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WWE Now Owns TNA Wrestling’s Tape Library

Only 24 hours ago, it was reported by WrestleZone that World Wrestling Entertainment purchased TNA’s tape library. It has been speculated for quite some time that the company wanted TNA’s entire prior match library to add to the content on the WWE Network. This could sweeten the pot for those who were on the fence about paying 9.99 per month to subscribe to WWE’s streaming network. The purchase, however, leaves TNA in a peculiar place.

TNA was facing financial peril as they were coming up short for funding of Bound for Glory, their biggest pay-per-view event of the year, this past weekend. Funding came in at the last minute. This funding was from multiple sources, primarily from TNA President Billy Corgan, who is now the majority shareholder of the company. Since Corgan came on board in early 2015, creative and booking seem to have improved and former TNA President Dixie Carter has been much less of an onscreen presence. Everything seemed to be moving in the right direction for TNA…except for finances. Many have cited that Carter’s mismanagement, her insistence on being majority shareholder and even her mere presence made investors hesitant to go all in with TNA. Corgan does not have negative baggage with him, seems to have a good mind for the business and is dedicated to the company (as his fronting the money for the past few TV tapings has proven). However, without the library of the past 14 years worth of TNA content, what could the future hold for the company?

There has been much speculation that Corgan could be planning to rebrand the company. This, imho, is the best possible thing for the company. The name of TNA has been an albatross. Even though they have made strides to improve the product in nearly every possible way, the mistakes from five to ten years ago have left a stain, preventing fans from wanting to come back. Though they lost a part of their history, now is the time to forge a new legacy, one untainted by the mistakes of years past. I, for one, welcome this change and feel this opens an exciting new chapter for the company formerly known as TNA. The sky is the limit. Now, if they could just get on a higher profile television network.

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