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NFL Wild Card Weekend Pick ‘Ems!


It’s about that time, football fans! Wild Card weekend is upon us and that means playoff football. The road to Super Bowl 51 begins Saturday and kicks off in Houston at 4:35 as the Oakland Raiders face off against the Texans. The night cap is an NFC matchup as the Detroit Lions head to Seattle to face the NFC West champion Seahawks at 8:15 EST. Our staff got together and gave their picks for this weekend’s opening round of the 2016-2017 playoffs.

Ryan Adams: Texans, Seahawks

Matt Litzenberger: Raiders, Seahawks

Brooks Roland: Texans, Seahawks

Trevor Grout: Raiders, Lions

Ed Greene: Texans , Lions

Anthony “Pug” Pugliese: Raiders, Seahawks

Hannah Watkins: Raiders, Seahawks

Joel Reser: Texans, Seahawks

Andy Villamarzo: Raiders, Lions

Jaret Rojas: Texans, Seahawks

Liz Churchville: Texans, Seahawks

The first game on Sunday has the Miami Dolphins traveling to Pittsburgh to face off against the AFC North champion Steelers at 1:05. The late game kicks off at 4:40 that afternoon and has the New York Giants heading to Green Bay to face the white-hot Packers who clinched the NFC North last Sunday in a win over the Lions.

Ryan Adams: Steelers, Giants

Matt Litzenberger: Steelers, Packers

Brooks Roland: Steelers, Packers

Trevor Grout: Steelers, Packers

Ed Greene: Steelers, Packers

Anthony “Pug” Pugliese: Steelers, Packers

Hannah Watkins: Dolphins, Giants

Joel Reser: Steelers, Giants

Andy Villamarzo: Steelers, Packers

Jaret Rojas: Steelers, Packers

Liz Churchville: Steelers, Giants

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