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Around the League: Tuesday NFL Roundup

Tuesday was a busy day in the NFL, The Scrum Sports catch you up and tells you how it may affect the Buccaneers plans going into free agency.

For all of the fans missing the NFL football action, Tuesday was about as close as we will get to some action until free agency starts on March 9th. The Scrum Sports is here to keep you informed and the possible effects that any and all moves will make on the Buccaneers plans moving forward.

The Vikings won’t exercise Adrian Peterson‘s 2017 option


 No surprise here as there was no way the Vikings were going to pay $18 million to an aging superstar that is coming off of yet another major knee injury. What comes next should be interesting as there have been rumors about many teams interested in Peterson’s services, at a discounted rate of course.

The most interesting name that has been rumored for Peterson is the Dallas Cowboys. After seeing a fantastic rookie season out of rookie back Ezekiel Elliott, maybe they want Peterson around to mentor the young back. Elliot has been in and out of news stories throughout the year for involvement in sour extra-circular activities, something Peterson is no stranger too and successfully worked through.

What this means for the Buccaneers- The Bucs have been one of the teams that was rumored to become interested in Peterson if he hit the free agent market. Although they shouldn’t break the bank for them, if the Bucs do decide to release Doug Martin, Peterson could fill a gap and help to mold younger backs on the team. Key here is money in free agency could be spent in better places, so overspending on a back with a bigger need at safety and wide receiver would be a huge mistake for Jason Licht.

Chiefs make multiple moves 

Eric Berry was quite clear from the get-go that he would not play in 2017 for the Kansas City Chiefs under the franchise tag. the Chiefs heard him loud and clear. On Tuesday, Berry and the Chiefs agreed to terms on a six-year, $78 million deal, according to Ian Rapport. The $40 million in guaranteed money is the most ever for a safety. After the long battle Berry has faced beating cancer and still being one of the top, if not the best safety in the NFL. Signing Berry to a long-term deal could go a long way to the Chiefs being able to keep the services of defensive tackle Dontari Poe via the franchise tag.

What this means for the Buccaneers- This is a big blow for the Bucs organization who had to be salivating at the chance to bring Eric Berry to Tampa. Safety is still a big need, and if the organization is smart, would now turn their attention towards Tony Jefferson, who should be considered the top safety in the free agent pool. It appears the Cardinals will not be signing him before free agency begins, so the Bucs and their large amount of cap space should emerge as immediate favorites for his services.

Ian Rapport also brought to the surface that the Chiefs were going to release running back Jamaal Charles. Charles was a dangerous duel-threat back in his day, but we haven’t seen much of him the last two years due to injury. He is reported healthy after two surgeries, but that is a risky statement. Charles is also 30 years old, an age where most NFL team executives cringe.

What this means for the Buccaneers- Charles will come at a bargain price, as his injury history will not get him an off-the-wall contract offer. This may allow the Buccaneers a golden opportunity to draft a running back in the later rounds with hopes of developing, while having an effective rushing attack in the meantime. There is huge risk involved in relying too heavily on Charles, but on a one or two-year deal, while the team a allows a younger back to develop, he could be an excellent compliment to Charles Sims or even Jacquizz Rodgers if they decide to re-sign him.

The Chiefs also kept right guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif in the house after they agreed to a five-year, $41.25 million contract.

Kirk Cousins gets tagged – again

The Washington Redskins announced yesterday that they put the exclusive franchise tag on quarterback Kirk Cousins which means all the QB-hungry teams in the NFL that were hoping the Redskins would slip up and allow him to test the waters can get back to discussing major deals and trades for players who haven’t put in all that much time on the playing field. (Jimmy Garoppolo and Mike Glennon). The tag will earn Cousins close to $24 million next season and force the Redskins into signing him long-term or allowing another team to do so next offseason.

What this means for the Buccaneers- Absolutely nothing. The Buccaneers have their franchise quarterback.

The New York Jets Release Darrelle Revis

The New York Jets are watching one of their greatest home-grown players in franchise history walk again, this time by choice of the team. After a miserable 2016 campaign, legal trouble this offseason and carrying a $15.3 million cap hit in 2017, the Jets made essentially an easy decision to let the founder of ‘Revis Island’ walk. There was discussion to possibly transition him to safety going into 2017, but the legal issues he is facing gave the Jets an easy out, and they took it. Revis will still account for $6 million in dead cap according to, but will clear up room to make much-needed improvements on a team facing a tear down and start over situation. There have been rumors that Revis could decide to simply retire from the NFL, and he would do so a rich man.

What this means for the Buccaneers- Well, the Buccaneers could bring Revis in for a visit to see if he could help out at safety, but after being burnt by him once, would the Bucs really  wanna go there with an older and slower version?

The Cleveland Browns put a second-round tender on Isaiah Crowell

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The Browns are looking to resign Crowell to a long-term deal, and the sides haven’t been able to agree on numbers yet. Putting a second round tender on him means that in addition to paying the man, an outside team would also have to forfeit a second-round pick to the Cleveland Browns.

What this means for the Buccaneers- For the Buccaneers, this means Isaiah Crowell has a zero percent chance of wearing a Buccaneers uniform next season.


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