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Impact Wrestling Between a Rock (AAA) and a Hard Place (CRASH)

The world of professional wrestling makes for some strange bedfellows. Alliances are forged and enemies are made, seemingly, as often as the sun rises and sets each day. President of Impact Wrestling, Ed Nordholm, took to Twitter earlier today.  He made a very surprising announcement. Impact Wrestling has put together a deal with an unexpected business partner.  This partner that may consequently jeopardize another alliance of theirs.

“Building bridges. Our alliance with AAA will bring the best of both promotions together @IMPACTWRESTLING @fightnet” is all that Nordholm had to say.

Asistencia Asesoría y Administración; the Mexico City based promotion known as AAA, started 25 years ago. Former CMLL booker, Antonio Pena, departed to start AAA. Some of the greatest talent known the world over cut their teeth in AAA early on.  Rey Mysterio Jr, Psicosis, Dos Caras, Konnan and dozens of others, made a splash in the promotion.

To the many wresting fans, that may only pay attention to the goings on of World Wrestling Entertainment, this news may not mean much at all. However, to those in the know, Impact partnering with AAA, may ruffle some feathers.

Konnan cut ties with AAA after years of doing business with them.  He made several accusations of AAA allegedly not paying their talent. Konnan later became affiliated with the Tijuana based promotion known as CRASH. In addition, tensions have escalated between the two promotions. Wrestlers took sides (Pentagon and Fenix), war of words on social media occurred,  making for a volatile situation. Furthermore, Impact also has a working relationship with the CRASH promotion (for quite some time). They are essentially in between dynamite and nitro glycerin.

In conclusion, Impact Wrestling is a company that is in a transition phase right now. They have plenty of their own issues going on. Can Impact ensure that it doesn’t get dragged into the ongoing conflict between AAA and CRASH?  Only time will tell.

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