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Roman Reigns dives into a fight! Seth Rollins fights Drew McIntyre for stipulations at Extreme Rules.

Roman Reigns dives into a fight! Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre fight. With the outcome having stipulations on the Intercontinental Championship match. Find out what happens on Raw’s go home show for Extreme Rules. On our Rawtrospective! 


Roman dives into action. Alexa Bliss introduces her tactics. A new Mojo Rawley.

The brawl.

Roman Reigns starts the show off. Reigns calls out Bobby Lashley. The two huge stars about to go to blows. However, Kurt Angle along with Constable Baron Corbin interrupts. Stating that this fight will not happen… tonight. Bobby Lashley is not hearing what Kurt is saying and starts a fight with Roman. Kurt Angle unleashees the locker room to stop the fight. Yet the entire locker room still can not keep the two apart for long. Roman Reigns lands a great suicide dive on Lashley and half of the Raw roster. Afterwards, Roman was finally on top the ramp and separated from Bobby. Then Roman charges at Lashley and mounts another splash attack. The two are once again seperated, until Extreme Rules.

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Natalya/Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss/Mickie James

For the most part. Mickie James and Alexa Bliss took turns on beating down Natalya. However, the Daughter of Hearts finally get the Irresistible Force, Nia Jax a hot tag. Jax takes it to both James and Bliss. James receiving most of the attacks, hits a roundhouse kick on Nia. Yet Jax returns with a hard head butt, an impressive military press, and ends with a huge leg drop for the pin. Shortly after Nia’s pin win. Alexa eneters the ring with a kendo stick and beats Nia mercilessly. Letting Nia know that she plans to find any way to win at Extreme Rules.

No Hype, just brutal force Mojo Rawley vs No Way Jose.

For the countless time Mojo Rawley fights No Way Jose. This is going to be one the few times it was actually a match. Mojo Rawley started in control and continued it throughout the match. Whenever Jose tried to put together an offensive set. Rawley counters with impressive brute force and follows it up with ground work. No Way Jose attempts a top rope move, but Mojo counters with a vicious Alabamaslama for the pin.


Deleter’s of Worlds had enough. Ember Moon must prove again. Finn Balor and Constable Corbin’s feud continue.


The impression fear meets the newest face of fear.

The B-Team, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel continue to parody The Deleter’s of Worlds. This time in the ring. The Newest Faces of Fear of Deletion has had enough, The interrupt the parody with their own Titantron video package. AS the match starts, we see a more vicious version of Woken Matt Hardy. The Woken one is in complete control ove Bo Dallas. Landing a suplex on Dallas outside the ring. Hardy goes to suplex Bo from the ring apron. However, Axel interrupts. This leads to Bray to take out Axel with a clothesline. Yet, it was enough time for Bo Dallas to land a top rope swinging neck breaker on Hardy for a pin. After the win, Bray hits a huge sidewalk slam on Axel and Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Dallas. The mind games may have taken its toll on both teams.


Ember Moon Vs Liv Morgan rematch.

In a rematch probably no one wanted. We have Liv Morgan in a rematch with Ember Moon. To avenge Morgans loss against Moon last week. Just like last week Moon starts off in control. After a commercial break, Morgan gained the upper hand,. However it is short-lived. Moon starts to dominate. Just as Ember gets a pin. Sara Logan interferes. This time it is all for naught. Moon hits a spring-board forearm on Logan. Liv attempts a roll up pin from the distraction. Yet, Moon counters with a jack-knife like roll up pin for the win.


Bobby Roode/Finn Balor vs Elias/Constable Corbin.

This match started off and pretty much continued a theme. Beat up Finn Balor. Eventually the Glorious One is tagged in. When Roode attempts to gain control over Corbin. The Constable counters and tags in Elias. Elias quickly takes it to Roode. However, Roode tags in Finn. Balor takes control of the match and works over Elias.

After the commercial break. The Drifter is in control over Balor. The Demon King attempts to hot tag Bobby Roode. Yet the ever-present Constable stops the tag. Eventaully, Roode gets the hot tag. The Glorious One takes it to Elias. The Constable and Balor duke it outside the ring. After the melee, Finn tries for the Coup De Grace on Corbin. However, Corbin counters. Bobby Roode sends Baron in to the ring post. and goes for the Glorious DDT. Elias interrupts and Corbin hits The End Of Worlds on Roode for the pin.


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The match of the night.

Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre.

If Drew McIntyre loses. He will be banned from ringside during the Intercontinental Championship match at Extreme Rules. The match starts off with both men locking up. Drew quickly over powers Seth. The Kingslayer uses his quickness to counter Drew’s power. However it is only a temporary solution. McIntyre continues to display impressive feats of strength against the ring prowess of Seth Rollins. At a point in the match, it became almost expected that McIntyre would power out of any move Seth threw at him.

Later in the match. Seth throws together a string of moves. Attempting a SUper Kick. Only to land it on Drew’s mid section. Rollins goes for a Curb Stomp and misses. Drew sends Rollins into a corner and charges after him. Seth attempts to put a boot up, but McIntyre side steps in mid charge. Drew lands an elbow and delivers a stupendous Alabamaslama on Rollins. The Architect kicks out after a two count.

The match goes on.

The Scotsman tries to Superplex Seth. Rollins counters and attempts a double foot stomp on a venerable McIntyre. Drew then preforms a power sit up and flips Seth across the ring. McIntyre goes for the Claymore.mSeth hits a Super Kick to Falcon Arrow. Only for a two count. Later on Dolph interferes in the match and receives a Curb Stomp for Seth. This allows Drew to hit the Claymore for the win. Wow, what a match.


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Was this a good Go Home Show?

To put it bluntly. Yes. Tonight’s Raw “Go Home Show” for the upcoming PPV, Extreme Rules was good. It placed the matches story lines in their proper build. In fact, it may have over shadow some matches. The story for most progressed and it delivered a great match. Tonight’s Raw actually made me hype for a PPV that is usually looked over.


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