and really get a chance to shine as well. I like this booking. It’s nice to see LHP get in some of their aerial offense. Kalisto is finally thwarted as Anderson hits a spinebuster and then the boot of doom meets its mark.

Styles tags in and he rolls through with the Calf Crusher, getting Kalisto to tap out. They continue the attack after the match, making a clear statement to Ricochet at the expense of LHP.

They recap the debut of “The Fiend” once again and it’s just as great the second time around. The commentators reference the “Firefly Fun House” and the arrival of Bray Wyatt.

They sell it, as Alexa Bliss, accompanied by Nikki Cross, makes her way to the ring for the fatal four-way match. The other competitors follow and “The Man” herself, Becky Lynch, comes out limping after taking the End Of Days from Baron Corbin last night, to watch the action herself.

Who will face Becky Lynch at Summerslam? We’ll find out next.

Natalya defeats Carmella, Alexa Bliss and Naomi to become the Number One Contendor for the Women’s Title in a fatal four-way elimination match.

Carmella is on a tear to begin the contest, nearly eliminating everyone with repeated lateral press attempts. Bliss is in a perfection position however and she eliminated Carmella first with a rollup.

Carmella is frantic on the outside as Bliss tries to eliminate Naomi second, but the ref is out of position. Naomi works Bliss over in the corner with stiff kicks before hitting another for a two count. A double clothesline spot puts both women down as Natalya is still down and out herself. They take a break here.

After the commercial, Naomi is about to score a pin fall victory over Natalya, but Natalya reverses it into a pinning predicament and she eliminates Naomi.

The action then spills to the outside and Natalya attempts a clothesline on Bliss, but she sidesteps and Nattie hits Nikki Cross. Bliss can’t capitalize back in the ring and Natalya applies the sharpshooter. Bliss taps!

Natalya and Lynch have words after the match and with Summerslam being in Canada, this should be good. Natalya says some very non-PG era words about “The Man” and she responds in a similar fashion. This should be a classic wrestling match for sure.

MizTV presents Dolph Ziggler and Ziggler chastistes the Miz for selling out. Miz cuts deep by referencing Ziggler’s recent win/loss record and Dolph says he has to live with that, but at least he didn’t sell his soul for Hollywood like the Miz or his wife.

The two men come to blows as the segment ends and hopefully it’ll lead to a singles match between two talents that have been poorly utilized as of late.

R-Truth wins back the 24/7 title at the expense of Drake Maverick and his bride. It’s a great segment where Maverick adorned the marital bed with roses and Truth appeared from inside of a champagne cart with his referee dressed up as a server.

Truth hit a cross-body on the bed before stripping the title off a near nude Maverick for the pin fall. Maverick gives chase and his wife is frustrated and frantic once again.

All ten competitors make their way down to the ring before Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman make their entrance to watch the contest from atop the entryway ramp. The match begins after the break.

Seth Rollins wins the ten man battle royale to become the Number One Contendor for the Universal Title.

Cesaro is a house of fire at the beginning of this. He hit everyone and their brother with uppercuts and gave the big swing to Mysterio before being eliminated by Bobby Lashley.

Strowman then tosses Lashley out after the two behemoths mix it up once again.

Big E. displays some incredible strength, hitting the Big Ending on Strowman before being eliminated by Sami Zayn, who took advantage of the situation.

Zayn celebrates prematurely and the viper strikes. An RKO drops Zayn and then Orton tosses him out before issuing RKO’s to everyone. He is then thrown through the middle rope to the floor himself.

Mysterio has a smattering of offense, but Baron Corbin ends his night by throwing him out next.

Reigns and Rollins get shots on Corbin and Rollins gets the pleasure of tossing Corbin out himself.

Braun Strowman goes on a tear, but as Reigns looks to hit the spear, Strowman sidesteps and Reigns hits Rollins. Strowman and Reigns mix it up and they look to eliminate each other over the top rope, but Rollins recovers and dumps them both out.

It’s down to Orton and Rollins and although the Viper is up to the task, it’s not enough. Orton eventually eats the Blackout Stomp and then is chucked out by Rollins, who earns his rematch against Lesnar at Summerslam the old fashioned way.

Heyman introduces Rollins as the winner and basically calls him fodder for the Beast and Rollins plans to replicate the decision from Wrestlemania. A staredown ensues as well as a teased confrontation, but the show ends having handed us two title matches for the big mid-year show already. A solid effort from Raw once again this evening.


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