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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Draft Rewind 2013

With the 2016 NFL Draft right around the corner, every team looks find their next franchise player. From number one all they way to the seventh round, teams are looking to gain the upper hand with every move. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been working on their drafting process. This is a series where we will take a look back and see just how good and bad the Bucs have done, specifically in 2013.

With the 2013 13th overall pick the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had great intentions with trading the pick to the New York Jets for superstar corner Darelle Revis. This was a highly debated move the team made. But acquiring such a top-notch player showed that the Buccanners were committed to shoring up the corner position and making strides to build a better defense for Greg Schiano. Revis tallied 50 tackles, 1 sack, 11 pass deflections and 2 interceptions through the 2013 season. Unfortunately the scheme that Head Coach Schiano was using did not utilize the elite shut down corner properly. Using him in zone coverage was out of Darelle’s comfort zone, and underutilized his talents. At the end of the season, the Bucs decided to part ways with the corner due to his $12 million salary cap hit. Overall Grade: D This was one of those times where it was the right place wrong time kind of deal. A different coach who wasn’t so locked into his ways could have made adjustments to his defense to allow Revis to be Revis. But Schiano wasn’t that guy and let this move go to complete waste. Missed Opportunity: Sheldon Richardson, Tyler Eifert, Desmond Trufant

With Tampa having the 43rd pick in the draft, the Bucs were serious about making the pass defense better by drafting Mississippi St CB Johnthan Banks. He was exactly what the Bucs needed with this pick to play opposite side Revis. This was supposed to be on paper a one two punch that would make teams have to rely on the run more than the passing game. Banks was a ball hawk and somewhat of a shut down corner in the SEC, but for whatever reason it just didn’t transfer over to the NFL quite like Tampa had hoped. Posting 55 tackles, 5 pass deflections and 3 interceptions, Banks showed promise to be a success but struggled in the zone system Schiano had in place. This is the first player from this draft to still be on the current roster, and hoping with the new defensive system is given a chance to really showcase his talents in 2016. Overall Grade: C This was a safe pick for the Bucs. He was smart and athletic but just like Revis, was out of his comfort zone. Being a rookie, he struggled to adapt. Schiano again is blamed for not fitting the system to the players he was given. See a pattern yet? Missed Opportunity: Kiko Alonso, Le’Veon Bell, Eddy Lacy

Tampa looked to the offense with their 73rd overall pick with NC State QB Mike Glennon. This was a fun one for Bucs fan to debate all year-long. Glennon came out of NC State having a great season following Russel Wilson’s departure from the Wolfpack. In the NFL, he eventually beat out Josh Freeman in Week 4 and never relinquished the position the rest of the year. Posting 2,608 yards 19 touchdowns and only 9 picks for the rookie quarterback wasn’t all that bad. However the 59.4% pass completions was where people began their gripes about the rookie. He was inconsistent and just above average, and people struggled to call him the franchise quarterback. Everyone wanted a full season under his belt to prove he was the right guy for the job. Mike is currently on the active roster as well, but is also in the center of trade rumors with new QB Jamies Winston marked as the starter and franchise guy. Overall Grade: B I was a Glennon fan. He showed glimpses of being an amazing quarterback, but poor play from the offensive line and a bottom tiered defense never really gave the kid a chance to get into a rhythm. He will one day get his time to shine. Missed Opportunity: Terrance Williams Keenan Allen

The Bucs moved up to the 100th spot and grabbed Illinois DT Akeem Spence to help put some pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Spence was coming out of college looking like a gladiator; large, strong and fast. The ability to make tackles all over the field, use his size to his advantage, and make a quick impact on a defense that needed some impact anywhere it could get it. Whether it was the scheme or the player, getting only 29 tackles and a single sack, he just didn’t pan out very well as a successful pick for the Buccaneers in the long run. Still on the active roster, but not the impact player they were hoping for. Overall Grade: D Maybe I’m being too critical here and just need to beat up Schiano some more. He was just so bad wasn’t he? Missed Opportunity Landry Jones

Another 4th round pick number 126, Tampa adds another defensive lineman, this time with Michigan St tackle William Gholston. A late 4th rounder looked the part to become an elite pass rusher, but with poor guidance, just couldn’t get it together. Had a below average year, 30 tackles, 3 sacks and 3 pass deflections from the large prospect out of MSU. He is still on the current roster and has the ability to start for the Bucs in 2016. Overall Grade: C In 2013, there wasn’t much nice to say about the Tampa defense. 3 years later, this could become a quality player yet for this defense. Missed Opportunity: Kenny Stills

In the 5th round Tampa used the 147th pick to again add depth to the defense with Buffalo DE Steven Means. With his undersized frame, he was moved to linebacker, and picked up 6 tackles on the season. There wasn’t much going on here and they parted ways early in the 2014 season. Overall Grade: D He made the roster. We can count that as a win. Right? Missed Opportunity: Zac Stacy

The 6th round pick was confusing on draft day. Using the 189th overall pick, Tampa went with Miami RB Mike James. In college, he was a back that was strong and was getting the tough yards. In the NFL, James would be a good short yard situation kind of guy. This was a strange pick because Tampa already had a bruiser in Legarrette Blount. With 295 yards rushing averaging 4.9 yards a carry and 43 yards receiving on 4.3 yards a catch, the Bucs may have found some depth at RB this late in the draft. Also, still on the current roster as a change of pace back to The Dougernaught. Overall Grade: C This was hard to understand back then. Now, I like to see Mike James (who) on the field. Unless I’m starting Doug Martin on my fantasy team. Missed Opportunity: Theo Riddick

The 7th round pick and Legarrett Blount were traded to the New England Patriots for the rights for Olympic track star Jeff Demps. This clears up some of the confusion with having two bruisers in the backfield. Demps was blindingly fast on the Florida Gators. Tampa was looking to use him in the return game, where if he was given the open field, he could do some damage. Unfortunately, he had issues catching the ball, and did more harm than good. Overall Grade: F Speed kills in the NFL, but if you can’t catch the ball, that kills your career. He was fun to watch in Florida wasn’t he? Missed Opportunities: Legarrette Blount

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