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Updated Fantasy Football Rankings

Preseason Week 2

Initial rankings tend not to last long, especially once on field play begins. Injuries and suspensions play a major role in changing rankings, and the last thing you want is to be drafting an injured or suspended player too early on draft day. Good thing the Pug has you covered during fantasy football draft season and will be adjusting the rankings throughout the preseason. Rankings based on a standard PPR scoring format. To have it broken down more, visit one of the links below. The top 30 of each position will be updated.

Check Out The Original Rankings By Clicking The Links Below

Quarterbacks          Running Backs          Wide Receivers          Tight Ends          Kickers and Defense

Preseason Week 2 Updated Rankings


1. Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers)- Previously: 1                       Change: –

2. Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers)- Previously: 2                Change: –

3. Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)- Previously: 3                   Change: –

4. Carson Palmer (Arizona Cardinals)- Previously: 5                 Change: +1

5. Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints)- Previously: 4                     Change: -1

6. Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers)- Previous: 6         Change: –

7. Blake Bortles (Jacksonville Jaguars)- Previous: 8                  Change: +1

8. Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers)- Previous: 7                     Change: -1

The Chargers lost their number three receiver Stevie Johnson for the season, which could have made a change in Rivers’ rankings. The Chargers quickly signed James Jones to take his spot, a fantastic move. The Pug has dropped Rivers one spot more for the midseason like chemistry between Blake Bortles and Allen Robinson which made Bortles rise a spot more than Rivers fall a spot.

9. Ryan Fitzpatrick (New York Jets)- Previous: Unranked       Change: N/A

Fitzpatrick wasn’t on the initial rankings because the quarterback rankings were released before he re-signed with the New York Jets. With the chemistry he already has with Erick Decker and Brandon Marshall, and the addition of a pass-catching specialist out of the backfield in Matt Forte, Fitz should have no problem picking up where he left off last season.

10. Andy Dalton (Cincinnati Bengals)- Previous: 10                    Change: –

11. Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts)- Previous: 9                      Change: -2

After a rough year last year between missing time and not looking like himself because of nagging injuries, it would have been nice to see Luck show off a little bit in the Colts first preseason game, even if it was for only a series. Instead the Colts elected not to play Luck, and with no proof that Luck has chemistry with his team, the Pug becomes more weary of Luck’s ability to be in the top 10 again.

12. Eli Manning (New York Giants)- Previous: 12                         Change: –

13. Tom Brady (New England Patriots)- Previous: 13                  Change: –

14. Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys)- Previous: 11                             Change: -3

Romo falls in the rankings also because he was a no-show in week 1 of preseason. With his injury history not being the best it may have been a smart move, or a sign that he isn’t ready to take a hit yet.

15. Jamesis Winston (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)- Previous: 16  Change: +1

16. Derek Carr (Oakland Raiders)- Previous: 15                           Change: -1

17. Matt Stafford (Detroit Lions)- Previous 18                               Change: +1

There seems to be life after Calvin Johnson as the Lions passing attack may not be as anemic as once believed to be going into this season. Signing Anquan Boldin was a great move to bolster the receiving core.

18. Kirk Cousins (Washington Redskins)- Previous: 14             Change: -4

After further review, the lack of offense weapons, if you consider Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon to be aging is alarming, causing Cousins to drop in the Pug’s rankings.

19. Alex Smith (Kansas City Chiefs)- Previous: 17                         Change: -2

20. Joe Flacco (Baltimore Ravens)- Previous: 20                         Change: –

21. Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)- Previous: 18                                Change: -3

22. Tyrod Taylor (Buffalo Bills)- Previous: 21                                 Change: -1

23. Brock Osweiler (Houston Texans)- Previous: 22                    Change: -1

24. Teddy Bridgewater (Minnesota Vikings)- Previous: 26        Change: +2

25. Ryan Tannehill (Miami Dolphins)- Previously: 24                 Change: -1

26.Marcus Mariota (Tennessee Titans)- Previously: 28              Change: +2                                    

27. Mark Sanchez (Denver Broncos)- Previously: 25                    Change: -2              

28. Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears)- Previously: 23                               Change: -5                

29. Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams)- Previously: 29                      Change: –                  

30. Robert Griffin III (Cleveland Browns) – Previously: 32       Change: +2                

Running Backs

1. Devonta Freeman (Atlanta Falcons)- Previously: 2                  Change: +1

With the suspension to Le’Veon Bell, there is a new sheriff in town.

2. David Johnson (Arizona Cardinals)- Previously: 4                  Change: +2

The closer it get to regular season play, the more the Pug believes this guy is the real deal ready to make a huge impact in the fantasy world

3. Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings)- Previously: 3              Change: –

4. Doug Martin (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)- Previously: 5            Change: +1                              

The Pug has been really impressed with how Martin looks to be in midseason form throughout camp. Martin is poised to have big numbers this year and prove he was worth his contract.

5. Todd Gurley (Los Angeles Rams)- Previously: 6                       Change: +1

6. Jamaal Charles- (Kansas City Chiefs)- Previously: 7               Change: +1

7. Latavius Murray (Oakland Raiders)- Previously: 12               Change: +5

Between the growth he experienced last season, and the improved Oakland offensive line, the Pug is becoming a huge believer that Murray producing fantasy points all season long.

8. Matt Forte (New York Jets)- Previously: 8                                 Change: –

9. Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys)- Previously: 11                       Change: +2  

With his health coming around and the domestic abuse whispers seemingly dying out, Elliot cracks the top 10 with the Cowboys offensive line. Still one of the most unknown picks in any fantasy draft as far as production.

10. Danny Woodhead (San Diego Chargers)- Previously: 9      Change: -1

11. Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh Steelers)- Previously: 1                   Change: -10

With a four game suspension lingering, Bell drops out of the top ten. This situation is worth keeping an eye on as Bell thinks he will win his appeal. If he wins the appeal he will be back on top of this list.

12. Mark Ingram (New Orleans Saints)- Previously: 10             Change: -2

13. C.J. Anderson (Denver Broncos)- Previously: 14                   Change: +1

14. LeSean McCoy (Buffalo Bills)- Previously: 13                          Change: -1

15. Chris Ivory (Jacksonville Jaguars)- Previously: 16                Change: +1

With questions regarding the split between Ivory and T.J. Yeldon far from over, the preseason game against the Jets made it look like Ivory will tote the rock in goal line situations, which bodes well for his ranking.

16. Thomas Rawles (Seattle Seahawks)- Previously: 21              Change: +5     

Rawles is becoming healthier, and the Pug believes Christine Michael will fade as Rawles will help the Seahawks to forget Marshawn Lynch.

17. DeMarco Murray (Tennessee Titans)- Previously: 18           Change: +1  

18. Giovani Bernard (Cincinnati Bengals)- Previously: 19         Change: +1      

19. Eddie Lacy (Green Bay Packers)- Previously: 15                     Change: -4

Yes, Lacy lost weight, but with the Packers even considering cutting him last season, he has a lot to prove.

20. Lamar Miller (Houston Texans)- Previously: 17                     Change: -3

Too many changes on offense for the Texans. Not sold on them…..yet.

21. Justin Forsett (Baltimore Ravens)- Previously: 20                Change: -1     

22. Jeremy Hill (Cincinnati Bengals)- Previously: 22                   Change: –

23. Ryan Matthews (Philadelphia Eagles)- Previously: 24          Change: +1

24. Arian Foster (Miami Dolphins)- Previously: 23                       Change: -1

25. T.J.Yeldon (Jacksonville Jaguars)- Previously: 30                 Change: +5   

26. Carlos Hyde (San Francisco 49ers)- Previously: 25                Change: -1

27. Duke Johnson (Cleveland Browns)- Previously: 28                Change: +1

Johnson may continue to rise up the boards. Keep an eye on him.

28. Charles Sims III (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)- Previously: 26  Change: -2

29. Ameer Abdullah (Detroit Lions)- Previously: 27                      Change: -2

30. Jeremy Langford (Chicago Bears)- Previously: 33                  Change: +3

*For deeper rankings of running backs click here to see original rankings.

Wide Receivers

1. Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers)- Previously: 1                  Change: –

2. Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons)- Previously: 2                                Change: –

3. Odell Beckham Jr.  (New York Giants)- Previously: 3               Change: –

4. Dez Bryant (Dallas Cowboys)- Previously: 5                                 Change: +1 

Dez looked good on the field in the preseason matchup against the Rams. Ready to pick up where he left off.

5. Allen Robinson (Jacksonville Jaguars)- Previously: 6              Change: +1

Looked really good in the opener. The Pug believes Robinson will show the world he is a top tier wide receiver this season.

6.  DeAndre Hopkins (Houston Texans)- Previously: 4                 Change: -2

7. A.J. Green (Cincinnati Bengals)- Previously: 7                             Change: –

8. Brandon Marshall (New York Jets)- Previously: 10                   Change: +2

With Ryan Fitzpatrick back at the helm for the Jets, Marshall’s stock rises. He built great chemistry with Fitz last year and should pick up where he left off last season.

9. Jordy Nelson (Green Bay Packers)- Previously: 8                        Change: -1

10. Keenan Allen (San Diego Chargers)- Previously: 9                   Change: -1

11. Amari Cooper (Oakland Raiders)- Previously: 12                       Change: +1  

12. Mike Evans (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)- Previously: 14               Change: +2

It was recently reported that Evans dropped 15 pounds this offseason. As long as he contains his drops this year Evans should pay dividends to his owners.

13. Demaryius Thomas (Denver Broncos)- Previously: 13             Change: –

14. Alshon Jeffery (Chicago Bears)- Previously: 11                           Change: -3

Talent for days, but the rest of the Bears offense seems to be going in the wrong direction.

15. Brandon Cooks (New Orleans Saints)- Previously: 16               Change: +1

16. T.Y, Hilton (Indianapolis Colts)- Previously: 15                          Change: -1

17. Jarvis Landry (Miami Dolphins)- Previously: 17                         Change: –

18. Julian Edelman (New England Patriots)- Previously: 18         Change: –

19. Doug Baldwin (Seattle Seahawks)- Previously: 20                     Change: +1

20. Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals)- Previously: 22               Change: +2

21. Kelvin Benjamin (Carolina Panthers)- Previously: 19               Change: -2  

22. Jeremy Maclin (Kansas City Chiefs)- Previously 21                    Change: -1

23. Allen Hurns (Jacksonville Jaguars)- Previously: 23                   Change: –   

24. Eric Decker (New York Jets)- Previously: 25                                 Change: +1

25. Sammy Watkins (Buffalo Bills)- Previously: 24                            Change: -1

26. Golden Tate (Detroit Lions)- Previously: 26                                  Change: –

27. Randall Cobb (Green Bay Packers)- Previously: 27                     Change: –

28. Michael Floyd (Arizona Cardinals)- Previously: 30                    Change: +2

29. Emmanuel Sanders (Denver Broncos)- Previously: 29             Change: –

30. Jordan Matthews (Philadelphia Eagles)- Previously: 28          Change: -2

*For deeper rankings of wide receivers click here for original rankings.

Tight Ends

The tight end list has remained unchanged. Although Gronk is still on top it is worth noting that he was taken off the practice field by the medical staff with an unknown issue. If the injury causes him to miss any time, Gronk will fall down the board. This will also increase the worth of Martellus Bennett. Click here for original rankings.

Kickers and Defense

No changes to report here, although defensive rankings could be changed soon due to preseason play and injuries. Click here for original rankings.










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