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Is The Final Deletion II Coming Soon?

When Total Nonstop Action was pitched the idea of the Final Deletion by Matt Hardy and producer Jeremy Borash several months ago, Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan did not really know what they were in for, and neither did TNA viewers. What we got was the most unique segment in the history of Impact Wrestling, showing us an eccentric build up on the Hardys’ estate to the most outlandish match that ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy and his sibling Jeff ‘Brother Nero’ Hardy have ever wrestled in. TNA had quite the hit, as buzz leading up to the match generated a more than 25% increase of viewers, the highest since TNA moved to Pop TV earlier this year. Would TNA be willing to go back to that well so soon? has reported that they have a source stating that footage was just recently filmed at the Hardy estate in Cameron, North Carolina. Some of this footage will be used on this upcoming Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling. This source doesn’t shy away from strong hyperbole in stating that this segment will “blow away the first one”.

It is highly likely that Final Deletion II will feature the recently reunified Broken Matt and Brother Nero, in a bout against the team that has been stalking Matt’s family, Decay. With Crazzy Steve’s daredevil nature and Abyss’ penchant for taking the weapons quotient up to an eleven, this very well could dwarf the insanity of the first Final Deletion.

While I am stoked to see the creativity of the production team and the Hardys on full display again, I worry that they may give away a kick ass match on free television. This could potentially leave their pending October 2nd match for the TNA Tag Team titles at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view in an untenable situation of not being able to follow up TFD2.

We will have to watch Impact Wrestling this Thursday at 8/7c to see how delightful this extraordinary segment will be.

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