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WWE Smack Down Live Review 12-27-16

WWE Smack Down Review
Chicago, Illinois

The last Smack Down Live of the year kicks off with a bang as John Cena’s music blasts soliciting a combination of cheers and boos from the crowd. As advertised for the past few weeks John Cena returns tonight running down to the ring and enters it with a slide. He addresses the WWE Universe, in a passionate promo, addressing his recent labels as a part timer. He then issues his intent and challenge for the WWE Title at the upcoming Royal Rumble. Cena then says he will be paying attention to tonight’s triple threat match to see who he will be facing.

Before cutting to commercial, we’re treated to brief but funny interview with The Miz. The backstage reporter, knocks on a door that has a gaudy Miz name plate on it. The reporter knocks on the door, and Miz and his wife Maryse open the door. The Miz rudely interrupts the reporter and demands that Rene Young come and apologize to him, and then he will give interviews again, before slamming the door.

4 Corners Tag Team Championship Match
Wyatt Family (Tag Team Champions) Vs American Alpha Vs The Uso’s Vs Rhyno & Heath Slater

After the untimely and unfortunate knee injury Zack Ryder suffered, this match was made in lieu of declaring a new number one contender. As the bell rings The Wyatts don’t even bother taking their corner. Instead they lounge near the barricades, and Bray even lays on the ground outside the ring at one point. Heath Slater starts off strong with a decent display of enthusiastic offense. Thought a bit sloppy at times, it garners a response from the crowd. Slater and Rhyno are eliminated first, after Slater is pinned by the Uso’s. At this point the Wyatts make their way to their corner, as American Alpha begin to square up with the Usos’s. A decent back and forth begins between the Uso’s and the Alpha’s, but the Alpha’s get the upper hand and Chad Gable pins Jey Uso in a roll up for the pin. The Wyatts immediately jump on the worn out Alphas, and proceed to beat the young team from post to post. Chad Gable begins the rally, with probably the best standing German suplex slam with bridge I’ve ever seen. On Luke Harper no less. Even the monkey’s in the truck had to show a replay of that one upon coming back from commercial break. Randy Orton starts to beat back the Alphas, when a supposed mis-communication between Harper and Orton cause Randy Orton to get hurt. The Alphas take advantage, and shockingly pin Orton, winning their first Tag Team Championship run. The collision between Orton and Harper sure seemed to be intentional to me, but we shall see. As the Alphas celebrate after the match, Bray Wyatt has to step between Harper and Orton.

Backstage Promo – Ziggler going off on his old schtick now. Crowd even boos him a bit when he first starts off. His just one night thing is getting old now. It was effective during his feud with The Miz, but even by the end of that it was getting stale. While Dolph still delivers it with passion, we’ve heard it all before. Next we’re treated to James Ellsworth getting interviewed. Soon as his face fills the screen the crowd loudly boo’s. How quickly the WWE Universe has soured to the chinless under dog. During his interview Carmella comes out and accuses the reporter of being rude with her questions. She then says she finds Ellsworth cute, before escorting him away.

Alexa Bliss (Womens Champion) Vs Becky Lynch

While I like both ladies, and have enjoyed their feud, it’s starting to take a Banks Vs Flair feel. Not sure what else these two ladies can do with this story line anymore. WWE is going to need to inject something into this storyline if they plan on continuing this one. While it starts off slow, it eventually turns into a brutal showing from Alexa Bliss, who delivers some stiff offense. The match really begins to kick up a notch when it spills outside. Both ladies land some stiff blows, and really make it look like a brawl. Towards the end of the match a woman dressed as La Luchadora, comes running down to the ring. She ends up distracting the ref, and loosening one of the covers from the turnbuckle. Becky Lynch gets Alexa Bliss in the disarmer, and after the Referee breaks the hold, we see Alexa Bliss’s arm appears to be broken. With her elbow bent out instead of in, it’s a shocking site. As the ref stares at Alexa’s arm Becky is distracted by the women dressed as La Luchadora. Bliss runs and shoves Lynch into the turnbuckle that no longer has the padding. Alexa then quickly pins the injured ex champ and retains her title.

Renee Young is shown backstage surrounded by security, as she knocks on Miz’s makeshift green room. Maryse opens the door, and gives off some good heat with Renee Young, as she tells her she should leave. Miz comes out and smugly tells his wife to let him handle it. Miz then proceeds to shoo the security away, and wants them out of his screen time. Before Miz can verbally lay into Renee, we see Dean Ambrose appear behind Miz wearing a security shirt. Ambrose proceeds to beat Miz down, as Miz screams for security. Ambrose also beats down a security man down or two, before picking up one of their radios and saying all clear.

Quick interview of Nikki Bella backstage. Mostly just a recap of last weeks antics between Natalya and Nikki. Nikki says she would rather respond directly to Natalya’s face.

Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship
AJ Styles (WWE Champion) Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs Baron Corbin

Great showing from Baron Corbin through out match. He comes across as quick, big, fast, and powerful. Going against two of the best sellers in the business, Ziggler and Styles both made him look even better. After Corbin beats both men around the ring for several minutes, AJ and Dolph end up having to double team Corbin. Battering him outside of the ring, they both then double leg drop him through the announcers table. Corbin is out of the match for a bit, and AJ and Dolph trade tons of near falls. There’s a great segment where both Corbin and Ziggler perform their finishers at the same time on each other an Styles respectively. Corbin eventually hits Ziggler with the end of days, but before he can get the pin, Styles hits him with the Styles forearm. Corbin tumbles from the ring, and Styles pins Ziggler for the count, retaining his title. After the match John Cena comes out and gets in Styles face. He then extends his hand to shake Styles hand. Styles preens for the camera a bit before taking his hand, to the crowds mix of boos and cheers.

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