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WWE: Monday Night RAW 12/12/16 Recap

WWE: Monday Night RAW was LIVE from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA on 12/12/16!

The New Day defeat Cesaro and Sheamus and Gallows and Anderson via pinfall to retain the tag titles and best the record for the longest reigning tag team champions in history. Kofi Kingston put things away with the Trouble In Paradise on Sheamus. Big E. held Sheamus at bay as Gallows and Anderson were outside the ring, unable to secure the breakup. This was a great match to start the show and it’s an incredible feat by members of the New Day. For them to beat a record held by Ax and Smash, managed by the late, great Mr. Fuji, that’s just a tremendous feather in their cap. Having said that, I think it’s time for the belts to move along and find new owners. Either of the teams involved in this contest, as well as Enzo Amore and Big Cass, would be fitting champs. The New Day engaging in the chase or moving onto other things will freshen up the act, which has gotten a little stale in recent months to be quite honest. I am tremendously overjoyed for them having said that. Each and everyone of the talents involved should be very proud of the accomplishment and I’m always gonna be the world’s biggest Kofi Kingston fan. He just has “it” to paraphrase Chris Jericho.

We find out via a graphic that we’re going to enjoy “The Rollins Report” featuring the Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, later tonight.

After the break, we’re gonna apparently find out later what happened “behind closed door” with Rusev and Lana last week. Please, not another Al Wilson segment. Backstage, Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon, as well as pretty much every face in the company and a bunch of no-namers, are celebrating the New Day’s incredible feat with a party and a champagne toast. The problem with the situation is that the entire bottle of champagne finds it’s way all over the Raw GM, Stephanie McMahon, who is less than pleased. She knocks over a large bowl of Booty-O’s and leaves the party, angry. That’s gonna result in them losing the titles sooner rather than later I’m sure.

We then see highlights of Sami Zayn telling off Mick Foley last week in regards to getting a match with Braun Strowman. We then see twitter quotes where Sami wants a match “or else”. We then head to the ring for singles action with Braun Strowman.

Braun Strowman defeats Curtis Axel via pinfall with a wheelbarrow reverse chokeslam. Before this match got underway, Kevin Owens runs into Stephanie McMahon backstage and said that somebody should teach the New Day a lesson. I have an idea where this might be leading, but we’ll see. Steph says she’ll get cleaned up and then talk to KO. Meanwhile, The “Axe Man” was waiting in the ring with his music playing which is never a good sign and Strowman decimated him. Byron Saxton entered the ring after the destruction to ask for a response to Sami’s challenge. Strowman tells Saxton to congratulate him on his victory first and Saxton complies. Strowman calls Zayn an annoyance and says that Foley is protecting Sami Zayn. Strowman says Zayn can’t last “two minutes” with Strowman which will obviously lead to a challenge that involved outlasting Braun for that timeframe.

And then wow, Sami Zayn and Mick Foley have an incredible backstage segment. Zayn tells Foley that he doesn’t believe that Foley has any faith in him and Mick says he does but he doesn’t want Strowman to end Zayn’s career. He says he’ll give Sami champsionship matches, but not Strowman. Zayn says if he can’t get opportunities on Raw, maybe he doesn’t need to be there. Foley says that for Zayn’s safety, if that’s what he believes, then he’ll call Daniel Bryan personally to work out a trade. That’s going to be very interesting. Zayn on Smackdown would be a much better fit based on the horrid booking he’s experienced in recent months before the Strowman angle. We’ll see what happens.

Ariya Daivari defeats Lince Dorado via DQ due to interference from Jack Gallagher. Daivari beat Dorado down quite soundly, never really letting him get out of the blocks, and Gallagher showed up, mic in hand he announced his intention to interfere in the match. He said while he’s normally an extraordinary gentleman, Daivari is a “scoundrel” and deserves a proper thrashing. The two engage in fisticuffs before a headbutt sees Daivari spilling out through the ropes and then a dropkick sends him to the floor. Gallagher’s music plays and that’s all she wrote. The “Rollins Report” is next.

Seth Rollins is out and he starts off y trying to further drive the wedge between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. Owens is out and he then turns around, only to bring his own stool out onto the ramp, which he props up, saying that he’s not stupid enough to come down to the ring. Rollins asks about KO’s friendship with Jericho, calling the friendship “foggy”, continuing to interrupt the champ. KO says that he doesn’t need to worry about the friendship as the two men will have each other’s back. KO tells Rollins not to cut him off again, or he’ll break his face. KO says he’s lucky that the announcement is bigger than Rollins. And as expected, The New Day will be forced to defend their tag titles again tonight against the team of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. Chris Jericho’s music hits and he’s out onto the entryway ramp, “List Of Jericho” in hand. Jericho asks KO if he is crazy. He says that last week he cost him the US Title, and telling him to “shut up” two weeks ago. KO says that Jericho should stop living in the past and instead worry about breaking the New Day’s record and capturing the tag team titles. KO says they should work together and win the tag titles tonight! Rollins continues to troll saying that KO is pushing for the reunion of Bon Jovi and Meatloaf. He tells Rollins to shut up and Rollins calls him “Sparklecrotch” again. He then dares Jericho to put him on the list. Jericho drops his pen and says he’ll put him on the list all right, the “disabled list”. Jericho and KO circle the ring as Rollins grabs a stool and moves on KO before Jericho assaults him and the two “best friends” put the boots to Rollins, working him over on the floor. Roman Reigns, The US Champ, hits the ring to save his former Shield brother to a smattering of boos. KO and Jericho regroup and leave the ringside area.

After the break, we’ll see a singles bout in the Cruiserweight division between TJ Perkins and THE Brian Kendrick before they face Rich Swann Sunday in a triple threat match for the title! We come back with Charlie backstage with Rich Swann who is cracking jokes and says he’ll take on all comers. THE Brian Kendrick shows up and says that if it wasn’t for Perkins, Swann would have lost the title. Swann mocks Kendrick, and Kendrick comes back with a crack of his own. Perkins shows up and Swann says that Kendrick calls Perkins a traitor. Perkins says he’ll do whatever it takes to win back the title. He says Swann can find out on Sunday, Kendrick will find out now. To the ring!

THE Brian Kendrick defeats TJ Perkins via pinfall with Sliced Bread #2. Boy, these two really gave the crowd a quality match heading into the Triple Threat match on Sunday. Perkins got all of his offense in and several believable nearfalls. Kendrick employed the usual psychological tactics that have seen him wearing gold in recent weeks. In the end, it was Kendrick capitalizing on an opportunity to nailed Sliced Bread #2 in the corner which was enough to get the W. After the match, Mick Foley confronts Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins backstage. He tells the former Shield brothers that since Stephanie put KO and Jericho in the main event, he’s gonna do the same with them! It’s a triple threat tag team title match for the main event! Should be a doozy!

There was a great video package highlighting the feud between the women’s champion, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte. What a feud it’s been and it will culminate with a thirty minute iron woman match on Sunday. Can’t wait! Bayley is in action next!

Bayley defeats Alicia Fox via pinfall with the Bayley-To-Belly suplex. Pretty standard fare for the second week in a row with Bayley looking string against Foxxy as she looks to make a play for the women’s title here in short order. Apparently, a Bayley Bear was destroyed by Foxxy, who is now involved in a relationship with the great Cruiserweight, Cedric Alexander. Foxxy thought Bayley was trying to holla at her man and she took offense which to the bear’s destruction and another loss for Foxxy. After the break, we’ll find out what happened with Rusev and Lana “behind closed doors”. Oh boy.

Rusev and Lana are out to the ring after the break and he talks trash on Enzo, stating that the “g” in “Certified G” stands for garbage. He says after he took out the trash, he says that he and Lana took care of business. The crowd laughs because he’s so matter of fact. He asks if the crowd would like to see what he’s talking about? There’s a massive “yes” chant. Rusev says the footage is a little bit “edgy” and a little bit “out there”. This is terrific. Why is Rusev not competing for the world title? He is magic. Lana is sensational. They tease the footage and pan to it. We see highlights of Enzo getting whooped last week after going to Lana’s hotel room. The crowd boos. Rusev and Lana have trolled us all. Lana asks if the crowd actually thought they were going to show us what happens behind closed doors? They mock Enzo and says he was “crushed” spelling it out. Big Cass heads out onto the entryway ramp ramp to a decent pop, mic in hand. Cass says Enzo may run his mouth, but he’ll back it up. Cass says this isn’t a hotel room, his pants are on, and he’s not Enzo. Cass rushes down to the ring and a slug-fest ensues. Cass works over Rusev, and the action spills through the ropes onto the floor. Rusev retreats as Big Cass waits in the ring and we’ll probably see singles action at Roadblock. Backstage, KO and Jericho have words about Roman and Seth being in the match. KO says they’re always gonna be best friends and Jericho says that they should just focus on winning the titles tonight. We see Sami Zayn heading to the ring for what might be his final RAW match next!

Wow, some people on the booking team seriously need to get their act together. They promoted the debut of Emmalina AGAIN tonight via the WWE site and showed a premiering soon video yet again instead. Seriously, is she gonna debut as the Funkasaurus? Is “Big Johnny” in charge of this? Unreal. Emma is too talented to be on the sidelines when RAW sorely needs additional women’s talent and women’s talent that isn’t green at that. She’s a trusted hand. Having said that, Sami Zayn is headed to the ring for singles action.

Sami Zayn defeats Jinder Mahal via pinfall with the Helluva Kick. A huge “Ole” chant broke out towards the end of the quick match as Zayn handled business very soundly. He put away the veteran Mahal with the kick and as he celebrates, Mick Foley’s music hits and he heads to the ring. He’s got paperwork tucked under his arm as they head to the break. Is it a trade or a release form for an unsanctioned match against Strowman? Will he have to outlast Strowman in a two minute challenge? We’ll find out next!

Mick Foley and Sami Zayn have words about the trade and we find out that Sami Zayn is to be traded for a talent of equal or lesser value. Sami asks for the match with Strowman one more time and he’s denied. Foley asks Zayn if he wants to know who the talent is before he signs. The talent is EVA MARIE! The crowd goes nuts, laughing maniacally. Corey Grave is pleased. Sami is frantic, he says he’s worth a thousand Eva Marie’s. Zayn says he wants Strowman and he and Foley have a moment. Foley says that Zayn needs to bring his A-game on Sunday as he competes against Braun Strowman! There was never to be a trade, it’s a blank page. Foley says he’s always believed in Zayn and he believes that he can put in work. Foley is giving Zayn not two minutes, but ten minutes to last against Strowman. There are rumors that Zayn is going to get a monster push and that he’ll be featured in the Wrestlemania title picture. I would love to see it. He had what in my opinion, was a match of the year candidate, against Shinsuke Nakamura, earlier in the year. Zayn can work the mic when given the opportunity and he can straight up go. Let’s hope that he shows up against Strowman. I’ll admit, I’m intrigued. The New Day are headed to the ring to defend the titles one more time after the break.

The New Day defeat Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho/Kevin Owens by pinfall via a Woods cover on Rollins following a Codebreaker. It seems that after the match we witnessed the end of Jeri-KO which needs to be a troll job or it is going to result in low ratings. Let’s be frank, those two have been about the only entertaining thing in the main event scene for some time now. You can judge that by what happened after Owens and Jericho seemed to fall apart. Reigns was poised for a spear in the corner and was booed mercilessly. It was brutal to hear that as the match itself was quite good. Nobody wants the dissension at the moment, but they seem hellbent on it without the swerve at the moment. We’ll see. I think the worst decision they can make right now is putting the belt BACK on Reigns, but something tells me that they could do just that. It seems that for everything that Smackdown is doing right at the moment, Raw is doing two more things wrong and it’s only puzzling, but it’s laughable. The quality of matches have been there in some cases, but they need to get it right…and fast. Congratulations do need to be given to The New Day. What a tremendous accomplishments and Big E. and Woods worked just as hard as Kingston and Big E. did earlier. That’s all she wrote for tonight, bye bye Demolition record!

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