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WWE: Survivor Series 11/20/16 Recap

WWE: Survivor Series took place from the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 11/20/16!

Noam Dar, TJ Perkins and Rich Swann defeat Tony Nese, Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari by pinfall during the pre-show after a standing 450 Splash by Rich Swann.

Kane defeats Luke Harper during the pre-show with a chokeslam.

Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown (5 on 5 Women’s Elimination Match)

-Alicia Fox eliminates Carmella with an axe kick.
-Alexa Bliss eliminates Alicia Fox with Twisted Bliss.
-Nia Jax eliminates Naomi by countout after posting her on the apron.
-Natalya eliminates Sasha Banks with a rollup after an assist from Alexa Bliss.
-Charlotte eliminates Natalya with a Yakuza Kick.
-Becky Lynch eliminates Nia Jax with the Disarmer.
-Charlotte eliminates Alexa Bliss with a Yakuza Kick.
-Bayley eliminates Becky Lynch with a Bayley-To-Belly Suplex.

Winners: Team Raw (Charlotte and Bayley Survive)

After the match, Charlotte will not let her partner celebrate the win as she attacks her viciously, setting the stage for a future program that will take place for the Raw women’s title. The match was decent for what it is. Some of the women are still quite green and it showed. Nia Jax botched a spot, Carmella and Naomi struggled at times, and even Nattie was slow with her delivery. Bliss and Becky were on point for Team Smackdown, and Charlotte and Bayley looked great. Sasha’s early elimination wasn’t well received, but overall, the expected result played out here with the Raw women standing tall at the end of the evening. Nikki Bella never even made it to the ring as she was attacked backstage and had a “head injury”. Obviously, the beatdown was employed by either Nattie or Carmella, but a very foolish decision to make her captain and then not have her compete. Becky made the most sense as it was. That was a ridiculous call by the writing team, but it didn’t take away from an enjoyable opener. Kudos to those who stood tall and entertained the crowd. I will say, one of the coolest highlights of the contest was a double suplex by Nia Jax on Becky and Bliss. The crowd loved that.

Gallows and Anderson run into James Ellsworth backstage after the women’s match and they mock him, calling his rise to the top a “chinderella story” and that’s he’s “chin it to win it”. Gallows calls him a nerd and wins the hearts of all those in attendance. Mick Foley steps in and defends Ellsworth. James is a mark and says he remembers Foley being tossed off the cell by the Undertaker and being speared through a flaming table by Edge. He offers James a spot on RAW, but Ellsworth says that Team Blue is where he’s at. He wishes him well and then he heads off before Ellsworth runs into Braun Strowman who merely asks, “Don’t I Know You?”

The Miz defeats Sami Zayn and retains the IC Title after a rollup and a controversial interference from Maryse.

A tremendous contest between two very established stars that will hold up as a very watchable contest. Zayn looked like he was about to win it on several occasions and the Miz worked as brilliantly as has been expected from him in recent months. A controversial ending as Zayn had a submission locked on and Maryse rang the timekeeper’s bell. Zayn thought he’d won the match, but he took his eyes away from Miz long enough for the heel champ to roll him up and keep the belt on Smackdown. Very Mayweather/Ortiz and I loved it. Backstage, Dean Ambrose is watching the Miz and Maryse celebrate their victory when the WWE World Champion, The Champ That Runs The Camp, AJ Styles, walks up and tells him that if he falls in line, they’ll win tonight. Dean says he’ll take AJ’s title from him in two weeks at TLC and Shane McMahon walks in and says that in two weeks, they can tear each other apart, but tonight, they need to be on the same page.

Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown (5 Team Elimination Tag Match)

-The New Day eliminate Breezango with the Big Ending Slam Combo.
-The Usos eliminate The New Day with a rollup.
-Gallows and Anderson eliminate The Hype Bros. with a Magic Killer.
-American Alpha eliminate The Shining Stars with an Avalanche Bulldog.
-Gallows and Anderson eliminate American Alpha with a Magic Killer.
-Slater and Rhyno eliminate Gallows and Anderson with The Gore.
-Enzo and Big Cass eliminate Slater and Rhyno with Bada Boom Shaka Laka.
-The Usos eliminate Enzo and Big Cass with a Samoan Splash/Superkick Combo.
-Cesaro and Sheamus eliminate The Usos with a Sharpshooter Submission.

Winners: Team Raw (Cesaro and Sheamus Survive)

-The early eliminations of The New Day were very shocking, but it really sold the fact that anybody could win this one. So far, this was the match of the night because it was designed to be fun and it was. The Usos looked like a million bucks and were the stars of the show. Since they turned heel, it has worked wonders for revitalizing their character development. Cesaro and Sheamus winning was amazing, because the crowd didn’t expect it, but they were firmly behind them and the two opponents got on the same page. Gallows and Anderson looked great too and Enzo and Cass warmed up the crowd before the match. There were a great many high spots including a launch somersault splash by American Alpha and many other high flying maneuvers. Cesaro and Sheamus have to be in line for a tag team title match. As I type this, Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon are backstage and they book that before-mentioned tag title match for tomorrow night on Raw! Good stuff!

THE Brian Kendrick defeats Kalisto by DQ after interference from Baron Corbin.

From a story-line perspective, it makes perfect sense as Corbin was injured and removed from Team Smackdown as a result of an injury that was exploited during his match with Kalisto on Smackdown. From a fan perspective, this sucked. Kendrick and Kalisto had a hell of a match here. The psychology was tremendous and the high flying was top notch. I literally came out of my seat as Kalisto hit a Spanish Fly on Kendrick off the apron to the unforgiving floor. That spot was ridiculous and showed the immense trust that the two men had for each other. The crowd was a little flat at first, as would be expected after nearly four hours of action at this point, but they came alive as the match progressed. Hopefully, we’ll get to see this one again down the road as Kalisto escaped the Captain’s Hook and Kendrick dodged a bullet with Salida Del Sol. After the match, Daniel Bryan called Baron Corbin selfish as Corbin said the last thing that Smackdown needed was more “little pests” on Smackdown.

Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown (5 on 5 Main Event Match)

-Braun Strowman eliminates Dean Ambrose with a running powerslam.
-Braun Strowman is eliminated by countout after a Shane O’Mac elbow through a table and the aide of James Ellsworth
-Kevin Owens is eliminated by DQ after striking AJ Styles with the List of Jericho.
-Randy Orton eliminates Chris Jericho with the RKO after Jericho scooped up the List papers, brokenhearted.
-Shane McMahon is eliminated by ref stoppage after a brutal Roman Reigns spear during Coast-2-Coast
-Seth Rollins eliminates AJ Styles after a Shield Reunion Powerbomb through a table.
-Bray Wyatt eliminates Seth Rollins after an RKO catches Rollins from the top rope.
-Bray Wyatt eliminates Roman Reigns with Sister Abigail after an assist from Randy Orton.

Winners: Team Smackdown (Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton Survive)

Anyone but you, Roman! That was a little over an hour for this match and for me to even begin to describe everything that happened in this one would be ludicrous. The stories of this were Ellsworth getting destroyed by Braun Strowman after causing him to be eliminated. This followed Shane O’Mac hitting the elbow through the announce table. Ambrose was eliminated first because he and AJ Styles kept mixing it up, furthering their feud. That ended up coming back to bite AJ later as Ambrose repaid the favor and the Shield reunited long enough to drive him through the Spanish announce table with a triple spike powerbomb. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens might have some dissension now as KO got himself eliminated by nailing AJ with the list of Jericho. Jericho was distracted by picking up the tattered remnants of the list and he ate an RKO. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton worked together like clockwork. Randy Orton was the star of this match, that is straight up indisputable. He looked like the Orton of old and he and Wyatt really deserved this. Whoever wrote this one should be given a raise because they managed to combine all the story-lines currently showcased with the product. I was a little worried for Shane, because he took that spear hard. Roman did nothing wrong, that needs to be understood. He hit that beautifully and even covered up Shane at the end. Just an old soul taking a rough bump I’d assume. Luke Harper showed up and the Wyatt Family, now featuring Randy Orton, were the stars of the night and they got the sorely needed victory for Team Smackdown. Tuesday Night should be very interesting television.

Goldberg defeats Brock Lesnar with the Jackhammer in record time.

This was as stunning as when Lesnar bested the Undertaker and ended the streak. Maybe Lesnar and Heyman decided this would be the finish? Lesnar tried to power Goldberg down quickly, but that was it. Goldberg, in prime shape, I might add, nailed a first spear, and then as Brock got to his feet, he nailed a second spear. Lesnar was then hoisted up and a Jackhammer was executed and Lesnar was pinned in less than two minutes time. The Toronto crowd was stunned, but they celebrated along with Goldberg. Bill brought his son into the ring, and it looks like he’ll ride off into the sunset, putting a quick end to fantasy warfare. I really, REALLY enjoyed this PPV, hope you all did too!

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