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Sexy Star Injures Rosemary at AAA Triplemania

Triplemania is the premiere wrestling show for the Mexican promotion Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, or AAA for short. This past weekend, we saw the twenty-fifth annual Triplemania, which featured top stars from several promotions from around the world. One match in particular will go down as one to remember. However, this is not because it was a match of the year contender. In one of the top matches on the card, Sexy Star, most known for her work on Lucha Underground defended her Reina de Reinas championship against Rosemary of GFW’s Impact Wrestling, Lady Shani of AAA and Ayako Hamada of Japan’s Pro Wrestling Wave promotion. During the finish of the match, Sexy Star applied an armbar submission to Rosemary, consequently popping her arm out of place. Many believe the act to be intentional, which is most noteworthy.

Rosemary was silent about the entire ordeal until just recently, where she posted a very stern message to Sexy Star;

Other talents have come forward with words of support for Rosemary.

“Send Sexy Star to MY house!” said Karen Jarrett, Executive Consultant of Global Force Wrestling.
“DISGUSTING is just one word. We put our lives in each other’s hands. So unprofessional. This is how you work yourself out of the business” said Gail Kim, former Knockouts Champion of Impact Wrestling.
“Whether it’s d*ck flips or submissions, we constantly put our health in each others hands. If you violate that trust, you’re not one of us” said Joey Ryan of Lucha Underground and several other independent promotions.
“Dear fellow wrestling promoters, do you value the safety of your talent? Then now is the time to cancel Sexy Star bookings from your show” a terse message from the UK’s premier feminist punk rock wrestling event organizer.

Seems like the timing of this incident couldn’t be worse. Sexy Star has been getting her share of heat from wrestling fans that compare her to the WWE’s Roman Reigns. Many fans and critics have stated that she is not that good on the microphone or in the ring. They feel she likely gets her push due to her looks and her connections. Whether this is true or not, the incident at Triplemania added fuel to the fire, or rather the ire, of fans of Lucha Libre.

We at The Scrum Sports wish Rosemary a speedy recovery and return to action. She was one of the bright spots of Impact Wrestling and will achieve success in any promotion she works for.

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