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Smack Down Live Review and Recap 11-1-16

Smack Down Live Review & Recap
Newark, New Jersey

James Ellsworth comes down to the ring, with another pop from the crowd. Ellsworth enters the ring, looking sad and upset, even though the crowd is chanting his name Goldberg style. Ellsworth thanks, the management for allowing him his time on Smack Down live, but announces that it is his time to go. He then invites Dean Ambrose to come down to the ring, so he can apologize. Dean Ambrose comes down to the ring, and tells James even though he was mad, that he didn’t blame him, and that also couldn’t stay mad at him. Before the two can finish their talk, AJ Styles comes out and interrupts the apology fest. The crowd begins chanting AJ’s name as ha comes to the ring, till he finally has to tell them to shut up, in great heel fashion. He then goes on to tell James Ellsworth he doesn’t owe Dean an apology, but he owes AJ an apology. He even says Ellsworth owes him some of his merchandising check. Before AJ could continue, Ambrose steps in with some words of his own. In response AJ throws Ellsworth into Dean Ambrose, and then hits him with a kick to the head, knocking him to the mat. Promptly AJ tosses Ellsworth through the ropes to the floor. AJ then hits Dean Ambrose with a styles forearm before exiting the ring.

Backstage Segment:

Backstage Dean Ambrose is yelling at James Ellsworth, as Daniel Bryan walks up. Ellsworth is still apologizing to Dean, when Daniel Bryan interrupts. Daniel tells Dean he will give him a match against AJ Styles tonight, and if Dean wins, he becomes the number one contender for the title. Dean says great and storms off leaving Bryan and Ellsworth alone. Daniel Bryan then turns to Ellsworth, and tells him, he can stay at the show, but that he is not allowed at ringside for the rest of the night.

Randy Orton Vs. Kane: No DQ

This match was set up in response to Randy Orton’s actions towards Kane last week, when he turned on Kane in their on going battle with the Wyatts. The match quickly spills outside, and Randy Orton grabs a chair. Kane deftly grabs the chair from Orton, and proceeds to pummel Orton with it, before rolling him back into the ring. Kane continues to beat Randy Orton down, and quickly sets him up for a choke slam, when the lights drops out. When the come back on Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper stand outside the ring. Kane is then distracted every time he goes to perform a move on Randy Orton, by the Wyatts. Kane is able to briefly hold his own, but then he’s hit with an RKO, and pinned for the count. After wards the Wyatts and Orton, proceed to take turns hitting their finishing moves on Kane, leaving him decimated in the ring, as they gloat over his beaten body.

Nikki Bella & Becky Lynch (Smack Down Woman’s Champion) Vs. Carmella & Alexa Bliss

Nikki starts off the match, going up against her rival Carmella. Becky Lynch and Alexa don’t stay out for long, and within moments all four women are duking it out in the ring. Right before going to commercial break, Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch pull off a pair of baseball slides to their opponents, and get a pop from the crowd in the process. We return to Becky Lynch putting a beat down on Carmella, as she punishes her in the corner. Alexa Bliss interferes, and sets up her own tag into the ring. Becky gets the better of Bliss though, and hits her with a reverse DDT, and covers her for the pin. Carmella then distracts the referee, long enough to miss the three count. Becky then gets up, and confronts Carmella, backing her out of the ring. While her back is turned, Alexa Bliss jumps on, and proceeds to claw Becky’s eyes before taking her down for the three count. Carmella and Alexa, then cut promos in the ring towards both the Women superstars on Raw, and also to Becky Lynch. Alexa then promises to win her title match against Becky next week in Glasgow Scotland.

Backstage Segment

Shane and Daniel Bryan appear as Shane is talking to Naomi, and informs her she will be competing in Survivor’s Series, on the Smack Down Live women’s team. Naomi happily accepts, before giving her new glow catch phrase, and bounces out of the room. Shane and Daniel then turn to each other discussing the state of the womens roster, expressing concern about survivor series. Natalya almost appears out of nowhere, and offers her services as a coach for the womens team. After a brief debate, Shane and a reluctant Daniel Bryan agree to make Natalya the coach at survivor series, and before fading to commercial Natalya makes a cat joke, to the managers chagrin.

Spirit Squad Vs. American Alpha

Spirit Squad is in ring prepping to do a cheer when thankfully they are cut off by the American Alpha’s music. Gable starts off the match, and while he gets the upper hand at first, he is over taken by the cheating tactics of the Spirit Squad. The Spirit Squad keep the upper hand against Gable, until l he is able to make the tag to Jason Jordan. Jordan the power house of the Alpha’s, shows exactly why he has that position. Hurling the two men around, he launches Mikey into a high flying face drop. Jordan sets Mikey up for the spear in the corner, ends up ramming his shoulder into the ring post instead. The Spirit Squad get the upper hand, but Gable gets a tag in on Jordan, unbeknownst to the Squad. Gable is then able to pull Kenny from the ring ( I think? ), as Jordan sets up Mikey for the Alpha’s combination back drop, with Gable pinning Mikey for the three count. With this win, the American Alpha’s secure their place on the team for survivors series tag team elimination battle.

Miz TV

Miz and Maryse are decked out in matching shades of red, as Miz introduces his guest for the evening Daniel Bryan. As usual Bryan comes out to an almost standing ovation. It goes on so long Miz to ask, if he can start his show now. Once again showing why he is arguably the top heel in the business today, he taunts the crowd with insults, before going into his interview. Miz and Daniel throw a few digs each others way, before getting into the meat of the interview, who’s competing in the male superstar survivor series challenge. Daniel announces the competitors, and to the Miz’s dismay his name is not mentioned at all. Miz then arrogantly asks Bryant multiple questions, and each time the crowd glaringly yells out NO. Daniel Bryan then explains to the Miz, that the reason he was passed up is for his actions last week, when he turned down Dolph Ziggler for his IC title rematch. He then goes on to say the Miz is scared to fight. Miz continues his tirade, as he positions his wife between him and Daniel Bryan. Miz tells Daniel he’s not good at his job, and that he should go back to sitting and complaining with his wife at John Cena’s house, and while it’s a cheap plug for the Total Diva’s show, it gets a nice reaction from the crowd. Bryan then calls Miz a coward, and a few other colorful adjectives, and then announces Dolph Ziggler would be competing next in an IC title open challenge match.

Dolph Ziggler (Intercontinental Champion) Vs Curt Hawkins: Intercontinental Title match

Hawkins comes down to the ring with his microphone and scepter. Talking trash all the way into the ring, and right up into Ziggler’s face. Squaring up for battle, Hawkins stretches quickly, before turning around into a super kick from Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler promptly covers Curt Hawkins for the three count, and beats Hawkins in record time. Renee Young enters the ring and interviews Dolph Ziggler in the ring. Ziggler then issues an open challenge, to any superstar on RAW at the upcoming survivor series to everyone’s surprise.

Backstage Segment

The new interview girl is backstage and ask Dean Ambrose how he feels knowing now that James “Ellis” will no longer be ring side tonight for his match against AJ Styles? Dean corrects her, and then goes on to say he’s happy Ellsworth won’t be ringside when he turns to see a sad faced looking Ellsworth. Ellsworth then proceeds to beg Ambrose if he can come down to the ring during his match. Dean meanly tells Ellsworth no, and reiterates for him to stay away from the ring, as he shoos him away.

The Headbangers Vs The Uso’s

Not wasting any time the Uso’s attack the Headbangers before the bell even rings, and begin to put the smack down on them. After a brief set of exchanges between both teams, and some good offense from the Headbangers, the Uso’s pull off the win. After a failed roll-up attempt by Thrasher on Jay Uso, Thrasher is sent rushing towards the ropes, where he is hit with an elbow by a waiting Jimmy Uso. Jey quickly gets the pin, and the Uso’s win their spot at survivor series, in the tag team battle royal.

AJ Styles (WWE World Champion) Vs. Dean Ambrose

For the second week in a row Ambrose and Styles main event Smack Down live. The twp put on one hell of match, and even though we’ve seen these two square up now multiple times, they somehow pull new moves out of their arsenals. Ambrose pulls off a double under hook suplex from the top rope on Styles. Styles pulls off a complex set of counters against Ambrose, rolling through into his calf lock. The two then, even break down into a bit of a brawl outside of the ring, where Dean Ambrose clotheslines Styles off of the barricade by the time keepers. Later Ambrose dives from the top rope down onto Styles, with a flying elbow. Styles shows his rough side later in the match and suplex’s Ambrose into corner ring post, smashing Dean Ambrose knee against the post. After another series of counters, both men end up clothes lining each other to the ground. Out of nowhere Ellsworth comes running down to the ring, and begins beating against the ring apron for Dean to get up. Ellsworth almost inadvertently causes Ambrose the match as Styles takes advantage of the distraction. Ellsworth is then chased away from the ring by security, as the two men continue their match. AJ Styles nearly makes Ambrose tap out to the calf lock, when Ellsworth comes running back to the ring, diving into it. Security pulls him out and before they could escort him away AJ shoves Ellsworth flying across the announcers table. Rushing back into the ring, Styles tries to his Ambrose with the Styles forearm, when Ambrose counters it with a gut kick, and hits Styles with the Dirty Deeds, allowing Ambrose the win. Ambrose then makes his way up the ramp, where he grabs Ellsworth from security, and raises his hand in victory.

Tonight’s Smack Down was a little stale, and did not offer much in the way of storyline progression. While the skits that featured James Ellsworth were entertaining enough, everyone else’s stories seem to be stuck in creative limbo. With most of the focus being on the upcoming Survivor Series, everything was at a bit of a stand still. All the matches were pretty short, and the tag team matches in particular were downright confusing. The Spirit Squad and the Headbangers, were in qualifying matches to be in the upcoming Survivor Series, and while I don’t hate either team, the thought of either of them winning was laughable at best. Fortunately the matches were good, and as usual Smack Down Lives two hours rolls by quickly. I give tonight a C+.

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