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SmackDown 900 Recap

This 900th episode of SmackDown came to us from Wilkes-Barre, PA.  After a montage of clips from great moments in SmackDown’s history, SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan gave a rundown of the big news of the returns of Hall of Famers Edge and the Undertaker tonight. The men then announced the first match of the evening…

THE MIZ vs. DOLPH ZIGGLER (Intercontinental Championship): The competitors opened up with a flurry of holds and counters. Ziggler went for a quick super kick, but Miz dodged it. Miz went for the Figure Four leg lock, but Ziggler countered. The crowd was behind this match from the opening bell. Miz went to the top rope for a double axe handle, but Ziggler scouted him and nailed Miz with a beautiful dropkick. Both men barely made it to their feet before the referee’s ten count. Miz kept his offense focused on the legs of Ziggler, wisely setting up his submission move while lowering Ziggler’s chances of nailing his super kick. Miz failed to connect with his Awesome Clothesline, allowing Ziggler time to mount a comeback with a series of clotheslines and a Stinger Splash. Ziggler locked in a sleeper hold, but Miz got his leg on the bottom rope, forcing the break. Miz tried to pin Ziggler using the ropes as leverage, but the referee caught him. While arguing with the ref, Ziggler nailed him with a Fameasser. Miz retaliated with a stiff kick, and then he mocked Daniel Bryan with a Yes chant, followed up by a series of kicks to the chest. Miz attempted the Figure Four again, but Ziggler reversed. Ziggler went for the Satellite DDT, but was countered. After hitting the Zig Zag, Ziggler nearly got the pin fall, but Miz kicked out at the last moment. The Spirit Squad attempted to interject themselves into the match, but Ziggler made short work of them. Miz used the distraction to lock in the Figure Four, but didn’t get Ziggler to tap. Thanks to some timely interference by Maryse, Ziggler’s roll up of Miz was reversed, causing the prestigious Intercontinental Title to change hands. WINNER: THE MIZ

We then got a recap of the confrontation on Raw, where their team for Survivor Series clashed with Team SmackDown, with Raw winning that skirmish.
The next recap clip was a flash back to August 2000, where Stone Cold Steve Austin destroyed the DX Express bus. Man, segments like this makes one yearn for the old days.
A Twitter response from Sami Zayn was posted, stating he was excited to be fighting the Miz this Sunday at Survivor Series (If he wins, the IC title goes to Monday Night Raw).
Alexa Bliss was backstage talking to Daniel Bryan. Bliss pointed out the video footage of her foot being on the rope, but the ref still counting the pin fall in her match against Becky Lynch, demanding a rematch. Natalya came in stating she was the coach of the Women’s Division, giving a somewhat disingenuous motivational speech. Alexa Bliss stormed off in disgust.

ONEY LORKIN vs. KALISTO: Lorkin came out of the gates on fire tackling Kalisto, then following up with a half Dragon suplex. Kalisto tried to mount the comeback, but Lorkin cut him off with several European uppercuts. Out of nowhere, Kalisto hit the Solida del Sol and pinned his opponent. WINNER: KALISTO

There was then a creepy backstage segment where we saw Undertaker’s hat. While his music was playing, we saw a gloved hand pick up the hat.
The next flashback was to 1999 where the Rock fought Triple H in the main event of the first SmackDown. Guest referee Shawn Michaels betrayed the Rock, nailing him with Sweet Chin Music just as the People’s Champ was about to deliver the People’s Elbow. This allowed Triple H to win the World Championship.
The next backstage segment featured all of the tag teams together to plan for their Survivor Series tag match against Raw. The team captains, Rhyno and Heath Slater, summoned one of the best tag champs of all time, Booker T, in his King Booker persona to give some words. Before he could even start, Breezango came out, dressed as cops and insulted Booker. Booker responded by saying that they must dress as champs, not like rejects from Pirates of the Caribbean (noticeably losing his faux British accent). The rest of the tag teams chanted “All Hail King Booker!”
The next flashback was back to 2002. In John Cena’s debut match on SmackDown, he took it to veteran and Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle. The Undertaker gave Cena his respect after that match.

NIKKI BELLA vs. CARMELLA: The women locked up in one of the less impressive Collar & Elbow tie ups in history. Carmella taunted Bella and then Nikki chased her around the ring. Carmella tried to catch her opponent off guard, but was hit with a face buster in response. Carmella drove Nikki’s neck from the apron straight into the ground and continued her attack on Bella’s neck. Carmella continued to wear Bella down but Nikki was able to break out of the reverse chin lock. Nikki dodged a Bronco Buster attempt by Carmella. Suddenly, Charlotte, the Women’s champion on Raw, showed up in the crowd, holding a ticket. Bella delivered a clothesline then an Enziguri to Carmella. I have to question why this match would be booked, potentially putting one of the members of the Women’s tag match at Survivor Series in jeopardy. The fight went to the outside, with Charlotte taunting Bella. Nikki grabbed her and the two got into a brawl. Team Raw’s Women’s team showed up, decimating both competitors. Team SmackDown Women’s team came down to ringside to even the odds. WINNER: NO CONTEST
One more backstage segment showed an eerie shadow looming towards the arena, while the Undertaker’s theme played in the background.
A video package aired of the feud between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar which will come to a head this Sunday at Survivor Series.

THE ASCENSION, THE SPIRIT SQUAD, THE HEADBANGERS & THE VAUDEVILLAINS vs. THE USOS, AMERICAN ALPHA, BREEZANGO & THE HYPE BROS: Jimmy Uso took it to Simon Gotch early on, but both Spirit Squad members made quick tags in. Jey Uso got the tag and they kept Gotch in the corner. Mojo Rawley went wild on Gotch, nailing him with a hard scoop slam and a senton. Zack Ryder tagged in, working the shoulder and then delivering a neckbreaker. Rawley tagged back in and, despite receiving several chops by Gotch, Rawley seemed to get more “hype”. Gotch made the tag to Viktor of the Ascension. He cut off Zack Ryder’s offense, slowing the pace down. Ryder drilled him with double knees and then a missile dropkick, sending Viktor out of the ring. Both teams then got in each other’s faces. Konnor proceeded to pummel Zack Ryder. He went for a splash, but Ryder was able to dodge at the last second. Chad Gable got the tag in and so did Headbanger Thrasher. The Headbangers went for their double team move, the Stage Dive, but Gable hit Thrasher with an Alpha Plex. The Spirit Squad came in to try and clean up, but were taken out by Breezango. The Usos did splashes out of the ring to take out their opponents. In the chaos, American Alpha hit the Grand Amplitude and picked up the win. WINNERS: THE USOS, AMERICAN ALPHA, BREEZANGO & THE HYPE BROS.

The next segment featured the return of Edge to SmackDown. He stated that he bleeds blue and helped to build the house that is SmackDown. Edge then brought out team SmackDown (AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Shane McMahon and mascot James Ellsworth). He then proceeded to shake the hand of a man whose courage he respected. Styles thought it’d be him, but Edge then shook Ellsworth’s hand. Ellsworth requested to do a Five Second Pose with Edge, but Styles said the pose was stupid then and it’s stupid now. He said no one cares about Ellsworth or about Edge. Styles wanted a question to be asked to someone important. Edge turned to Randy Orton and asked him about his connection to the Wyatt Family now. He asked if Bray had to pull the string in the middle of his back so Orton can talk. Bray Wyatt stated that his newly reinvigorated Orton would be unleashed this Sunday. Shane McMahon stated that they all don’t have to be friends at all, but on Sunday night they will be on the same page on Sunday. He went on to state that AJ is the face that runs the place, but Shane-O-Mac-Down is the show that runs things. Styles went on to state that Ambrose can’t be trusted to keep cool and not blow the match for them. Ambrose stated he’ll keep his cool until TLC on December 4th and take his world championship back.
The crowd went ballistic once the gong was heard and the music hit…Undertaker made his return to SmackDown. Taker faced down Shane McMahon as soon as he got in the ring. Taker grabbed the microphone and said no one is better suited to be Commissioner of SmackDown than a man who has no fear. The crowd started to chant Shane-O-Mac. He followed up by saying that Wrestlemania will no longer define who he is. Undertaker continued by stating that Survivor Series is where Undertaker was born and SmackDown has always been his home. He stated at Survivor Series, there’s no reason to fear failure, but if they fail, they’ll have reason to fear the dead man. Taker ended with stating Team Raw had better rest in peace.

While it wasn’t the barn burner that was expected, the 900th episode of SmackDown did have some incredibly entertaining material, though muddled by many confusing matches. What were your thoughts of SmackDown 900?

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