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Lucha Underground Returns for a Fourth Season in 2018

Amidst a wave of uncertainty and fingernail biting throughout wrestling fandom, it’s been confirmed that Lucha Underground will return for a fourth season.

Since the third season wrapped up filming months ago, and the season three finale aired in October, creators and producers have kept mum. They posted this to Twitter less than 24 hours ago;

Especially relevant is the fact that Johnny Mundo appeared in the vignette.  Many speculated that Johnny Mundo’s time with the company was up. Some felt he would become a staple of Impact Wrestling exclusively. Others posited that the former Johnny Nitro would make his return to World Wrestling Entertainment. But it seems that Mundo has faith in the company and is sticking with them for at least another year.

Chris DeJoseph (head writer of Lucha Underground) broke the news to Sports Illustrated. He showed much enthusiasm for the promotion’s return to weekly television.

“We’re so excited for our supports, our ‘Believers’. We’re also excited to get to work on a project that everybody involved-from the network to MGM, to the performers and crew-is proud to create. We want to continue to be the most innovative, exciting, unpredictable show in professional wrestling in the world.”

Lucha Underground is a bit of a conundrum. The over the top vignettes and storylines set it apart from every other televised wrestling promotion. They also ensure that those not interested in those over the top angles will likely not watch. LU doing male vs. female matches comes across as forward thinking to some. Others find the brutality that the men dish out to the women unwatchable. Whether you love or hate the product, people are certainly talking about it. Lucha Underground airs on El Rey Network, Wednesday nights at 8pm EST/ 7pm Central.

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