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NXT: Takeover San Antonio 1/28/17 Recap

NXT: Takeover San Antonio was LIVE from the Freeman Colosseum in San Antonio, TX on 1/28/17!

Eric Young defeats Tye Dillinger via pinfall with a Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker.

This was a fine opener and the crowd was hot for it with “10” chants the entire match. Dillinger looked like a million bucks with high octane offense and an ability to counter the attempted interference from Sanity in the form of Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain. Dillinger hit the Tye-breaker on Wolfe and Young, only for Sanity to put Wolfe’s foot on the bottom rope. Dillinger once again battled the two men on the outside and after he tried to “skin the cat” to get back into the ring, Young caught him with the Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker for the victory. Dillinger looks to be heading to the Rumble Sunday from the way things are sounding and hopefully, the fed can get behind this promising talent as the crowd loves him and he works great matches. We shall see!

Roderick Strong defeats Andrade “Cien” Almas via pinfall with a Sick Kick.

What a hard hitting contest this was. I thought Young and Dillinger was a hot opener and this was certainly a fine appetizer after an introductory cocktail. These two ring generals beat the crap out of each other. Andrade is so damn agile and cool to watch. If you’re a Naito fan from new Japan, you’re familiar with his rolling TRANQUILO pose. He got that from Almas who does it between the ropes after a high spot. Almas employed much of his signature offense, including several great submission including a rope armbar looking to hyper extend the elbow. Strong fought back with several innovative backbreakers including one where he used the top rope as the knee. Very cool spot there. Almas hit the running double knee strike in the corner and when he went to end things with his hammerlock DDT, Strong countered and ultimately put him away after the Sick Kick. This was a huge momentum builder for Roddy and he can certainly use this to springboard to the next level in NXT!

The Authors of Pain defeat #DIY via pinfall with the Last Chapter to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions.

I gotta be honest, I was damn impressed with Rezar and Akim in this match. It’s expected that Gargano and Ciampa are gonna look like a million bucks and they did. The usual incredible spots from the two ranging from their incredible submissions to the knee strikes and a double spear at one point. They had a double submission spot employed in the middle of the ring on both AoP and you thought they were going to tap. Rezar hoisted up Gargano and literally slammed him down on Ciampa which got a great reaction because it was a sick spot. They then countered the superkick/running knee strike combo into hoisted powerbombs where they nailed a Super Collider and then Ciampa ate the pinfall after the Last Chapter. I thought they guys were really green and while they still need to develop further, they sold and they looked good against my favorite team in NXT right now in #DIY. An expected title change and something sure to be interesting to watch as it relates to the next challengers, but a fine contest and a victory nevertheless!

Whaaaat?! Seth Rollins makes an unscheduled appearance to call out “The Game” because he knows he’s backstage running things in San Antonio! What an awesome idea and something truly fantastic for fans of NXT and WWE. Triple H obliges and he steps out from the back in a fresh suit, but instead of meeting Seth in the ring, Trips orders a ton of plainclothes to come out of the back to handle the former world champion. Seth fights off several members of the security staff, but ultimately, they get control of the situation and Rollins is taken to the back and presumably out of the arena. What a great idea and the fans really enjoyed that.

Asuka defeats Peyton Royce, Nikki Cross and Billie Kay via pinfall in a Fatal Four Way to Retain her title after a Spinning heel kick on Royce.

This was terrific. Cross looked sensational and she brought some very unique offense including a roll of the dice onto Asuka from the apron to the floor. Cross went all the way to announce table, looking for a high cross body, but Billie and Peyton cut her off at the pass and the two friends suplexed her through a second table, eliminating her from the action. The two ladies went back to finish Asuka off, including Royce hitting Asuka with a Widow’s Peak, but it wasn’t enough. The “Empress Of Tomorrow” fought back and continues to impress as one of the longest reigning champions in recent memory, and she’s still undefeated. She will lose the title when she’s good and ready too, that’s for sure. The three women involved in this contest all looked terrific and are gonna be players in the division. Ember Moon and Liv Morgon are in the mix as well, things are looking up in NXT. It’s time for the main event!

Bobby Roode defeats Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall with the Glorious DDT to become the new NXT World Champion.

What an amazing matchup this was slated to be on paper before it even began! It delivered. Roode came to the ring with a “Glorious” entrance, flanked by eight beautiful women who accompanied the well-traveled veteran. The NXT Champion, the charismatic King of Strong Style, came out via a gliding machine with his usual bravado and the crowd chanted along with both entrances. The match was paced slowly to begin as the two men felt each other out. Nakamura picked up the pace with vicious knees strikes and Roode kepts up with him. The turning point in the match came when Nakamura was pushed off the top and to the floor via a Roode counter, which began the process of Nakamura’s knee unraveling. He masterfully sold the injury, something that many on the roster should take note of, but he came roaring back. Roode delivered repeated knee strikes to the upper back of the champ, keeping him grounded and working at the pace he wanted. Roode mocked Nakamura, hitting him with “Glorious Vibrations” in the corner. Nakamura came back and destroyed Roode with repeated knee strikes as Roode was draped on the apron. The match continued, and Roode eventually came back with a vicious spinebuster and things continued as the two ended up on the top rope where Nakamura pushed Roode off and he nailed a jumping kick and then he attempted a Kinshasa that was countered into a nearfall for Roode. Stomps and kicks were delivered by the champ with malicious intent as he mocked Roode. Roode charged in and got rolled into the cross armbreaker, but Roode was able to escape only to eat a Kinshasa for a two count. Nakamura didn’t get all of it. Nakamura came off the top rope and drilled Roode with a knee strike on the apron, but he further injures the knee on the floor, not allowing him to capitalize on the assault. Another Kinshasa, but the knee gives out and Nakamura can’t move over for the cover and the three count. Roode is unwavering in the ring, and Nakamura is tended to by the medical staff, masterfully selling the knee. He opts to continue as Roode recovers in the corner and then he pounces like a shark with a Glorious DDT! Two count! Roode is in total shock. He thought it was over. Nakamura is still favoring the knee as Roode applies a half crab and Nakamura is writhing in pain, but he won’t tap. He fights back and traps Roode in a triangle choke, but he can’t lock it with the knee giving him trouble. Roode like a shark smelling blood with a second Glorious DDT and a three count. Bobby Roode is the world champion and it was a brilliant contest between two ring generals. Nakamura sold the knee so beautifully, it’s an acting class in and of itself and it looked so convincing. Roode with the victory and the title after a year of garnering support from those who wanted him associated with the product and now we get to look forward to a rematch that I can’t wait to see. What a great show!

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