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Smackdown Live builds awesome SummerSlam matches

The Miz and AJ Styles deliver harsh words for their SummerSlam opponents.  Smackdown Live determines who will challenge for Tag Team Championships.

Tuesday night is once again laden with extreme verbal dialogue building towards superior, totally immersive feuds.  Meanwhile, who will emerge from the tag team tournament to face the Bludgeon Brothers?

Smackdown Live comes to us from Orlando, FL this 7th of August, 2018.

Divide and Conquer

Charlotte was able to insert herself into the Smackdown Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam alongside her long time friend Becky Lynch.  The two seek to dethrone Carmella, even if it means fighting one another.  Following a series of wins, Lynch seemed poised to defeat Carmella on her own until Charlotte entered the picture.  The pair acknowledge this and put their feelings aside to defeat The IIconics in the opening match of the night.


What is intriguing about the otherwise predictable outcome of this match is the way Charlotte tagged herself in and finished the match, seemingly stealing Lynch’s glory.  This is a perfect optic to build toward a potential turn on Charlotte by Lynch.

Carmella needs an out at SummerSlam as her in ring ability is not at the level of both her competitors.  Driving a wedge between her opponents and using their friendship against them could be the perfect way to distract during a triple threat match.  Carmella has all the tools to build distrust between Lynch and Charlotte before the Smackdown Live Women’s Champion match.

Styles Responds To Joe

AJ Styles addresses accusations levied by Samoa Joe.  In and old school style promo, Styles mixed wrestling story line with life outside of sports entertainment.  Joe claims Styles is an inadequate father due to his obsession with remaining WWE Champion.  Styles laments not being there for his kids and proceeds to outline the sacrifices of himself and his wife in providing their kids with a great life.

However, Styles will be damned if he will have his emotions played with, especially by a former friend.  A pissed off AJ Styles further convinces the crowd of his hatred for Joe by claiming Joe will not leave their match at SummerSlam on his own power.


Other than Joe’s assault on Styles during a Smackdown Live contract signing, these two have built a compelling feud in two promos.  They have started to introduce their history into their WWE story which is a delight for more hardcore wrestling fans.

If Joe and Styles have zero physical contact before their match at SummerSlam it would still be an incredible build up with the battle of words we have witnessed.

Rusev Day Saga

Following a potential  break up, Lana and Rusev make amends backstage before The Ravishing Russian’s match against Zalina Vega.  Aiden English is able to catch the two shortly after and apologizes for costing Lana her match the previous week.

Rusev offers forgiveness to English but advises him to stay in the back while he accompanies Lana to the ring tonight.

Zalina Vega enters the ring accompanied by her business partner Andrade “Cien” Almas.  Both look confident as Vega currently holds  a Victory over Lana.


Lana immediately assaults Vega and maintains dominance over her for the entirety of the match.  When Almas tries to interfere on behalf of Vega, Rusev gets involved and starts a brawl on the outside.  Vega distracts Rusev during the fight which allows Almas to brutalize the Bulgarian Brute.

Aiden English emerges to spear Almas into the ring post but in doing causes Lana to fall from the top rope.  Vega immediately hits her double knees maneuver and pins Lana.

Once again English has messed up with Rusev and the drama has deepened within this faction.  This continues to be one of the more compelling story lines on Smackdown Live.

Miz Escapes Again

In an interview with Byron Saxton, The Miz once again delivers a blistering, inflammatory promo against Daniel Bryan.  The A-Lister denigrates Bryan to a washed up wrestler who obsesses about The Miz.  While the Miz has been main eventing and making movies, Bryan has been watching longingly from the sidelines witch causes his intense jealousy.

As Miz screams these words into the camera, Bryan attacks him from behind as the crowd erupts.  Security intervenes and subdues Bryan, allowing The Miz to deck his assailant with a flower vase.  The Miz quickly rushes out of the area as Bryan groggily gives chase.

These two are doing an incredible job of utilizing their organic, sometimes seemingly real heat against each other.  Just like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, this feud has history on its side.  It could produce an absolute barn burner at SummerSlam.  Not only is the story on point but these two are gifted workers who tell amazing stories in the ring.

The Universe is hungry to see how low both Bryan and The Miz are willing to go with their personal attacks.  It seems there remains maybe one more jaw dropping remark or action that would push this feud into a classic.

Truth Comes Up Short

R-Truth once again makes a fool out of himself to the enjoyment of the WWE Universe.  This time he challenges Shinsuke Nakamura to a match for his United States Championship at SummerSlam.  This challenge comes moments after it is announced the Nakamura will defend his title against Jeff Hardy at the same event.  Although his hopes are dashed, Truth is still challenging Nakamura after some incendiary Japanese insults.


Unfortunately Truth does not last long against Shinsuke Nakamura.  This match was one of the more dominant looking matches for Nakamura.  Lately The Artist has barely pulled out victories by cheating which has been off putting for such a prolific wrestler.  Assuming he does not get lost in the current shuffle of both Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton, it would great to see Nakamura flourish as a dominant United States Champion.

Tag Team Tournament Finale

The Bludgeon Brothers remain Smackdown Live’s dominant tag team.  After crushing some independent wrestlers in a brutal squash match, they await new challengers for their titles heading into SummerSlam.  Either the Bar or The New Day will fill that role at The Biggest Event of the Summer.  Both teams have survived a quick tournament to determine number one contenders to the titles.

The size and strength advantage enjoyed by The Bar is very apparent during the first part of the match.  Kofi Kingston puts up valiant efforts to tag in Big E but The Bar use their heel tricks to separate their opponents.  Finally Big E tags in and runs wild over The Bar.  Sheamus is able to counter a dual finisher and tag in Ceasaro who suffers an SOS from Kingston.  Ceasaro kicks out as Sheamus ends up punishing The New Day while the referee is distracted.

The Bar and the New Day are able to create spectacular matches against any tag team and their talents are on full display against one another.  The opportunity at stake visibly amplifies the physical effort poured into this match.  Big E essentially has the match won until Sheamus miraculously breaks up the pinfall at the last possible moment.

Ceasaro locks in a series of submissions but Big E lifts his opponent into the air as Kingston hits a The Midnight Hour for the win.  The New Day advance to face The Bludgeon Brothers at SummerSlam.  Although the New Day can tout a series of hard fought victories, they have yet to prove they can overcome Harper and Rowan.

It is not difficult to imagine Harper and Rowan retaining at SummerSlam despite the passion of The New Day.

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