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The Week In Wrestling (10/10/19) WWE Draft and AEW Upsets

The WWE landscape has changed yet again with the draft. AEW has no problem in providing upsets. NXT aired a match and it gave us a new champion. 


After the debacle that was the Hell In The Cell Main Event last night, Monday Night rebounded strong by focusing on marquee matchups, fresh faces on the brand and by simply not featuring those involved with the controversial main event.

Who’s sleeping with who?

Bakersfield, CA was home to this week’s show on 10/7/19 from the Rabobank Arena and we saw Bobby Lashley sharing the former marital bed of Rusev with his wife Lana. Rusev was standing in the ring, frustrated and silent after being attacked to begin the show by “King” Corbin and Randy Orton. After the lights went off, so did Rusev.

He destroyed “The Viper” and “The King” as the crowd rallied behind him. He looked very strong after being shown to be very weak to start this show and with last week’s debacle. Rusev needed to look good here for sure.

Last Women Standing match. Aleister destroys.

Natalya began the in-ring portion of tonight’s broadcast by ending her feud with Lacey Evans in grand fashion. A satisfying Last Woman Standing match ended with Evans being powerbombed from the stage through debris below where she couldn’t answer the ten count. Expect one of these women to end up on Smackdown, the more likely option being Evans.

Aleister Black, of all people, is secluded in darkness, asking for a fight, later on, he would instead demand a challenge himself, tired of waiting. He decimated the Singh Brothers, hitting a Black Mass on Sunil and tapping out Samir with a one-armed dragon sleeper, which was something to behold. Hopefully he lands on Raw on the draft as they have time to develop his character and you know Paul Heyman is salivating at the opportunity to do so.

Great Tag Team match. Dominic’s Godfather. OC momentum.

The Viking Raiders bested Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler in a non-title bout that was anything but easy for them to win. This was a heck of a bout and the end finally came when Ziggler was caught with the Viking Experience. There were near falls a plenty in this, including some that nearly caught Ivar and Erik. The title place is slated to take place next week we would come to find out later.

Rey Mysterio cut a great promo about Cain Velasquez being Dominic’s Godfather and how even though they were both attacked, Dom stood tall and Mysterio relied on family to avenge his son where he himself failed.

The OC got needed momentum back on their side after a grueling victory over the Lucha House Party. This again was far from a squash and it was the US champion, AJ Styles, who finally put the match away with a Phenomenal Forearm on Kalisto. Metallik and Dorado would eat Magic Killers and a Styles Clash after the bout to showcase dominance for the OC after a tough few weeks.

Lynch/Flair Vs Kabuki Warriors.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch seem headed for another match against one another at the Survivor Series after trading barbs on MizTv and it was their undoing as they fell victim to underhanded tactics from the new Women’s tag team champions, the Kabuki Warriors in the match that followed.

Charlotte was being tended too as she had been favoring her knee and that allowed Asuka to once again utilize the green mist before Kairi Sane rolled up the Raw women’s champion. You read that right, a huge victory here for the new champs and they laid waste to Lynch and Flair after the bout before Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross cleared the ring. It’s not that hard to make talent look strong. This was a job well done here to advance stories.

Friends fight. Tyson Fury confronts Braun Strowman.

Ricochet beat Apollo Crews with a recoil as both men are potentially headed to new brands to hopefully further develop their young careers. Ricochet had a huge upside and a trajectory towards the moon after winning the US Title, Crews needed to go back to NXT, they have sadly missed the boat on his push already. It’s been years.

“The Gypsy King” Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman closed the show by coming to blows. A herd of officials and over half the roster tried to keep them at bay but to no avail. There was some entertaining trash talking between the two and a match that we all knew was coming after Friday’s events. This was fun. Both men worked safe and got in some shoves and shots. It should setup an entertaining bout for either Crown Jewel or the Survivor Series.

Was it a good call?

No Fiend tonight, No Rollins, no Banks. This was probably all for the best to allow the fans that paid good money to watch the stink off of them from Sunday’s show. The draft takes place Friday Night and then continues next week!– Joel R

AEW Dynamite:

Tonight’s Dynamite was leaps and bounds better than the inaugural show. But to be fair, this is an up start promotion and it looks like AEW is learning quickly. From the commenting to the action to the surprises. A new stable arises and this was Dynamite!

Tag Team Tournament upset. The Inner Circle

Private Party vs Young Bucks. Marc Quen wins via Shooting Star Press pin fall.

Oh boy, where do I begin? Ok, Let’s start off with this is the 1st round of the AEW Tag Team Tournament, in which the finals will crown the inaugural AEW Tag Team Champions. Now, the Young Bucks are not only super talented, were instrumental in forming AEW. Also, the Bucks are Executive Vice Presidents of AEW. Got all that? Good, because the Bucks also sought out in signing Private Party to the roster. A very young but talented tag team. Notice the story?

Alright, the match… was INSANE! If you were a casual fan and just happen to spot on this match while channel surfing you may have lost your mind. To the ever gruff “I hate spot fest matches”, then you would’ve watched , but complain.. again. I love all types of pro wrestling, the traditional, the extreme, the spot fest. Heck, the spot fest was what kept me watching when Pro wrestling took a dive. This match delivered.

The veterans vs the rookies.

Throughout the match you could see Young Bucks get frustrated in not taking out Private Party, despite pummeling them down with their beautiful tag team moves. Even becoming heel like during the match. I struck it up as being overconfident, but the crowd may think differ. So on to the spots. There was a Super Kick Party, with Private Party countering. A Powerbomb on Private Party’s Isiah Kennedy on the ramp from Matt of the Bucks. 450 Splash from Marc Quen of Private Party.

You get the point, If you haven’t seen this and want a display of athleticism go what it now! The match ended with Private Party hitting their Gin & Juice, a sick top rope Hurricanrana to Cutter combo (it’s beautiful) and a Shooting Star Press from Quen (Again, beautiful). The lowest seeded team knocked out the highest seeded team just like that. This was like NCAA March Madness insanity!

Le Champion and his crew.

That Jericho, oh that Jericho. If any had any doubts on why Chris Jericho was the inaugural AEW champion, go ahead and pack up those doubts, wrap a pretty bow on it, douse it gasoline, and set it on fire. This man not only reinvents himself consistently, but can bring others along for the ride.

In this case, The Inner Circle. They comprise of Santana and Ortiz (aka LAX), Sammy Guevara, and Jake Hager (aka in WWE, Jack Swagger). Jericho brilliantly introduces his new faction with Sammy the Spanish God, The two psychos that he may be afraid of, and the MMA muscle Jake Hager. Jake kept a stoic look as the crowd chanted “WE THE PEOPLE!” from his WWE days. Chris Jericho shuts the chants down by yelling “We the people sucks, and it’s dead and buried! It was a stupid idea from bad creative and all that’s gone!” I almost spat out my cola watching it. Stay magnificent Jericho, stay magnificent.

Number one Contender’s Match. Women’s Tag Team Match.

Darby Allin vs Jimmy Havoc. Darby Allin wins via Coffin Drop pin fall.

When I 1st saw this match advertised, I booked it as match of the night and maybe of the week. However, match of the night happened with Private Party and Young Bucks. Yet this was a close second. I was excited to see an extreme yet full of talent match. I saw a match full of talent, which is not bad at all. I guess I got accustomed to the insanity that these two men can and will bring to a match.

Still it wasn’t a play it safe match, Havoc hits Allin with a suplex on to the floor outside. There was some hand biting and the two traded submission holds in great fashion.  The match ended with Allin hitting a Flipping Stunner and Coffin Drop. Ok, just started breathing again. Look these two guys are going to be something special and very soon. However, Darby is the one AEW wants to push right now. As he will face Jericho next week for the title.

AEW Women’s Champion Riho with Dr. Britt Baker vs Bea Priestly and Emi Sukura. Britt Baker wins wins via Crossface Mandible Claw combo submission.

Look, I really hate to say this, but this was an meh match. The talent in the ring is not lacking, just the in ring story, kinda. The commentators made it a point that the only loss Riho has had is when in a tag match with Baker. Remember kiddos, wins and losses count in this league. The match basically continued the feud between Baker and Priestly, with an added Riho and Emi. Sounds terrible on paper, but was passable in the ring. Plenty of spots to showcase the ladies and Baker’s newest finisher. A sweet Crossface/Mandible Claw submission, because she has her PhD in Dentistry. Yuo, that’s how pro wrestling works and I love it at times.

 A new feud? The Chaotic Main Event.

Jon Moxley vs Shawn Spears. Moxley wins via Death Rider pin fall.

Another match that may have been a classic, turned into a story line match. Again, I say it with a grain of salt because this was a good match. Also, it delivered an intriguing path to branch off the story line. With legendary Terry Blanchard as Spear’s at ring adviser, you can expect the classic manager heel aspects.

The two men fought hard and dirty, every time Moxley regain control of the match, Blanchard interfered. All of this was going on while PAC was on commentary. PAC made valid points pn how every one is getting a title shot but him. As he has basically defeated every one in title contention, and that is the truth.

After Moxley hits the Death Rider and wins the match, Kenny Omega arrives with a barbed wire bat and mop. Omega then tosses the bat to Jon and wants to throw down. WHAT?! Kenny, you have a mop! Yes, its covered in barbed wire, but still! PAC decides he has had enough of the shunning and lays out Omega with a steel chair. Moxley is upset that PAC interfered and decides to toss the bat and walk away. Preserving his pseudo baby face character.

Nice booking there, the possibilities of story line match just expanded. Would be great to see an Omega/Moxley vs PAC/Spear’s match.

The Main Event: Chris Jericho/Sammy Guevara vs Adam “Hangman” Page/Dustin Rhodes. Jericho wins via Judas Effect pin fall.

Pretty standard match in rich story telling. That’s not a knock on the in ring work, it was good. However, the main purpose of the match was to set up the story line. The match started with back and forth action and Dustin gaining the upper hand. However Hager came in for the distraction and it allowed Jericho to land the Judas Effect.

Then things broke down, an all out assault form the Inner Circle to Dustin and Page began. The lights went out and when it was back on, Cody was in the ring. The American Nightmare began to take control until LAX regains the beat down section. The Young Bucks come in for the final save. However, it is this man.. Darby Allin that made fist pump like I was on Jersey Shore.

X-Games X Pro Wrestling.

Allin came swooping down the ramp on HIS SKATEBOARD AND HITS A FLYING KNEE TO JERICHO! Yes, I am a huge fan of Allin, but that was really cool. Especially if you were at ring side watching the whole thing unfold. As the camera didn’t provide a great angle of the move.

Did AEW Dynamite progress?

Yup. Even if a couple of matches took a turn to “Let’s see what is on NXT” route, it was a great show. No show is perfect, especially filling in a two hour show. However, with the production (PIP commercials took a big step forward), commentary, and story building. They all vastly improved from last week. Giving another great alternative to WWE… just not NXT yet.David G


Following last week’s extremely stacked show, NXT settled into a more sustainable place this week. There was only one title match, the commercials were placed much better, and Ranallo was significantly less annoying on commentary.

Cruiserweight Reset

There still hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the fate of 205 Live, but the status of the division seems much clearer after this show. Some time over the past week or so the company stopped referring to the title as the “WWE Cruiserweight Title” and instead rechristened it the “NXT Cruiserweight Title.” There was no title defense at this past weekend’s Hell in a Cell in spite of the card lacking in matches during the days before the show. Instead, they opened this week’s NXT broadcast with Lio Rush getting the title shot he earned on a previous episode of NXT.

Rush and Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak put on an excellent match. Lio relied on his speed and quick flurries of offense. Gulak used his more technical style to try and slow down the pace. Back and forth submission attempts and reversals kept things moving. At the end, Rush was able to hit a pair of Frog Splashes for the pin.

205 Live gone?

GM Regal hit the ring to congratulate the new champ, but the former champ wasn’t quite done. He snatched the title, stared down the new champ, and then congratulated him on the victory. This felt like they were hitting the reset button on the division while still respecting the work guys like Gulak have put in to make 205 the underrated show that it was while it lasted. Now NXT viewers can start here with the division, whether they previously tuned in on Tuesday nights or not.

2 Women Rise

Rhea Ripley made quick and easy work of Aliyah before grabbing a mic and making it clear that she still has Shayna Baszler in her sites. Later, Dakota Kai faced Bianca Belair in a slightly longer battle. There’s something about Kai that feels more serious and more mature since her return from knee surgery. Previously she felt a bit too much like Bayley 2.0, and that character was likely to have a limited ceiling.

Kai and Belair never quite clicked in this match. It wasn’t bad, but it was missing something. In spite of that missing gear though, you still got the point that these were two competitors who both needed this win to continue rebuilding themselves en route to the top of the card.

It seems a shame for Dakota to lose in only her 2nd match back, but it was Bianca who scored the win here. The reason became clear when she picked up the mic and made it know that Ripley is not the only woman who wants another shot at Baszler. A mini feud between the two powerhouses will be an excellent stepping stone to determine which women gets to face the champ next.

Undisputed Excellence

North American Champion Roderick Strong faced Swerve Scott in a nontitle match at the top of the 2nd hour. This was a solid showing for both men, and possibly the best match Swerve has had since coming to NXT. The champ eventually made Scott tap, but even in defeat it was a step forward for the relative newcomer to the brand.

After the match Strong was joined by the other 3 members of Undisputed Era for a celebratory promo. Velveteen Dream interrupted their fun by showing up on the platform above the announcers and teasing Strong with some altered images on the big screen. It was later confirmed that Strong and Dream will meet in a North American Title rematch in two weeks.

Daddy’s home.

Former NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa was out next, dragging his crutch down the ramp. The UE cleared the ring before he got there to avoid a confrontation. Ciampa simply stared at his former title and said “Goldie, daddy’s home.” When Cathy Kelly tried to get a few words from Ciampa backstage, they were interrupted by Angel Garza. The former champ knocked him out, and we later learned that the two will meet in the ring next week for Ciampa’s 1st match since injury nearly ended his career.

Everything Else

Breezango was set to face Ever-Rise, but the Forgotten Sons took out the newcomers and took their spot. The Sons picked up a surprisingly dominant win.

Cameron Grimes picked up another quick win, this time against Boa. He was aided slightly by a distraction from Killian Dain who manhandled Boa after the match.

The main event saw Kushida take on UK Champion Walter in a non title match. The title may not have been on the line in this David vs Goliath battle, but both men did enter the match undefeated. Kushida did have one early hiccup where he seemed to slip on the ropes, but once they recovered from that it was a fantastic match.

When all was said and done though, only the Ring General walked out still undefeated. It’s unclear where each man goes next, but it almost doesn’t matter since both in their own way can have quality matches with nearly anyone on the roster.

Next Week:

  • Tegan Nox returns to a Full Sail ring for the 1st time since her injury during the 2nd MYC
  • Keith Lee and Dominik Dijacovik meet for their rubber match
  • The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne takes on the Archer of Infamy Damian Priest
  • Former NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa faces Angel Garza in his 1st match since coming back from injury~Jason M


Tag Teams Jockey for Position

The show kicked off with an extended squash match for The Hunt. Their opponents Pretty Deadly utilized just enough heel tricks to prolong the inevitable victory for the beasts known as Wild Boar and Primate. After the match they were insulted by members of Imperium and a mini brawl ensued between the two teams.

Later in the night current Tag Champions Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster took to the ring to thank the fans for their support. Gallus showed up and exchanged words with the champs, but refrained from actually attacking because they want worthy opponents when they face off next week in a title match. Backstage, the former champs Grizzled Young Veterans also reminded Andrews and Webster that they aren’t done chasing the titles either.

Ace vs Bomber

Jordan Devlin defeated Jack Starz before taking to the mic to proclaim himself the biggest star in the company. Bomber Dave Mastiff, who has a match next, came out a little early to take issue with Devlin’s proclamation. Big Dave offered to pull double duty and settle things right then and there, but the Irish Ace wasn’t interested in that offer.

With that out of the way, Mastiff moved on to a match against Kenny Williams. I was curious how they would do an enhancement match for Mastiff when his opponent was a smaller face performer. The answer came early when Williams seemingly injured his ankle. Mastiff held back while the ref asked Williams if he was ok to continue. Kenny was determined to keep going regardless of the fact that he was clearly working on one leg. He fought valiantly, but in the end the healthy big man put him out of his misery. Post match Dave waited for his foe to get back to his feet and offered his hand out of respect for the effort.

The Women

There was no sign of UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray this week, but plenty of the other top women of the brand got some spotlight. Xia Brookside and Nina Samuels had an uncomfortable encounter backstage that seemingly set up a future match.

The main event this week featured Piper Niven taking on Jazzy Gabert with Jinny ringside. I’d love to see a real powerhouse battle between Niven and Gabert at some point, but this match was more about the outside factors. Jinny got involved quite a bit of course, and while piper was taking her out a surprising person gave an assist on taking out Jazzy. Rhea Ripley attacked on the outside and tossed her back in for Piper to pin creating an interesting enemy of my enemies alliance between former foes Ripley and Niven.~Jason M

Friday Night Smackdown:

On Smackdown we are treated to WWE draft. Guaranteeing a change in the WWE landscape. WWE also threw in a few matches, with one only being interesting. Tonight was about drafting in a NFL style of WWE talent. Yes, even the FOX NFL robot was there. Well, let’s get started with part one of the WWE Draft!

Which brand gets 1st pick? The Fiend shows up.

Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns. DQ via The Fiend.

This was a good and borderline great match. Which is what you would expect from two close friends and former Shield members. The action went back and forth with each men giving their signature move sets. However, The Fiend popped up through the apron and dragged Seth below. Seth fought his way out and pulling The Fiend with him. However The Fiend then magically transported himself to the to of the ramp to mock Reigns. This ended with RAW getting the 1st pick. The draft list will be posted after the results of the show. Which will not be too long.

King vs Shorty. Crown Jewel announcements. New Day vs O.C.

King Corbin vs Shorty Gable. Corbin wins via End Of Days pin fall.

This was just a rushed match. Gable gain control early on , but Corbin landed suplexes on Gable to take control. Eventually, King Corbin hits the End Of Days for the pin fall. I get it, but why? Gable is supposed to over come, not get bullied. This seemed to be a quick throw in for draft night.

Crown Jewel announcement and horrible promo.

Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez had a Boxing/MMA type promo after a video package of Strowman vs WBC champion Tyson Fury fight at Crown Jewel. This was very bad and awkward, even the crowd was dead on every word. This fight should have happen in about a year from now, not piled on us from no where. Well, we still will get it at Crown Jewel.

New Day vs O.C. New Day wins via Kofi’s Trouble In Paradise pin fall.

In a match that could’ve saved the show’s in ring action, just did that. The two great teams formed a great match between them, with in ring story telling. The dominate yet frustrated O.C failed to overcome New Day’s most angry member.. Kofi. Kingston lost his well earned and defended title to Brock in nine seconds last week. This was a glimpse of Kofi climbing back up to the mountain top.

Smack Down Women’s title match.Shocking turn. Title change. Draft List.

 Evil Bayley vs Charlotte Flair in a SmackDown Women’s Championship match. Bayley wins via roll up pin fall.

Wow, this was a head turner. The SmackDown Women’s champion, Flair first entered. Now it was Bayley’s turn, after Bayley’s baby face intro with giant inflatable characters. Bayley stopped and cut down those inflatable character. Bringing her to complete heel. The match was awesome as Bayley somehow made Flair bled from her hand, adding ambiance to the match. After Bayley hit all her signature finishers and couldn’t pu away Flair.

The Evil Hugger went on a temper tantrum, Flair hits a neck breaker and the Figure-8. However, Bayley grabbed two handful of Flair’s hair for the roll up and win. Becoming the newest SmackDown Women’s Champion. Shortly afterwards Bayley grabbed the mic and said “Screw you all” to the crowd. I loving Evil Bayley.

The Draft:


Becky Lynch

The OC (AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Drew McIntyre

Randy Orton

My boy Ricochet

Bobby Lashley

Alexa Bliss

Kevin Owens


The Viking Raiders

Nikki Cross

The Street Profits

On SmackDown:

Roman Reigns

Bray Wyatt (The Fiend)

Sasha Banks

Braun Strowman

Lacey Evans

The Revival

Lucha House Party

Heavy Machinery

The rest will be announced on and/or on Mondya Night RAW. There is so many un-drafted talent. This will be intriguing.

Was it good?

FNS was really a showcase of WWE making WWE a sports show for FOX. Even the FOX NFL robot was in the FNS “War room” giving “High-Five”. Umm, ok. What really stood out for me was Samoa Joe becoming a great talent as an commentator during the draft. Renee Young absolutely in heer wheel house and Booker T was great too. So as a “draft show”, this was very good. No long drawn out draft picks and a surprise title change. This was a great show.– David G

205 Live!

Wow, I really didn’t think think this would’ve aired, but here we are.. the latest 205 Live episode!! Great show, but I am betting it will still be canceled.

Danny Burch/Oney Lorcan vs Drew Gullak/Tony Neese. Lorcan wins via DDT pin fall

This was a great way to start the night off. All four men decided to put 205 Live on their shoulders and run with it. After many spots and near pin falls, Lorcan hits a vicious European Uppercut and DDT for the pin fall.

Ariya Daivari vs Chris Brey. Daivari wins via Hammerlock Lariat pin fall.

Another good match, with newcomer Brey taking Ariya to his ceiling. Daivari eventually re gains control and hits the Hammerlock Lariat for the pin fall. seriously go watch this on the WWE Network and you will not be disappointed.

Akira Tozawa vs Brian Kendrick. No Disqualification Match.

Oh, boy! This was a stellar match! From the in ring action to the weapons used to the last second interference, this had it all. After beating each other to a pulp. the two teased suplex reversals. Then out of nowhere, Mike Kanellis interrupts the match in Kendrick’s favor and leading to Brian’s win over Tozawa.

Afterthoughts of 205 Live.

I honestly thought this would have been a replay or not aired. However, at the last second, WWE decided to air 205 Live. My main hypothesis is that SmackDown did not have enough action and they brought in 205 Live to fill the ring work. This may be a point where WWE is deciding of keeping 205 Live or integrate it in the other three shows. Whatever it is, as long as WWE shows some love to this division, I will be happy.

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