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Smack Down Live Review 11-29-16

Smack Down Live Review
University of South Carolina

Renee Young starts off the show in the ring tonight. She announces the contract signing between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch for their upcoming match at this Sunday’s TLC PPV. Both ladies make their respective entrances, and then begin a bitter back and forth, that goes a little to long. Alexa abruptly ends the argument with a derogatory Irish potato farm remark…Wow! Becky justifiably responds with a stiff punch to Alexa’s face. When wrestling gets good, it’s hard to tell whats real or fake, and this exchange looked extremely real. Very stiff work from Becky Lynch as she beat on Alexa Bliss. Bliss was able to come out on top though, pushing Becky through the table she had set up for Bliss.

Dolph Ziggler and Kallisto Vs Baron Corbin and The Miz

Interesting match up, since both Ziggler and Kallisto have been Corbin’s main feuds since he came to the main roster. Someone is about to get a good push. Ziggler starts quick, and gets in a few licks, but is put down quickly by Corbin. Corbin then beats Ziggler post to post without much interruption. Before he tags in The Miz. Ziggler DDTs The Miz outside of the ring, and super kicks Corbin in a hectic flurry of attacks. Ziggler eventually tags in Kallisto who immediately begins a high flying assault on The Miz. Miz gets the best of Kallisto, before attacking Ziggler outside of the ring. As the two fight Corbin comes around, only to catch a torpedo dive from the ring by Kallisto. Miz knees Kallisto and rolls him into the ring, before catching another super kick from Ziggler. Miz limply rolls into the ring, as Maryse dumps a ladder on Dolph Ziggler in response to the kick on her husband The Miz. Back in the ring, Kallisto hits Miz with his finisher and rolls Miz up for the pin. Before the three count Corbin enters the ring and hits Kallisto with a chair. Dolph and Kallisto win via DQ, but lay battered in and out of the ring.

Backstage Interview w/ American Alphas. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable trade some not so funny metaphors. Comes across kind of corny and goofy, reminiscent of Kurt Angle’s old schtick, but not as humorous. The guys do get a good pop when they talk tough and drop the corny act though. The Alphas interview is followed up by Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton, with Luke Harper standing off to the side. Bray begins one of his usual off rhythm rants. Randy chimes in with his own off kilter rant before he begins to poke at Luke Harper, asking is he gonna take care of Kane tonight in their match. Bray then tells Luke Harper to send Kane back to hell. Then it kind of weirdly ends with a shot of Carmella walking backstage headed to the ring, before going to break.

Carmella Vs Nikki Bella

Coming back from break Carmella stands in the ring mic in hand. She starts off slowly, with weird call outs to Nikki’s boyfriend John Cena, but comes alive after a great zinger to the crowd as they chant “How You Doing”, making them pause and begin to boo. Carmella goes on to make a joke about Nikki’s Bella Twins…and how she will beat them till they pop out of her back. Interesting choice of words. Also hats off to the Smack Down Live writing team for bringing back boob jokes. Jerry “The King” Lawler must be falling out laughing in the gorilla area. Mid rant Carmella is interrupted by Nikki Bella who runs down to the ring. A beat down is quickly delivered to Mella by the Bella, and Carmella is sent stumbling back up the ring, with the match never having started.

Ambrose Asylum Segment with Guest James Ellsworth

Ellsworth comes out to a big pop from the crowd. Standard back and forth between Dean and Ellsworth. Dean delivers a decent joke about Ellsworth having good karma, after he can’t find any physical attributes of Ellsworth to compliment. A little more back and forth goes on before the inevitable interruption by AJ Styles. AJ berates both men, mockingly calling them quality entertainment as he makes his way to the ring and climb on the announcers table. AJ throws some low digs on Ellsworth, and cuts a mean spirited promo. AJ eventually enters the ring getting in Ambrose’s face as he ends his tirade. As Ambrose begins his rebuttal, the crowd chants for Styles, which only gets Dean going more. AJ ends up getting the crowd to hate him again, as he throws a cheap shot on Ellsworth shoving him into Ambrose. AJ proceeds to ram Ambrose into the steel steps outside the ring. AJ then focuses his attention on Ellsworth beating him with the ladder and chairs respectively. Styles then puts the exclamation mark on the beating, giving Ellsworth the sickest Styles clash from the steel steps. It’s even scarier when you remember the clash Ellsworth took, during his first match with AJ that looked dreadful.

Kane Vs Luke Harper

Coming back from break, we see Ellsworth being taken off in an ambulance, with Dean riding shotgun. We come back to a shocked crowd, who are jarred awake by the flames of Kane coming to the ring. Harper then makes his entrance with pictures of wood paneling on the titan tron screens behind him. They really should bring back all the weird eyeballs Harper used to have during his entrance. It matched his crazy swamp man vibe he gives off. Please WWE, let Harper wave his weird freak flag high. As JBL eloquently states after the bell rings, “There’s a lot of beef in there. Battle of the big boys”, this starts as a slow prodding match. Kane give up little offense to Luke Harper’s surprising bouts of agility. At one point Harper even does a senton bomb over top rope to Kane. Kane rallies briefly and both men trade near pins. The match intensity increases really well as it goes on, with a good showing from Kane tonight. Haven’t seen Kane perform this well since his Tag Team run with Daniel Bryan during the Team Hell No days. Kane super-plexes Luke Harper from the top rope, stunning the big man. Both men lay spent on the mat, as the ref starts a ten count. Both men climb to their feet, and Harper begins a vicious rally. Kane stops is short though and hits Harper with a choke slam for the win.

Backstage Interview. Becky Lynch is standing outside of the athletic trainer’s area, when Renee comes up asking Becky about her fight earlier with Alexa Bliss. Renee informs the woman’s Smack Down Live champ that Bliss is now asking for a tables match at the upcoming TLC PPV. Becky agrees, and ends the interview calling Bliss the non PG B-word, getting the desired “Owwww’s” from the crowd.

Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton Vs American Alpha
#1 Contenders Match for Tag Team Titles
Jason Jordan starts the match against Randy Orton. Jordan performs several good basic amateur wrestling moves on Orton, showcasing the amateur background. Several quick shots of Slater and Rhyno dot the screen in between action, as they watch from backstage. Good team work from Wyatt and Orton over the course of the match. Both men have quickly grown accustomed to each others style. Underhanded moves from both Randy and Bray, beat out the youth and power of Jason Jordan, as they isolate him from his partner. Jordan is finally able to tag Gable in, and Gable unleashes on the Wyatts before being knocked from top rope by Bray. Bray goes back to the devastation hitting a DDT to Gable on the side of the ring. Chad Gable is now on the ropes in need of help. Breaking free Gable now tags Jordan back in, who explodes of Bray Wyatt. Jordan performs a plethora of suplex’s on Bray around the ring. Gable comes alive, and does a cannonball off the apron to Randy Orton. After a great series of exchanges, and a near finishing tag team back drop from The Alphas, the Wyatts narrowly win after Orton sneaks in hitting Gable with an RKO. This sets up the distraction, and Bray is able to put the sister Abigail on Jason Jordan, pinning him for the win. Immediately a backstage interview with the Smack Down Tag Team champs Slater and Rhyno begins. They’re asked about facing the Wyatts when everyone is interrupted by AJ Styles. AJ dismisses the Tag Team champs, which causes Rhyno to square up to fight. Before anything else can happen Ambrose enters the room, and beings to pummel Styles around the room, till the show signs off.

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