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Raw after Mania! Surprises abound!

The Raw after Mania is usually the biggest Raw show of the year. With surprises abound, call ups, new stories being crafted, and the most interactive crowd. Raw after Mania has always been the best follow up to WrestleMania. Let’s dive in to all of the greatness. 


Stephanie kicks off the show.

Stephanie McMahon kicks off the show with her arm in a sling. Stating that it was all her bringing out the competitor from Ronda Rousey. Steph takes credit for the surprise showing of Ronda’s in ring performance. The Baddest Woman On The Planet has other thoughts. Rousey ends the segment with putting Steph in another arm bar. Getting the crowd hyped for the show tonight.



New Women’s Champion and surprise partner.

After winning the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania. Nia Jax makes her way to the ring. She has a tag team match against former champion Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. Little Miss Bliss goes on a rant on how Nia Jax is the real bully. In which prompts Nia to tell Alexa to “shut up!”. The Irresistible Force announces her tag team partner. Former NXT Women’s Champion, Ember Moon! Ember Moon receives a big pop and her skill set was on display. Taking the win with The Eclipse on Alexa Bliss for the win.


A tournament for Raw’s Tag Team Title.

Braun Strowman meets up with Kurt Angle to relinquish the Raw Tag Team titles. It seems that the youngest champion in WWE history Nicholas has scheduling conflicts, namely grade school. So after Braun and Nicholas hand over the titles. Kurt announces a tournament for the titles beginning tonight. With the winners facing The Bar at The Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia. The first teams to face off is Gallows and Anderson vs The Revival.

The match was shorten in the beginning due to commercials. But later on display the tag team in ring work from both teams. Great back and forth mechanics by the competitors. However, The Revival hit the Shatter Machine for the win and advancing in the tournament.


Another surprise.

the newest Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. He gets the crowd hyped. However, Finn Balor interrupts and respectfully challenges Seth for the IC title. Seth agrees and another interruption occurs. This time it is The Miz. Stating, that he was the former champion and will invoke his rematch clause. Not tonight, but at Backlash. The Miz issues a match with his Miztourage vs Finn and Seth. The two accept… but then. JEFF HARDY music hits! He’s back!



Paige has announcement.

After a Sasha Banks vs Mandy Rose match. In which, we saw Bayley accidentally clothesline Sasha. Leaving Mandy Rose to hit a vicious knee on The Boss for the win. Paige takes to the mic and makes it official. The youngest Diva’s Champion retires. During the emotional speech, the crowd chants “This is your house!”. Bringing tears to Paige. The Anti-Diva responds back with “Yes. This is my house.” and gives one last goodbye to the WWE Universe… or is it?



The Drifter enters… and another surprise.

Elias The Drifter is greeted to a huge pop! No matter what Elias did or said the crowd ate up every second of it. Even when Elias insulted the crowd, they replied “We deserve it!”.  The Drifter’s influence on the crowd is unbelievable. After a the crowd pleasing song. Someone interrupts… BOBBY LASHLEY! The former WWE Superstar, turn MMA fighter has returned! Lashley makes quick work of Elias. Holding him up in a suplex which seemed like forever and makes a statement. Bobby Lashley is back.


Heath Slater and Rhyno’s open challenge and another surprise.

You may ask on why I’m covering Heath Slater and Rhyno. Well, its because of another surprise. Slater issues an open challenge for a match. The team that answers? AUTHORS OF PAIN aka AOP! With legendary manager Paul Ellering. The man who brought of The Legion Of Doom aka The Road Warriors. AOP is looking like a terrifying team. More so than they did in NXT. They proceed to demolish Heath and Rhyno. However, after the quick win. Ellering goes to raise their hands and they refuse. Abandoning the manager that led them up to this point. Very confusing.




Vicious response from more surprises.

Roman Reigns comes out to speak about last night’s loss to Brock Lesner. He goes on to his now usual route on how Brock is a part timer. However, this time its different. SAMOA JOE IS BACK!! With the crowd going wild, Joe cuts a vicious promo on Roman. Then issues a challenge to Reigns at Backlash.



They have awoken.

The second match for the tag team tournament starts. Titus Worldwide Vs Woken Matt Hardy AND Woken Bray Wyatt! The crowd is wild about it. The Woken team combine not only entrances, but moves as well. Looking like a veteran tag team. They make quick work of Titus Worldwide and advance in the Raw tag team tournament.



Best Friends fight for a job.

Owens and Sami Zayn approached Kurt Angle for a spot on Raw. Angles response was, you two fight for it. So that is what they did. The match was great as you would expect from two guys that know each other moves. With both men fighting for a job. Neither seemed to gain an upper hand in the match. Kurt Angle watched the match from backstage. As Sami attempted a superplex, only to have K.O counter it. Both men laid on the match as the referee counted to ten. The match was called a “No Contest”, leaving both men without a job on Raw.


Woken Family.

Again, I usually do not cover in between  match segments. But this was too good. Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Jeff Hardy make their way to the ring for a six-man tag team match. Only to have them run into Woken Matt and Bray. The former Eater of Worlds embraced Jeff Hardy and called him Brother Nero. Jeff Hardy’s name in the Broken Family. Jeff Hardy plays along with Matt and Bray. Only to leave Finn and Seth with a dumbfounded look on their faces. It was golden.



The Supreme Trio vs The Miztourage.

A great match to end the night. Just good old fashion fan service. The six competitors put on a nice match, with the fan favorites not only winning. But hit their finishers in multiple successions. Leaving the crowd in an upbeat way. Jeff Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb for the win.


A new beginning.

With all the surprises tonight. It is hard to not get excited for the year. With NXT call ups like Ember Moon, No Way Jose, AOP. To returning stars like Bobby Lashley and Samoa Joe. It seems like WWE has a deck of trump cards to play with. Again, this is what makes this Raw show so exciting.

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