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Who Appeared to Shake Things Up at the Royal Rumble.

WWE held its annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view in Chase Field, home of Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks.  The outdoor setting set up the big fight feel for its highly anticipated annual event. With this show setting up the path for the road to WrestleMania, here are the results and who came out on top.

Kickoff Show matches.

RAW WWE Tag Team Champions fought against 2 halves of tag teams because, it’s the preshow.

The opening match on the pay-per-view had Chad Gable and Bobby Roode face off with 1/2 of AOP (Rezar) and 1/2 of The Revival (Scott Dawson). The winner of this match had it been the two halves would later get a title shot at the Raw Tag Team titles. This would not happen however as this match had a huge “dark match” feel to it as the challengers weren’t on the same page as expected and while Rezar did a a one armed chokeslam to Gable over the ropes. Roode was able to start the comeback and setup Gable for a moonsault to pin Dawson for the win. This match was sandwiched in-between so many promos and pre-show analysis that it blended in. Nobody missed anything with this.


Rusev lost to  Shinsuke Nakamura United States Champion was crowned.

Rusev with Lana defended his US. Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura in what a very strong style matchup. Rusev seemed to have the upper hand for the majority of this one until Lana on the outside got involved with Shinsuke on the outside. From there, he missed an attack from Rusev who then hit accidentally Lana. From there Nakamura hit A Kinshasa to the back of the head to Rusev for the Pin and is now 2-time U.S. Champion.


The 205 Live Championship closed out the Pre-Show Festivities.

Buddy Murphy took on(c) def. Hideo Itami (via pinfall) vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Kalisto. This was a high-flying match with a lot aerial attacks. This spear threw the ropes was something, I’ve liked in this match a lot.  The finish of this match up was when Murphy was one-on-one with Itami and hits a knee to the face, then hit Murphy’s Law on Itami to retain and remain the 205 Live champion.

The Main Show

Smackdown Women’s Title Match. Smackdown Tag Team Match. Raw Women’s Match.

Asuka took on and beat The Man to retain the Smackdown Women’s Title.

The Royal Rumble main event began as Asuka took on “the Man” Becky Lynch to open up the 2019 Royal Rumble. Started off with a lot of strikes and reversals from Auska early. From there, it shifted as Lynch on the outside of the ring hit Auska with a back kick onto the floor. Also on the outside, Lynch was able to hit a back exploder suplex onto the outside barricade. Once back inside, Lynch continued the onslaught in the corner with strikes and a suplex for a near fall. They both kept the pressure on with submission holds along the ropes both broken up with 5 counts. Plenty of reversals and the move that woke everyone up a slam on the outside where Lynch landed on her shoulder for a near count out. The finale of this match came when Asuka countered out of the roll-up into the Asuka lock into a bridge chokehold for the submission and to retain the Women’s Championship.

The Bar closed down as we have new Smackdown Champions

Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Bar took on The Miz and Shane McMahon next up in this title matchup. This was for what it was a pretty quick matchup with the usual corner attacks from the tag team champs and the usual quick start from Shane McMahon and Miz which started with a spear takedown early from Shane on Cesaro. Among the back and forth in this one was a coast to coast caught by Cesaro,which led to the big swing. The finish of this matchup was when The Miz countered Sheamus with a skull-crushing finale sending then both out of the ring, leaving Shane McMahon to hit a shooting star press on Cesaro for the win and we have new Smackdown Champions.

Rousey retains against Banks in the RAW Women’s Title match

Next up on the card was a bout between Rhonda Rousey take on  Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Championship. They both started the match with smack talking and arm drags. Rousey tried to hit the Three Amigos suplex sequence but got countered by Banks after the 2nd one. Lots of odd spots in this one, including one with a superplex from Banks off the top rope and a Banks Statement by Sasha with her illegally choking Rousey. Rhonda won this one with her Piper’s Pit finisher for the pinfall victory.

The Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Lacey Evans started the match out as #1 and cut a promo to clean up the entire women’s division. From there, Natalya  was #2 out and this Women’s Rumble got on the way. #3 out was Mandy Rose can out at and tried to toss out Natalya to no avail. In between this sequence Natalya was able to put both women in a double-sharpshooter. Liv Morgan cam in at #4 ran the ropes and was toss out as the first woman eliminated. If you blinked, you missed it.Mickie James came in at #5 and came in with clotheslines. Mickie James missed a punch on the ropes to toss out Mandy Rose on the ropes to keep them all in. Ember Moon came in at #6 for this one started with a flying crossbody on Mickie James and Natalya. Billie Kay of the IIconics came in at #7 and decided to sit and wait for her tag team partner Peyton Royce before getting into the ring. Lots of nothing happened for the most part of this sequence, just false attempts. Nikki Cross came in at #8 and took out Billie Kay on the outside. Cross then got on the top rope and took out everyone in the ring. Billie Kay finally got in the ring in time as her partner Peyton Royce came in at #9 and came in attacking Nikki Cross. Tamina slowly came in at #10 and took out Ember Moon with a Samoa Drop. She also superkicked and then splashed off the top rope .on Nikki Cross. Mickie James was eliminated by Tamina as Xia Li from NXT and the Mae Young Classic came in at #11 and came in striking Tamina.

Li came in superkicking Ember Moon and Lacey Evans. Sarah Logan from the Riott Squad came in at #12 and came in drop kicking  and almost eliminated Ember Moon who was held on by her boots. Nikki Cross was then eliminated by the IIconics. Charlotte Flair came in #13 and began with a suplex on Lacey Evans. At this point the IIconics were both eliminated by Lacey Evans. Xia Li was then kicked off the rope by Flair to be out of running. Kairi Sane came in at #14 and began chopping Flair. Maria Kanelis came in at #15 and interrupted the standoff that Flair and Evas were having with a bulldog on Evans. She was later speared in the center of the ring by Flair for her efforts. Naomi glowed in at #16 and went straight after Mandy Rose from there feud. She was also on the outside and while didn’t touch the floor and was able to leap to the steps but was then eliminated by Rose on the outside. Inside Evans was eliminated by Flair with a big boot to go over the ropes. Candace Larae was #17 and began attacking Kairi.  Alicia Fox came in at #18 and bega drop kicking everyone. From there Kanelis tried to destroy Fox’s hat in the center of the ring. She’ll eliminated Kanelis before Kacy Cantazaro came in #19 at did a flip on Ember Moon. Cantazaro took a backbreaker from Fox while Zelina Vega got into the ring at #20. She went after LaRae in the corner. Renee Young had a mental brain fart during this part of the match and Ruby Riott came in at #21.

They dragged Flair under the bottom rope before she got into ring. Vega rolled under the ring in between this time. Riott eliminated Fox. LaRae was eliminated by Ruby as well. Dana Brooke came in at #22 and went after Kacy in the corner and then Brooke hit a powerbomb on Kacy. Sane was eliminated by Ruby as Io Shirai at #23 came in. Rhea Ripley from NXT UK came in at #24 and began whaling on Moon.  Kacy who looked to be eliminated did a handstand was got back in. She was then picked up and tossed out by Rhea Ripley.

Sonya Deville came in at #25 and became spearing Ember Moon. Commentary team made note of how Natalya has been in for over 45 minutes. Vega who was under the ring was chased out by Hornswaggle. She then got into the ring only to be tossed out and eliminated by Rhea Ripley. Alexa Bliss walked in at #26 and went after Ember Moon, Bliss eliminated Deville with a right on the ropes. Bailey came in #27 and started with a slam on Bliss. Bailey has started cleaning house by eliminating Ruby Riott and Rhea Ripley. Lana came in at #28 and was supporting the ankle boot from the injury she may have got in the pre show match with Rusev. Nia Jax came in at #29 and attacked Lana who still didn’t make her way into the ring. She slung out Io and then followed Natyala as well. Carmela rolled in at #30 with the Suns gear and was announced between this that Becky Lynch came in place of Lana. Pat Patterson gave her the arrow and she was in, Lynch came in firing, avoiding a near toss by Flair.  Bliss eliminated Moon after 53 minutes with a boot on the outside. Bliss was then eliminated by Bailey with help from Carmela. Carmela was eliminated by Flair. Bailey was then eliminated by Flair leaving Lynch, Flair and Jax for the final 3. Nia was eliminated by Lynch who was hanging out on the side, leaving Flair and Lynch for the final. Lynch was tossed by Nia on her way out which had her holding her knee. She switched which knee it was on the outside but was still selling the knee injury by claiming that “she can go”. Flair from there went to work on the injured knee by putting her in the tree of woe. Becky Lynch recovered and sent Flair over the top to win the Women’s Royal Rumble.

Smackdown Men’s Title Match. Raw Men’s Title Match.

AJ Styles clashes with Daniel Bryan for Men’s Smackdown Title.

Next up in the Rumble card was the Men’s Championship match between the former champ AJ Styles and the current champ Daniel Bryan. Bryan started the match working the arm early in this match. The pace of the felt like it brought the speed down a notch as they went for a methodical match with chops in the corner and Bryan being the aggressor throwing Styles into the rings post working the left arm of Styles.Styles began his comeback with a series of near pin falls and a corkscrew to get him some time in this one. A lot of punishment was dealt out in this one, including this suplex. The ending of the very intense match happened as Eric Rowen came out to ringside and while Bryan missed a kick and hit the ref leading in for a Styles clash, interfered and chokeslammed Styles. The ref got up in time to see Bryan pin Styles for the win and to remain champion. Post match they continued attack Styles with a running knee from Bryan. This match while intense really took the wind out after what was a real hot Women’s Rumble match.

The next Rumble title match showed Finn Balor took on Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman)  next for the Raw Universal Championship. Balor started out firing and attacked full speed but was stopped by a belly to belly suplex by Lesnar.Lesnar landed another suplex on the outside on Balor.  Lesnar started to take apart the announce table but was caught by Balor.Brock selling pain to the stomach got back on the inside to toss Balor into the turnbuckles. Balor get the pressure and comeback but was met by a clothesline by Lesnar. Lesnar is selling the injury and tried to setup an F5 and countered it into a DDT. Balor went on the offensive and started with 3 suicide dives on Lesnar.The commentary team was selling the upset happening. Balor hit a coup de grace and when he went for a pin for a near fall. Lesnar then turned that into a Kimura lock for the submission win and to remain Universal champion.Post fight Lesnar continued to attack Balor.

The Men’s Royal Rumble Closes Out the Show.

Elias drew #1 and like Lacey Evans began with a promo with him playing his guitar as usual. He started by hinting at the crowd and taunting the Arizona Diamondbacks in the process. Before he could start, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett came out with the guitar gear from 1994 “JJ” hat and all. Elias cheap shotted Jarrett to start the match, then hit him with a guitar to eliminate him quickly from this rumble.. New US Champ Shinsuke Nakamura came in at #3 and began attacking Elias in the corner. The commentary team was joined by Jerry “the King” Lawler and John “Bradshaw” Layfield for that retro feel. Kurt Angle jogged into the ring at #4 and gave both in the ring German suplexes. Big E from the New Day came in at #5 and came firing and landed a big splash to Shinsuke. Angle was eliminated by Shinsuke with a kick off the top rope. Johnny Gargano from NXT #6 and immediately and landed a slingshot on Elias. Jinder Mahal with the Singh Brothers on the side came in at #7 and was quickly disposed of by Gargano with a superkick. Samoa Joe walked in at #8 with a chip and an STO to Shinsuke. He then manhandled and tossed out Big E. Curt Hawkins came in at #9 and snuck in from behind to hit Samoa Joe. Chants of “Let’s Go Hawkins” were quieted with a chokehold and then Hawkins slid under the ring. Seth Rollins came in next at #10 and started with a flying elbow to Elias. He then eliminated Elias.

Titus O’Neil came in at #11 and didn’t slid under the ring but crawled under after Hawkins. He did was eliminated by Hawkins by chasing after him, but Hawkins was eliminated shortly afterwards. #12 was Kofi Kingston of the New Day and came in attacking Samoa Joe. Mustafa Ali was up next at #13 in this match and came right after Samoa Joe with a facebuster. He then drop kicked Shinsuke off the top rope to eliminate him. Dean Ambrose came in at #14 and went right after Seth Rollins. Ambrose then disposed of Johnny Gargano. No Way Jose conga line and all was in at #15 and was tossed out by Samoa Joe before he stand in. Partied with the conga line back up the ramp. Drew McIntyre was #16 and attacked the Conga line up the ramp and Claymore kicked Rollins, Ambrose and Samoa Joe. Xavier Woods was up next at #17 and helped Kofi from elimination. This was short lived as both members of the New Day were clotheslined over the top rope by McIntyre. Bruiserweight Pete Dunne from NXT UK was #18 and came in with knee strikes to Ali and Samoa Joe.  Andrade was in at #19 and went right after Pete Dunne. Apollo Crews was in next at #20 and came drop kicking the competition.

Aleister Black was in at #21 and took his fight to Pete Dunne.Black eliminated Deambrose with Black Mass. Shelton Benjamin was in at #22 and took the fight to Apollo Crews and hit Pete Dunne with Paydirt.Ali eliminated Samoa Joe. Baron Corbin was #23 and hit a deep 6 on Ali. Crobin hit Crews with a right to eliminate Crews. Jeff Hardy came in at #24 looking to delete Ali and hit Benjamin with a Twist of Fate. Corbin then eliminated Black. Rey Mysterio was #25 and was caught with a back breaker by Crobin. Bobby Lashley was next up at #26 and was quickly tossed out by Rollins, Frustrated, Lashley has wiped out the announce tables and proceeded to throw Rollins thru the table. Braun Strowman came in at #27 came in and eliminated Corbin. He also eliminated Benjamin. Jeff Hardy was eliminated by McIntyre as Dolph Ziggler #28 came in. Dolph came in and eliminated McIntyre. Randy Orton came in at #29 and stood toe to toe with Strowman.

R-Truth came in at #30 and was attacked by Nia Jax.She officially went into the ring and went after everyone. She back body dropped Ali to eliminate him. She got eliminated by being double teamed by Orton and Mysterio.  Mysterio was then tossed out by Orton who then in turn was eliminated by Andrade. With just Andrade and Ziggler in the ring, Strowman came back in and went after both of them. The final four was Andrade, Ziggler,Strowman and Rollins who was dragged back in. Andrade was eliminated by Ziggler. Ziggler was then eliminated by Strowman. Rollins and Strowman were the final 2.Rollins curb stomped Strowman along the ropes to eliminate him and win the Royal Rumble.

That wrapped up the Royal Rumble. This moment now begins on the road to Wrestlemania on who will the winners face.

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