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Week in pro wrestling 3/2/20 Revolution aftermath & steel cages

This week in pro wrestling, the aftermath of AEW’s Revolution & NXT Steel Cage matches! What was Erick Rowan’s reveal? Could The Street Profits retain their titles? A legend arrives on Dynamite! Will Chris Jericho leave AEW? A Walter and Finn Balor collision course? Can Otis rebound from his date with Mandy Rose? NWO shows up on A Moment Of Bliss. Tag Team gauntlet match to determine the final spot in the Elimination Chamber. Let’s dive in to all of the glorious action of the week in pro wrestling!


Explanations are given before The Viper Strikes.

Monday Night Raw came at us live this past Monday from Brooklyn, NY at the Barclays Center on 3/2/20.

We started off with a bang as we head towards the Elimination Chamber Sunday as “The Advocate” Paul Heyman led his client, WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar out for a mugging.

Almost Human

Lesnar looked human after a great promo from Heyman as Drew McIntyre, the number one contender for the title, came out and issued, not one, not two, but three Claymore Kicks to Lesnar, leaving him on a heap on the entryway ramp.

So often we see the story of “overcoming the odds”, but on paper, these two behemoths are evenly matched and if given proper time at ‘Mania, we’re gonna see one heck of a contest. The crowd ate this up.

All The Smoke

Butts didn’t stay in the seats after the opening segments because we crowned new world tag team champions in the charismatic Street Profits. They ousted the team of Murphy and the “Monday Night Messiah” after a fine matchup. Kevin Owens got a measure of redemption as Rollins was distracting the ref, as were the AOP.

A well-executed stunner put Murphy out and Montez Ford took to the skies with a beautiful frogsplash for a three count. The Profits were never going to get another title shot had they lost, so you knew they were winning. This was excellent and the new champs have a grand opportunity to shine as they defend against all comers. Perhaps we’ll see them defend against the AoP at ‘Mania? We shall see.

The rematch will happen at the Chamber Sunday, but all signs point towards the heavily desired Rollins and Owens battle at Wrestlemania. Expect the Profits to retain this weekend.

A head scratcher followed this one as Riddick Moss beat Ricochet clean to defend the 24/7 title. Ricochet, coming off a quick loss to Lesnar for the title, got beat by a man who the crowd chanted “who are you” at after he hit a neckbreaker variant for the victory. Ricochet is a popular talent and deserves better than this. I’d love to see him win the Money in The Bank if it isn’t Aleister Black.

Rest In Peace

Speaking of Black, Aleister and AJ Styles did battle, but only after Black had to defeat both Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, which he did.

He disposed of Anderson after a Black Mass and then won via DQ after Anderson interfered and the OC proceeded to lay waste to Black before Styles picked up the scraps. Styles hit the Phenomenal Forearm and then did the traditional Undertaker style pin on Black, inciting the crowd. This seemed to be the first loss for Black on Raw, but it doesn’t hurt him as he looked strong in defeat.

He and Styles will battle again Sunday and I expect Black to win after interference from the Undertaker. That’ll set up the program for Styles and leave Black to doing other things, hopefully competing in a high profile match on the biggest show of them all.

Liv Morgan defeat Ruby Riott with a rollup after a fast count from guest referee Sarah Logan. This was given a little time and all it really did was continue the story between the members of the former Riott Squad. Expect all three women to eliminate one another at the Chamber as it’ll surely come down to either Baszler and Natalya or Baszler and Asuka for a shot at Becky Lynch.

Eight Legged Freaks

No Way Jose kindly asked Erick Rowan what’s in the cage and the world finally gets to see his “pet”. It’s a very large tarantula right out of a horror film. The angle needed a resolution and what happens from here is anyone’s guess.

Shayna Baszler defeated Kairi Sane via submission with the Kirafuda Clutch and this one puzzled many fans of the sport. Asuka wasn’t competing this week as she recovers from a nagging ankle injury from competing this past week, but everyone knew Baszler was going to win. They should have done this quickly.

The crowd wasn’t into it despite both women being rising stars and Sane is a well known heel at the moment and Baszler is an uber heel. Strange booking here, but Baszler went over nevertheless. Becky Lynch made an appearance after the bout as they teased that matchup for ‘Mania.

A Measure Of Revenge

Rey Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo bested a returning Andrade and Angel Garza in a tag team bout after Carrillo finally overcame his demons, pinning the US Champ after a moonsault. This story-line has legs as this can go any number of ways with all four men involved. I expect a face turn for Andrade soon as Vega aligns with Garza. Garza is red hot and he’s on an upward trajectory and the sky is the limit. Excited to see this one develop.

All In The Family

The main event promo segment was a return to form for “The Viper” Randy Orton who cut one of the best promos of his career as he justified what he did to Edge weeks back. Hall Of Famer Beth Phoenix had words with Orton and was left in tears before he slapped Orton across his face.

Orton would turn back the clock to 2008 and his tremendous feud with Triple H as he dropped Phoenix with an RKO, leaving her in the ring. The commentators sold the hell out of this and Orton has built this ‘Mania match to astronomical levels. All eyes will be glued to that contest and it was a great way to send the show off as we see another quality outing during the Heyman Era.

AEW Dynamite:

AEW Dynamite presents the arrival of the new AEW champion, Jon Moxley. A Dynamite debut of a well love indie star. A legend arrives to issue a threat. A big stipulation from the former Le Champion. Let’s dive in, because this is Dynamite!

Chris Jericho’s stipulation. A indie darling debuts. Big Swole climbs.

The opening.

The show starts off with the new and youngest AEW champion, Jon Moxley. You can see Moxley just absorbing the energy off of the fans. Jon states that he will defend the title against anyone and cue in Jericho’s music. The way Chris Jericho played off the crowd was just down right awesome. Mocking the crowd stating that can not chant in unison. A delusional Jericho then states that Jon cheated. Chris said he was training to fight a guy with one eye, not two! That sort of humor is why Chris Jericho is the JeriGOAT.

Chris Jericho states that Moxley will not leave on his own two feet and if he does, Jericho will leave AEW for 60 days. That’s intriguing, since there is a future tour of Jericho’s band, Fozzy. If Jon leaves on his own two feet and Jericho is forced to leave, that is nice creative way to write off the Pain Maker.

SCU (Scorpio Sky/Frankie Kazarian/Christopher Daniels) w/Colt Cabana vs The Dark Order (Evil Uno/Stu Grayson/Alex Reynolds/John Silver). Colt wins via Chicago Skyline to Superman pin fall.

Honestly, what everyone wanted to see was if The Exalted One was going to appear. Everyone has their own theories on who he/she will be, the front runners are Lance Archer, Brodie Lee aka Luke Harper, or The brilliant and broken Matt Hardy. Will see it tonight, let’s go through the match first.

This was a fun yet standard match, nothing to write home about. The Dark Order played their number game and faces use their wrestling skills. It was great to see Cabana get his move set showcased. Giving non indie fans a taste of what Colt can do. Cabana is surprisingly agile for a guy his size and age, not to say he is old, but he is on his later half of his career. The closing seconds had Colt hit the Chicago Skyline, a kind of Fireman’s Carry drop and then hit his signature Superman pin.

The Exalted One is….?

As SCU and Cabana celebrate, Evil Uno is angry. Uno gets on the mic and states this was not supposed to go this way. The Exalted One will be furious and heads will roll! Did the Exalted One arrive? Nope.. we all wanted to finally see him/her, but I understand why there was no debut. With the original plans for Marty Scrull to be The Exalted One fail when Marty resigned with Ring Of Honor. AEW may be playing it safe until they have a certain wrestler locked in… hint it rhymes with Bat Cardi.

Squash match. A legend arrives!! A new faction has debut.

Big Swole vs The Librarian Leva Bates. Swole wins via Dirty Dancing pin fall.

This was a squash match, it doesn’t matter if it lasted 2 minutes or so. I’m not sure what AEW was attempting to do with Dr Britt Baker on commentary. The match was over so quick, that she didn’t have time to commentate. If AEW wanted to establish Swole, they kind of did so. However, looking dominate over Leva is not that difficult, since she has been booked more of a backstage personality. As for Swole’s finisher, when done right it looks fantastic. Yet it hasn’t connected clean half of the time since her debut in AEW. Let’s hope Swole fine tunes her signature finisher in the near future.

Cody questions his mentality and gets his answer.

Cody arrives to the scene, this time not as confident as before. The American Nightmare is doubting himself after losing to MJF. Rhodes said it became personal, then business, then back to personal. The Dashing one wanted MJF to come out and state that he won clean over Cody. Then this music hits.. The music of JAKE THE SNAKE ROBERTS!!

The crowd erupts to see the legend return. Is this another mentor for Cody, an inspiring figure that will motivate Rhodes? Um, nope! Jake is a straight up heel, he tells Cody to stop whining. Roberts stated that he never whined one bit throughout his career and that there is a “dark side” going to encompass AEW. Jake then states that he has a client and when that client arrives, he will go for The American Nightmare. Roberts then tell Cody “A wise man told me, never turn your back on a man you fear or respect”, then turns his back on Cody and walks away. BAM! You still got those promo skills Jake!

This very good in many ways. Most wondered what was next for Cody after MJF, especially losing to MJF. The promo also brought in a legend that at one time should be dead from his out of the ring activities. With the big name free agents in pro wrestling out there, Jake The Snake’s client could be almost anyone. However, my money is on Brodie Lee.

Pac vs Chuck Taylor. Pac wins via Brutalizer submission.

After watching this match, I only came to one conclusion on why this was booked. Was to further showcase Chucky T as singles star? Maybe, but not really. How about to give Pac a new feud? Um, no again. This was booked to debut AEW’s newest faction and it is a scary one!

The match itself was really good, with Pac pretty much breezing through the whole thing. It is when Trent and Orange Cassidy get into the ring, with Cassidy staring down Pac, things escalate. The Lucha Bros run down to the ring and wipes out Best Friends and Cassidy. Pac then gets the mic and announces the that he and the Lucha Bros are an alliance. The Death Triangle or Triangulo de la Muerte. I hope they go for the Spanish name, it sounds more awesome.

A somewhat squash match. The main event.

Jake Hager vs QT Marshall. Jake wins via Standing Chokehold submission.

Ok, this was kind of a squash match.. but in a good way. Hager seriously dominated QT, but Marshall was able to get in some of his moves. I liked the way it was book, showing that no matter what QT brought, Hager’s own move set was just too powerful. After the win, The Inner Circle went after QT and Dustin Rhodes. Cody runs down to save Dustin, but number game is too much. Then Matt Jackson runs down to even the numbers, but it is not enough. Lastly Hangman Page.. um, stumbles out. Page had his beer in tow and went straight to whooping the Inner Circle.

All the faces get up and Matt questions on why it took so long for Adam to arrive. Hangman retorts with a middle finger and walks out. This seem a tad forced, but now my mind is swirling with the prospect of Matt Jackson vs Adam Page! That is will watch with popcorn in hand.

Sammy Guevara/Chris Jericho vs Jon Moxley/Darby Allin. Sammy wins via Judas Elbow pin fall.

As Jon Moxley makes his way, he attack from the rest of the Inner Circle sitting in the crowd. Now with Moxley out, Darby is on his own. Darby takes a beating, until Allin hot tags himself in.. yes, I said Darby Allin hot tagged himself in. Allin goes on a tear, yet again the number game catches up to him. With one last hurrah, Darby goes for a Tope Suicida on Jericho. However, the Pain Maker catches Allin with a Judas Elbow. Allowing for Sammy to pin Darby.

Jon Moxley returns! Mox takes out all of The Inner Circle, however it was just for a moment. The pack of wolves were just too much for Moxley. The Inner Circle then takes Jon to the stage and SHIELD POWERBOMBS MOXLEY!!! Yeah, they did that. Leaving Jon in a heaping pile of carnage. So much for Jericho taking 60 days off, as Moxley was incapacitated.


This was actually a ho hum show. Not actually putting it down, but as an AEW fan.. it is almost expected to see wall to wall action. This episode focused on the storylines, which it not awful. What AEW did, worked. However, if you had the chance to see Revolution PPV, you may have expected crazy action. Alas, this the world of pro wrestling.. when stories need to be reset. AEW did a very good job of resetting the landscape for future PPV’s. Now let’s hope AEW crank the action back up.-David G.


This week’s action from Full Sail University is book-ended by a pair of competitive cage matches, with lots to digest in the middle! Balor is targeting Walter, Grimes steps up to the plate, and more! Let’s get right to it!

Cage Match #1, The Prince Speaks, Chelsea is very Green

Dakota Kai vs. Tegan Nox – Steel Cage Match

The rivalry continues to evolve, after the street fight at Takeover last month. This time it’s inside a steel cage, made to keep Raquel Gonzalez from interfering. Lots of back and forth aggression from both women, including Nox downing Kai with a top-rope chokeslam and a flying cross-body from atop the cage. As Nox tries to escape through the cage door, Gonzalez is there to hold the door shut, only for Kai to boot the door into Gonzalez’s face.

Lots more interference from Gonzalez keeps Nox from being able to escape the cage. Ultimately, as Nox is climbing down the side of the cage, Gonzalez pins the door against her, allowing Kai to crawl out of the door and win the rubber match in this rivalry. This is the second time Raquel Gonzalez has been involved in a match between Kai and Nox, so it seems that this won’t be the end of the rivalry.

Winner by escape – Dakota Kai

Finn Balor talks about the attack from Imperium last week, and says that Walter forced his hand, and that the UK Champion will not like his reaction. “See you sooner than you think.” Presumably, Balor is headed to NXT UK to hunt down the champ.

Chelsea Green vs. Shotzi Blackheart – Qualifier for the #1 Contender’s Ladder Match at Takeover: Tampa

After all the momentum Shotzi has built since her debut, this is what she gets? A loss at the hands of the greenest (no pun intended) competitor in the division? Chelsea Green has a long ways to go to develop, and there’s no way she deserves to be in the ladder match at Takeover. The match was short, sloppy, and that finisher from Green (the I’m Prettier, NOT the Unprettier) is poorly executed. Poor booking here.

Winner – Chelsea Green

Grimes Steps Up, UE In Action, Theory is the GOAT?!?

Greetings and Salutations

NXT North American Champion Keith Lee comes out to allow us to bask in his glory. Lee is addressing everyone who is stepping up to him to challenge for the title. Lee talks about one that wants to Fight Forever, one that wants to Live Forever…

Out comes Cameron Grimes with a proclamation, and the NXT crowd won’t let him get a word in without raining down boo’s. Shows how fickle the NXT crowd is, after cheering Grimes last week in his match against Dominik Dijakovic. Grimes tells Lee that GM William Regal has given him an opportunity next week against Keith Lee for the North American title.

Even after Lee tries to quiet the crowd to allow Grimes to speak, the boo’s continue to echo, until Lee heard enough from Grimes and pounced him out of the ring. Lee says that Grimes will get an equal opportunity ass whooping next week.

Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Solid match between two of the grittiest tag teams in NXT today, as Burch & Lorcan bring the fight to O’Reilly & Fish in a very competitive match. The former champs prevail, giving the Brit-Am Brawlers another loss. This is the problem I have with Burch & Lorcan: they always have good to great tag matches wherever they are, but always come up short. One would think that they have proven themselves enough to get a run at the tag titles, but that hasn’t been the case yet.

Winners – Undisputed Era

Kyle O’Reilly says that it feels good to be on the winning track again, but that something’s missing. Bobby Fish says that the “Loserweights” are undeservedly holding the tag titles, and that they want their gold back. Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle make their way to the stage, and tell Fish & O’Reilly that they can go again for the titles, as long as Regal is OK with it…

Zack Gibson & James Drake blindside the Broserweights, leaving them beaten down. Gibson says they’re not waiting for approval from Regal, that it’s out with the old and in with the GRRRRRRRRizzled Young Veterans, SOON to be recognized as the World’s Number One! GYV are here to stay on NXT.

Austin Theory vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Theory was interviewed earlier in the day, and named himself as the Greatest Of All Time in NXT, after only four matches? Really? Swerve Scott stepped up to say that he wants to see if Theory really is the GOAT. After a decent back and forth match, with Scott working the left arm of Theory for most of the match, Austin powers through and drops Scott with the ATL to pick up the win and keep his momentum rolling.

I’m really starting to like the arrogance and confidence that Austin Theory is exuding. He has the makings to be a big deal in NXT for years to come. I don’t see the loss for Scott hurting him…yet. If Swerve doesn’t get back on the horse and pick up a few wins, it could prove disastrous for his push.

Winner – Austin Theory

Gargano Explains It All, Cage Match #2, Dream Wins By Losing?

A New Side Of Johnny Gargano

I can’t even begin to describe the intensity and passion that Johnny Gargano displayed in his interview with Mauro Ranallo. My words wouldn’t do it justice, so instead, I’ll let you watch for yourself:

Wow, just wow. That fire in Johnny Gargano is amazing. I worried for a while how Gargano would fare as a heel, and this right here shows that I have nothing to fear.

Roderick Strong vs. Velveteen Dream – Steel Cage Match

After what was a lackluster match a couple weeks ago, Dream and Strong turned up the intensity on this rivalry inside a steel cage. This match was a lot better than their previous encounter, and both men let their anger take over in a hard fought battle.

Even with the run-in from Marina Shafir, who came out to slide a kendo stick into the ring for her husband, and Strong dropping Dream with an Avalanche Olympic Slam, Dream powered through and managed to keep Strong from escaping the fight through the cage door. Dream takes Roddy down with a pair of Dream Valley Driver’s, which prompts the rest of Undisputed Era to come to Strong’s aid.

Velveteen Dream is able to fight off O’Reilly and Fish, knocking both guys off the cage wall with the kendo stick. Adam Cole makes it inside the cage, but Dream downs him as well, as Strong crawls towards the open door. Dream grabs Strong by the legs, but then notices Cole downed in the opposite corner. Dream shoves Strong out the door, allowing Strong to pick up the victory.

Winner by escape – Roderick Strong

Prior to this match, I had thought ahead towards Takeover: Tampa, and how Adam Cole didn’t have a clear challenger for the NXT Championship. My questions were answered after this match. Dream sacrificed winning the cage match against Strong, just so he could get his hands on an isolated Adam Cole. Dream locked the cage door and went after Cole, tossing him back and forth into the steel walls before dropping the champ with a Dream Valley Driver onto a steel chair, followed by a shot across the face with the championship title.

As Cole is laid out on the canvas, Dream grabs the gold and climbs to the top of the cage and poses with the NXT Championship. Plans for Takeover are starting to take shape, and Dream has made his intentions clear. Even by losing, Dream wins. Will it be Dream Over in Tampa? – Josh L.


Walter defends the NXT UK Championship against “Bomber” Dave Mastiff in the main event of this week’s NXT UK!

Alexander Wolfe vs. Travis Banks – Wolfe wins with a sit-out powerbomb

Solid opener between Banks and Wolfe. I wasn’t expecting much going into this one, but the Buzzsaw and the Hatchet Man of Imperium went at it in an impressive match, showcasing Banks’ resilience and Wolfe’s power. Ultimately, Wolfe’s strength proved too much for Banks, as Wolfe wins with a sit-out powerbomb.

Ridge Holland vs. Saxon Huxley – Holland wins with the Northern Grit

The tough as nails Ridge Holland absolutely dominated Serj Tankian…. I mean, Saxon Huxley. Not much more to this match. Purely a squash to show the aggressiveness of Holland.

Aoife Valkyrie vs. Isla Dawn – Valkyrie wins with the top rope scissor kick

After a successful debut a number of weeks back, Aoife Valkyrie locked up with NXT UK veteran Isla Dawn in a competitive back and forth matchup. The match started off quick, with repetitive pinfall counters from both women before coming to a stalemate. In the end, the striking offense of Valkyrie allowed her to pick up the win and continue to position herself as an NXT UK mainstay.

Walter vs. “Bomber” Dave Mastiff – NXT UK Championship – Walter wins with a powerbomb

Mastiff finally gets his shot at Walter, having antagonized Imperium for the past several weeks. The two behemoths collided in a smashmouth fight, exchanging stiff blows and impressive agility. In the final moments of the match, Walter managed to survive the “Into The Void” splash from Mastiff, and take down the challenger with a thunderous powerbomb to retain the NXT UK Champi0nship. – Josh L.

Friday Night SmackDown:

The go home show for the Elimination Chamber featured NWO arriving to the show. Bray Wyatt thanks John Cena. Will Naomi build momentum towards the title match against Bayley? Can Otis win back Mandy Rose? Who will be the last tag team to enter the Elimination Chamber? Let’s dive in right here!

NWO returns. Tag team action before title match. Celtic squash.

New World Bliss.

After a warning to the WWE Women’s tag team champs, The Kabuki Warriors, Bliss introduces the NWO. This NWO of X-Pac, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall. Then Sami Zayn interrupts and receive a verbal lashing from NWO. Then Sami and pals get a beating from Braun Strowman. This was so utterly forced and just plain bad. The only one that shine of course was The Bad Guy, Razor Ramon.. I mean Scott Hall.

Sasha Banks/Bayley vs Naomi/Lacey Evans. Banks win via Roll up pin fall.

Umm, wasn’t Naomi one the hottest women’s star today? Yeah? So why did Naomi have to lose to Banks? Add to how Naomi lost to Carmella, only to win over Mella, then lose to Bayley at Super ShowDown. The booking for the organically liked star is just confusing. Oh, the match was… meh. Nothing to write home about. The fact that Naomi got kneed by Banks during a Split-Legged Moonsault and rolled up, was bad booking. If Naomi wins at Elimination Chamber, it will be a shocker.

Sheamus vs Apollo Crews. Sheamus wind via Brogue Kick pin fall.

In a quick and aggressive move, Apollo took it to Shemus. Could this be Crews finally finding his way? Uh, nope. Sheamus shrugged off everything Apollo did and Brogue Kicked him to yesterday for the win. Here’s my thing, Sheamus arrived to a huge pop, Apollo is well liked and is Chad “I refuse to call him Shorty G” Gable. So why are we revisiting this dead horse of a story? Sheamus beat them and did with dominance. There is nothing to gain for this match.. again. Move on WWE and give these three a proper story.

Drew Gulak’s observation’s are intriguing. Fire & Desire gets a new cheerleader. Wyatt thanks Cena.

Elimination Chamber set up.

Drew Gulak was backstage with Drake Maverick and was pointing out the weakness of Daniel Bryan’s move sets. Bryan was right behind Gulak and then challenge him to a match at the Elimination Chamber. Umm, yes please! Bryan is a star, Gulak is a star in the wings. This is Drew’s time to steal the show with Daniel giving his blessings… and I want to see it!

Fire and Desire w/Dolph Ziggler vs Carmella/Dana Brooks. Mandy wins via Running Knee Strike pin fall.

Ok, I’m just gonna say this. The match was the first match on SmackDown that seemed to matter. With Ziggler providing the just the right amount of interference, but let the ladies shine was good. Mella and Brookes got their moves in early, but this was a bigger picture. Everyone wanted Otis in the same ring as Mandy. Alas, it never happened.. as Sonya DeVille escapes, Mandy blind tags, and hits her version of the V-Trigger. In which, I am a big fan off if Rose can make feel right. With this execution of the Kenny Omega move, Rose actually nailed it. I hope this becomes Mandy’s finisher, While I do love her Angel Buster, this suits Mandy as a quick strike winner.

Thanks John Cena.

Bray Wyatt crosses out the eyes of pictures of John Cena and his eyes. Bray asks Ramblin Rabbit on “Why John Cena?!”. Rabbit provides on how John completely buried him and broke Wyatt, complete with a video package. Bray can not wait to get his hands on Cena.

Ok, this Firefly Fun house was just great. The little things about Cena destroying Bray was a nice call back to their feud, but to a casual crowed this may be confusing.. however if anyone can make the fans forget about the Fiend’s dismal Super ShowDown loss, it’s John Cena.

It’s too late… or is it?

Before the main event, Otis sees Mandy Rose and wants to apologize, against Tuckers advice. Otis tells Mandy that he is sorry, but he got these texts that she was going to be late. Just when Otis was about to show Rose the texts, Mandy cuts him off. Rose says it’s too late, a lady doesn’t like being stood up. GAAHH! Why can’t Otis win?! This makes all the fans want to invite Otis for a round of beer and ham.. poor Otis.

The gauntlet match. Winner earns to the last team entering the Elimination Chamber.

Heavy Machinery vs New Day. Heavy Machinery advances.

What would take up the last hour of SmackDown, we are treated to a gauntlet tournament. Heavy Machinery and New Day start things up. This match showed the direction of the gauntlet match. The most decorated tag team, New Day gave Heavy Machinery all they had. However, the newer and bigger tag team finished them off with the Compactor pin fall.

Longer than expected follow up.

Next up for Heavy Machinery was Lucha House Party. Most would expect a quick squash, but this match actually had legs. Lucha House Party of course utilized their speed angaints the bigger opponents. Alas, it was not enough again… as Otis hits the Caterpillar for the win.

The test of tests.

With a tired Heavy Machinery, their next opponents are arguably one the best tag teams in WWE, The Usos. I began to write off Heavy Machinery right there, however Tucky took a beating and kept coming back for more. When the Usos hit Tucky with a double Superkick, Jey goes to pin him. However, the big lug manages to reverse the pin with a roll up! Heavy Machinery advances!

The champs arrive.

Next up for the battered Heavy Machinery, are the current tag team champions, Miz and Morrison. Yet again Tucker is just absorbing a beating with Miz and Morrison just taking him apart. Every time Tucky goes to tag Otis, Miz and Morrison cut him off. However the resilient Tucker manages another win, with a quick cradle pin fall. The champs upset, go to beat down Heavy Machinery, laying waste to the fan favorites. What else can Heavy Machinery take?!

Curse you… curse you.

Well, what stands in the path of Heavy Machinery is that dastardly villain.. Dolph Ziggler and his pal Bobby Roode. How dare they! Otis had enough heart break with Mandy, now Ziggler is there to rub it in. Tucker is taking another beating yet again. Otis, was taken out by Miz and Morrison and was laid out at the time keeper’s area. Meanwhile before this match started, Mandy was watching Miz and Morrison taking out Otis. Dolph comes by and said, why are even worried about that guy? Leading Rose to storm off.

Then it happened.. something I haven’t really seen in awhile. The crowd ERUPTS! Why? A beaten Otis arises from the abyss off camera. Otis slowly crawls to his corner as the grows louder. Tucker finally get the hot tag to Otis and the roof explodes! Bobby Roode goes to strike Otis multiple times, but Otis became the Unstoppable Juggernaut. Otis just absorbs every hit Roode delivers, but it somewhat distracts him. Dolph hit a blind tag and lands a Superkick on Otis and pinning the big lovable guy. WHY CAN”T OTIS WIN?!?!?

I get it, this is probably one the best stories going on in WWE. The fans are clamoring for the Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth moment for Otis and Rose. Please WWE, give it to us, you can delay it, just give it to us. As for the build to it, WWE has surprisingly delivered. Usually WWE just blaze through stories for their monthly PPVs. Not this time and it proves that WWE can do slow burns and do them right.-David G.

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