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Baseball looks to return as early as next month

Photo by Scott Butherus I The Scrum Sports

The coronavirus pandemic has change the world as we know it. That’s no secret. If you’re a sports fan – things seem even more gloomy without being able to watch your favorite team in action. All major sports have been effected. For baseball fans, there just might be some light at the end of this tunnel – and soon. MLB has plans to start an abbreviated season by mid-summer. But how? Where? All of these are questions that aren’t set in stone, yet. The powers that be are working on it vigorously and the likelihood of some kind of 2020 MLB season is strong.

Three divisions

Officials are hoping to start this season by late-June with at least 100 games being the goal. A plan for three-divisions with 10 teams in each division is being devised. The 10 teams would only play other teams within their division. This is apparently, according to an article in USA Today, a concept that is gaining support within the MLB ranks. Divisions would be determined based on geography and be played in major league ballparks with no fans in attendance. An idea of an “East,” “West,” and “Central” division would keep rivalries together and limit player travel.

Will there be fans at any point in 2020?

The hope is that before the end of this abbreviated season at least a few thousand fans would be able to attend before an expanded playoff format. With the strong possibility of Covid-19 testing becoming more wide-spread and public that vision seems to be very possible within the coming months. Not having fans will, no doubt, be something the executives need to address from a financial standpoint and it has been a hot topic of discussion. Players may need to take pay cuts and that could be a huge road block in the entire idea of having games in 2020.

Will there be a continued “spring” training?

It has been discussed to have an 18-21 day camp leading into the start of any abbreviated season. Super agent, Scott Boras, thinks players could report to said camp as early as May and fall along the same lines as normal spring training that begins in February with pitchers and catchers reporting ahead of a full squad.

Everyone breathe. Baseball will be back in 2020. It will look and feel different than it ever has before. It will be an experience that players, owners, and fans will all need to adjust to and accept. At the end of the day – it’s baseball.

The boys will return to the diamond soon.

Baseball will be back.

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