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2016 Fantasy Football Rankings: Kickers and Defense


It’s time to celebrate one of America’s favorite activities, the return of fantasy football. The Pug is here to guide you to another successful season. For the next few weeks we will take a look at the rankings , according to The Pug, of the top fantasy producers at their respective positions. Rankings will use a standard PPR league point system. 1 pt. for every 20 yards passing, 1 point for every 10 yards receiving and rushing, 1 pt for receptions 4 points for passing touchdowns and 6 points for rushing and receiving touchdowns.

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and finally the rankings for kickers and team defense

*Kicker points are as follows: 

Field Goals Made

0-39 yards: 3 points                                                                               Made Extra Points: 1 Point

40-49 yards: 4 points                                                                            Missed Field Goal: -1 Point

50+: 5 Points                                                                                            Missed Extra Point: -1 Point

Kickers Rankings

1. Stephen Gostkowski (New England Patriots)- Gostkowski is a perfect fantasy mix between great skills and a being a member of a high powered offense. Only missed 3 field goals last season and converted on all of his extra point attempts. The Patriots missing Tom Brady for the first four games could actually be beneficial to Gostkowski owners.

2. Mason Crosby (Green Bay Packers)- Actually finished right in the middle of the pack for kickers last season, but another example of an accurate kicker mixed with a high powered offense. Missed four field goals last season and converted all of his PAT attempts. With the return of Jordy Nelson to the Packers offense, he should easily be in the mix for top points in the kicker department.

3. Chandler Catanzaro (Arizona Cardinals)- Catanzaro missed both three extra points and three field goals last year. Although missing three extra points is alarming, The Cardinals and their overabundance of weapons will give Catanzaro more than enough chances to be a top tier fantasy kicker.

4. Graham Gano (Carolina Panthers)- The NFC Champion Panthers had the 11th ranked offense in terms of yardage last season without a true number one receiver. This season they get Kelvin Benjamin back which should make their offense even more effective. That equates to plenty of chances for a guy who didn’t have the best season(6 missed FG’s and 3 missed PAT’s) last year, but has the skills to bounce back.

5. Blair Walsh (Minnesota Vikings)- This guy cost the Pug the Scrum Sports fantasy title last season with his outstanding week 16 performance where he kicked five field goals and four extra points(Lost by .5 sore subject so moving on) Walsh had his fair share of misses last season, but the Vikings offense does just enough to get him in range for plenty of opportunities.

6. Chris Boswell (Pittsburgh Steelers)- Boswell is another guy rising up this year’s charts as he only missed three attempts this year. The only thing that may hold him back is the Steelers like to make trips to the end zone and not field goals.

7. Dan Bailey (Dallas Cowboys)- Bailey’s chances last year were limited since the Cowboys offense was less than stellar with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant sidelined for most of last season. Expect his chances to rise with both of those guys coming into the season healthy. Bailey can be a top notch guy if Romo doesn’t find himself in the trainers room this season.

8. Steve Hauschka (Seattle Seahawks)- Hauschka, like the Seahawks offense, saw his numbers go up towards the end of the season. If the Hawks offense can pick up where they left off last season, look for Hauschka to be a solid fantasy contributor.

9. Cairo Santos (Kansas City Chiefs)- The Chiefs offense is notorious for preventing turnovers. This will continue last season and provide Santos  the opportunity to be a top 10 fantasy kicker this season.

10. Nick Folk (New York Jets)- Folk has been a solid fantasy option since joining the New York Jets. He missed the top ten last season when he didn’t see action after week eight due to injury. With the ability to be a top notch offense this year, Folk will make the best of his opportunities.

11. Justin Tucker (Baltimore Ravens)

12. Josh Brown (New York Giants)

13. Brandon McManus (Denver Broncos)

14. Dan Carpenter (Buffalo Bills)

15. Adam Vinatieri (Indianapolis Colts)

16. Jason Myers (Jacksonville Jaguars)

17. Sebastian Janikowski (Oakland Raiders)

18. Mike Nugent (Cincinnati Bengals)

19. Roberto Aguayo (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

20. Matt Prater (Detroit Lions)

21. Connor Barth (New Orleans Saints)

22. Matt Bryant (Atlanta Falcons)

23.Dustin Hopkins (Washington Redskins)

24. Nick Novak (Houston Texans)

25. Josh Lambo (San Diego Chargers)

26. Robbie Gould (Chicago Bears)

27. Andrew Franks (Miami Dolphins)

28. Greg Zuerlein (Los Angeles Rams)

29. Cody Parkey (Philadelphia Eagles)

30. Ryan Succop (Tennessee Titans)

31. Phil Dawson (San Francisco 49ers)

32. Travis Coons (Cleveland Browns)

*Defensive points are as follows:

Sacks: 1 Point                                                                                                  Points Against: 0: 10 Points

Recovered Fumbles: 2 Points                                                                                                1-6: 8 Points

Safety: 2 Points                                                                                                                          7-13: 6 Points

Interceptions: 2 Points                                                                                                        14-20: 4 Points

Blocked kick: 2 Points                                                                                                          21-27: 2 Points

Touchdowns: 6 Points                                                                                                         28-34: 0 Points

                                                                                                                                                      35+: -4 Points

Team Defense

1. Seattle Seahawks- The Legion of Boom started out rough last season then came on strong and made everyone remember their name. As hard as it may be to believe they made improvements and this may be the best verison yet of the LOB.

2. Denver Broncos- The defending champions did loose some pieces, but the core is still there. Von Miller is reported to be in the best shape of his life, which could be scary to believe that he hasn’t peaked yet.

3. Carolina Panthers- Although Josh Norman departed for Washington, make no mistake about it, the Panthers defense will be strong. The linebackers are the heart and sole of this team, so loosing Norman shouldn’t sting as bad as many think it will.

4. Arizona Cardinals- If the Cardinals pass rush were a little stronger, they would easily be competing with the likes of Seattle for tops in the fantasy world.

5. Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs defense ranked third last season in points allowed seventh in yards per game and are more than capable in producing turnovers, especially in their secondary. Their pass rush is also stellar and should rack up the points again this season.

6. Minnesota Vikings- The Vikings defense helped carry the Vikings to the postseason last year. Look for them to be just as strong this year and be a weekly must start in all formats.

7. New York Jets- The Jets may just have the best front seven in the league, and their secondary isn’t shabby either. They need to produce more turnovers to rise the ranks, but they will get you points for not allowing the opposition to score. They ranked forth last year in total yardage allowed.

8. Cincinnati Bengals- Cincinnati gave up the second least amount of points last season, and with a young core that is still in place, the Pug may eat his words for ranking them this low on the list.

9. Los Angeles Rams- A change of scenery may do the Rams a bit of good as they have a great defense that has been under minded by sub-par play. Still hard to rank that kind of talent out of the top ten.

10. Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers weak point on defense has been their secondary recently. They attempted to revamp their secondary this offseason and time will tell if they can return to greatness.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- I believe the Bucs to be a rising defense. They fall just outside the top ten, but if Noah Spence can help upgrade the pass rush and Vernon Hargreaves III can help the struggling secondary watch out.

12. New York Giants- This team spent big money this off season to make sure their defense wouldn’t be as bad as it was last year. On paper it looks good, that’s why the Pug has them ranked at 12. That doesn’t always workout however, just ask the Philadelphia Eagles……

13. New England Patriots

14. Houston Texans

15. Green Bay Packers

16. San Francisco 49ers

17. Jacksonville Jaguars

18. Philadelphia Eagles

19. Buffalo Bills

20. Washington Redskins

21. Baltimore Ravens

22. Oakland Raiders

23. Atlanta Falcons

24. Detroit Lions

25. Indianapolis Colts

26. Miami Dolphins

27. Chicago Bears

28. Dallas Cowboys

29. San Diego Chargers

30. Tennessee Titans

31. Cleveland Browns

32. New Orleans Saints




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