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Tom Brady addition has paid off and then some

Tom Brady addition has paid off and then some


If there was any doubt about the greatness of Tom Brady before he came to Tampa Bay, to this point he’s pretty much silenced mostly many of his naysayers. How you might ask?


Someone who has been largely labeled a system quarterback because of playing under just one head coach his entire career (Bill Belichick) and now Brady is defying all odds at the ripe age of 43 years old. The former New England Patriot with a much more scaled down off-season and playing within the scope of a new offensive system under Bruce Arians threw for 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns against 12 interceptions. Not too shabby for someone who was supposed to fall off the cliff awhile ago.

Yes, Brady did inherit an embarrassment of riches when it came to the offensive skill positions and he knew that would be a point of emphasis when it came to selecting his next team after life was over in New England. But his career was written off after the 2019 season and many say rightfully so. He threw for 24 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Not too bad if we were talking about maybe an up and coming signal caller. This is Tom Brady we’re talking about, however.

The Tom Brady addition to Tampa Bay had affected the franchise in more ways than just on the field, as a much more renewed interest in the team has surged back. Though crowds have been limited for home games, there’s no questioning the hype around the Buccaneers can be seen all across Tampa Bay. From murals in St. Petersburg to sand castles in Clearwater Beach to signs all over the area. Brady’s impact has been felt.

Now on the cusp of possibly being the first team to ever play in a home ‘Super Bowl’ game, many are wondering if this berth in the NFC Championship was enough if the Buccaneers end up losing to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday afternoon. Well, we can all say this, if it wasn’t for the arrival of Brady, we’d all be watching the NFC Championship and likely wouldn’t have included the Tampa Bay Buccaneers whatsoever.

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