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Eric Bischoff Still Embroiled in Legal Action with TNA?

Former WCW Vice President, Eric Bischoff, was brought in to Total Nonstop Action’s Impact Wrestling show as Executive Producer and onscreen General Manager in January 2010. There were many peaks and valleys as far as the quality of the product while he was the overseer of it. Bischoff was sent home by TNA management to sit out the remaining few months of his contract in October 2013. This is highly believed to be due to creative differences. Bischoff and TNA became embroiled in a bitter legal battle since that time.

Eric Bischoff appeared on Main Event Radio recently and had a very candid interview with Ryan Rider, stating that he’s in the middle of a lawsuit with TNA. It is not known if this is the one that made headlines from a year ago or not. According to that lawsuit, Bischoff’s production company, Bischoff Hervey Entertainment (the company that handled production for TNA during Bischoff’s tenure) is owed over $100,000 for the final months of their contract. This seems all too familiar, as other former TNA employees have alleged similar financial disputes.

If this is a different lawsuit altogether, one begs the question, how has TNA still been able to not only stay afloat, but offer sizeable contracts, such as the one offered recently to Moose, who recently left Ring of Honor? Or have faith from their financial backers when they have recently had to scramble to secure funding right before a pay-per-view event?

Alternatives are what make the wrestling industry thrive. I honestly want TNA to succeed and grow. However, incidents like the Bischoff lawsuit, hang over the promotion like the sword of Damocles. Is it only a matter of time before that blade comes down and ends Total Nonstop Action? Or will they, once again, find a way to survive?

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