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WWE: Monday Night Raw 11/7/16 Recap

WWE: Monday Night RAW was LIVE from the SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow, Scotland on 11/7/16!

Stephanie McMahon sets in a motion a match that will pit the five men representing team Raw in a fatal five-way match that will be tonight’s main event. We’ll see the Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, against Braun Strowman, the US Champion, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho and the fifth and final member of team RAW, Seth Rollins! It’s the usual introductory segment done to setup the Raw finale and this one featured the usual entertainment that you’d expect from those involved. We find out that we’ll also find out the two remaining members of the women’s team later tonight and the New Day will address the teams that will join them against Smackdown as well. Up next, it’ll be the Cruiserweight Champion, THE Brian Kendrick, teaming up with a debuting cruiserweight in tag team action.

Rich Swann and Sin Cara defeated Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar via pinfall after a victory roll by Swann on Kendrick. Dar was over like rover in his home country. The Israeli born Scot got a tremendous reaction from a hot crowd and the four men worked well together. Swann is definitely being poised to handle Kendrick as the next challenger to the title and they really put over the “205 Live” weekly show which will take place on the network and I certainly home to cover for the Scrum Sports. After the match, Kendrick ran down Dar only to eat several hard left hooks after a cheap shot from the champ. Exciting match to start the program tonight!

There is a video package that followed the cruiserweight match that highlights the Goldberg/Brock Lesnar engagement set to occur at Survivor Series. It shows the storied history of both men and the spear on Heyman that happened just last week. They plug the video game in the process. Really well done and sets the stage for this contest that will take place in a few weeks.

Stephanie McMahon is backstage on the phone asking Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan to be on Raw next week. Sami Zayn is waiting by and he gets a huge “Ole” chant resonating in the background. Steph says she called Sami in to tell him he’s irritating and she hates his ska music. She can’t believe that Mick Foley gave him the opportunity to compete against Dolph Ziggler for the IC Title at Survivor Series. Steph says she wanted Rusev and the two men will compete tonight and the winner gets that opportunity to face Ziggler and bring the IC belt to RAW.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass are out after a commercial entertaining fans with their usual shtick and the Scotland crowd eats it up. Gallows and Anderson make their presence known and they receive a chorus of boos for their efforts. Members of the Golden Truth follow to a respectable reaction. The Swiss Superman, Cesaro, follows and then Sheamus joins him to a resounding chorus of boos. What a tragedy for the trusted hand! Enzo is getting a great reception after the break as Sheamus draws the ire of the crowd by insulting the home crowd as Cesaro tells him that nobody likes him. Enzo insults Sheamus by saying he’ll die alone and that kids will steal his lucky charms. Savage. Cesaro then mocks Gallows and Anderson and compares his partner to the trusted hand, Terry Taylor. Yes, he calls him “The Red Rooster”. Sheamus says he wants off the team. The New Day, the world tag team champions, are out after another break to tell us to dare not to be sour. Holy mackerel, they are donning kilts and playing bagpipes and the Scots love it! Massive “New Day Rocks” chant. We are introduced to Francesca’s Scottish cousin, Agnes. The squabble continues in the ring until Big E. gives a William Wallace-esque speech to a huge “Scotland” chant from the fans. Kofi mocks the accent, but they are all having fun. Gallows and Anderson agree to stay on the team, but they mock the New Day and their plastic swords. Xavier says they’ve bested Gallows and Anderson multiple times, so that makes them losers. Stephanie McMahon has agreed to give the New Day a chance to face Gallows and Anderson in a non-title affair and it’s next because “Team Raw Rocks!”

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeat The New Day via pinfall in a non-title match via a Magic Killer on Big E. Hard fought contest that went back and forth. The champs were in their Scottish gear, having fun with boom drops a plenty. Gallows and Anderson took advantage for the victory. After the match, we found out that R-Truth traded their spot on the Raw tag team for a timeshare. Goldust clues him in to the fact that he made a crucial mistake and apparently, The Golden Truth will face the Shining Stars later for final tag team spot on the Raw team.

More highlights of the Lesnar/Goldberg feud and Lesnar with some brilliant comments. He basically says that he will destroy Goldberg and that he doesn’t think a father and a husband is smart for going up against a man like Brock. He talks about what he did to Cena, Orton, Taker and Rock. So Heyman says what does Goldberg think is gonna happen to him? Lesnar says Goldberg has been out of the ring for twelve years, he invites us all to subscribe to the network to watch him get mauled. He tells Goldberg’s wife and son not to watch. Next week, from Buffalo, Lesnar and Goldberg face to face, a week before their confrontation.

Jericho and KO have a run-in with Strowman that is priceless. Jericho is about to put Strowman on the list, when Strowman insults him and Jericho calls him a “stu-pendous athlete”, which KO chimes in. They invite Strowman to join their team, Strowman says he’s on team Braun and he walks away. Braun leaves, the pen clicks and Braun is added to the list again. Amazing.

The Shining Stars defeat The Golden Truth via pinfall after Primo used the ropes to pin R-Truth. The Stars are now officially the fifth and final team representing Raw at Survivor Series and R-Truth managed to drop the ball twice. Hopefully the two wiley veterans will get to enjoy their trip to La Isla Del Encanto as they no longer will be hanging out with their good brothers from Raw at Survivor Series. Up next, we find out who the final two members of the women’s team will be at Survivor Series.

Charlotte, the women’s champion, comes out and trashes the Smackdown “peasants”. Nia Jax is then introduced, and she says she’ll do what she’s gonna do. Alicia Fox is introduced as a member of Team Raw, and she speaks about being civil with Nia, but the crowd has hijacked the segment as they start the “Heeeeey, we want some Baaaayley” chant. I have heard some insane reactions in my day, but this was the edited version. Go find the clip online that had to be edited for the segment. Unreal. If that doesn’t go to show you how over she is, I don’t know what to tell you. Then there’s the “Dirty Dancing” chant and she says she’ll be Glasgow’s girl anytime! Bayley tries to right the ship, but Charlotte is covering her ears. Charlotte does heel the hell out of the segment and she does her best to get things back on track. Foxxy is having a blast with it, Nia is just kind of indifferent. Charlotte is finally able to introduce the fifth and final participant, Dana Brooke! Nah, but Michael Cole says with no respect to Dana, it’s actually “The Boss” Sasha Banks! Great reaction for Sasha and then back to the Bayley chant! Sasha plays along, and then Charlotte is drowned out by a MASSIVE “We Want Sasha” chant. The crowd basically controlled this segment and turned it towards the two they wanted to support. This was unreal.

Bayley, Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte and Nia Jax via pinfall after a Bayley-to-Belly Suplex on Charlotte. The crowd was into this one as one would expect after they hijacked the prior segment. Jax dominated much of the contest, but Sasha ousted Jax and then Charlotte dumped Sasha only to turn and eat the suplex from the “weakest link”. Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman had a run-in after the match where Braun said he never liked Seth. Sami Zayn and Rusev are up next for a shot at the IC Title!

Sami Zayn defeats Rusev by pinfall to earn a shot at the IC Title. Zayn and Rusev had a quality match and it certainly held the interest of the crowd. Zayn ended up winning the bout and as a result, he’ll compete against Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series in the open challenge.

Kevin Owens defeated Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman in the main event as a result of a pinfall by Owens on Jericho. A tremendous contest to close the show. Strowman looked dominant, but eventually was handled by the former Shield brothers on the outside. Chris Jericho was actually powerbombed by Rollins onto Strowman through a table which the crowd loved. Kevin Owens was handling things, but Rollins ends up pedigreeing Y2J before he is dumped from the ring. A superman punch meets its mark and KO falls on top of Jericho for the three count, unbeknownst to him. A friendship in trouble? We’ll see. That was it for Raw this week!

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